Wednesday Update on Young Love 23rd December 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 23rd December 2020

Premal’s mum coming to Sudha and asks her to drink milk. Sudha says she couldn’t drink as she has enough food just now. Premal’s mum acts sweets and asks him to drink milk. She recalls conspiring with Abhayram/Kundan. Sudha looks at the milk and asks why milk color is different. Premal’s mum says she has added nutritious roots and thinks once she moves from Premal’s way, she will get him married to rich guy. Sudha is about to drink it, but just then her phone rings. Sudha picks Nandini’s call. Nandini asks are you fine? Sudha keeps the glass and says everyone is taking care of her.

Nandini asks if you have having trouble? Sudha says no and says hospital staff is taking her care well and thanks Nandini. Nandini smiles. Premal’s mum gets irritated and asks Sudha to drink milk fast. Sudha drinks it. Nandini asks what happened? Sudha says Premal’s mum asked her to have milk, and says she is full stomach. Nandini asks her not to drink forcibly and says it is bad for baby. Sudha says she has drank fully.

Premal comes. His mum says Abhayram is cunning and looks on. Suddenly Sudha feels pain in her stomach and falls down from the bed. Nandini shouts Sudha. Krish comes and asks what happened? Nandini says Sudha and cries. Abhayram says this is my target on fish eye. He says if this poison was given to her at home, then everyone would have accused her, but now the doubt will be on Nandini and Amit. Sudha falls down the bed and asks Premal and his mum to save her baby. Nandini cries and runs out of house hurriedly. Triveni says it seems something has happened. Premal tells his parents that Sudha will drown them, and thinks if Nandini will believe him or not. Premal’s dad asks them to act sweetly with Sudha. Nandini comes running to hospital with Krish. Premal’s mum starts crying fakely.

Nandini goes to OT. Dr. Amit tells Nandini that Sudha’s body is showing reaction and says they shall start treatment fast. Nandini says she is pregnant. Dr. Amit says she is your patient now and asks her to treat her. Nandini thanks him. They do the operation together. Yamuna prays to God to save her daughter. Premal and his parents act to be worried. Krish asks Yamuna to calm down. Nandini comes out of OT and looks angrily at Premal. She slaps him hard shocking everyone. She says Sudha is in this condition because of him. She says Premal is a cheap man and has sacrificed his own baby. She asks how can you poisoned your own child and says I don’t know why I am talking to you.

Yamuna asks what you are telling? Nandini says we couldn’t save her baby because of him. Premal and his parents act to be innocent. Yamuna cries. Mr. Shekhawat asks Nandini about Sudha. Nandini says Sudha is very critical, I couldn’t say anything, we took poison out from body.. She tells Premal that she will get him punished for his sins. Krish says I can understand what you are going through, just be strong. Nandini hugs him and cries.

Krish calls home. Abhayram picks the call. Krish asks him to give call to Karuna. He gives. Krish informs her about Sudha’s baby. Karuna asks him to stay with Nandini’s family. She informs Triveni that Sudha’s baby couldn’t be saved. Triveni is also sad. Karuna says it was a trauma for a mum to lose her child even before he is born. Abhayram thinks I got your sister’s child killed, and says this is just a start. He says I will be back. Premal’s mum says now Nandini will not leave us. Abhayram comes there. Premal and his parents tell that this is happening because of him. Premal says if we are caught then we will not spare you. Abhayram asks them to act and be good infront of Sudha. He holds Premal’s hand and burns it with lighter. Premal asks have you gone mad? Abhayram says it is better than to go to jail. He asks him to think what to do. Premal looks on. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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