Tuesday Update on True Love 25th August 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 25th August 2020


It starts with Meethi telling everyone that she will join them later.

Ambika changes the direction of the sign board and Meethi goes in the wrong path.

Meethi is unable to call Akash as she loses her voice.

Mukta realises that Meethi has not reached them yet.

Meethi marks the trees with to a correct path.

Pavitra and her sister give ideas to Ekadish to get rid of Ambika.

Ekadish and the two of them decide to search Ambika’s room for clues.

Everyone starts looking for Meethi.

Meethi finds Rathore searching for her but she cant call him.

Ekadish is shocked to find her photo with her sons crossed with black ink.

Rathore summons forest officials to find Meethi.