Wednesday Update on Young Love 26th August 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 26th August 2020

Anandi doing the puja and praying for union with her daughter. Chakor and her mum do the puja. Anandi and Nimboli do the puja together. Chakor prays to God and thanks her. Chunni is held captive in kidnapper’s den. Anandi takes out the bangles and makes Nimboli wear it. Nimboli says Disa will be very happy now. Chakor gives water to her mum. Anandi asks Chakor what happened to her mum. Chakor says my mum saw bomb blast on TV and thought I have died. She asks if she can get treated. Anandi says Doctor can treat her. Chakor asks for the types of treatment. Anandi says if someone is in shock then we have to create the same situation. Chakor says we have to blast bomb. Anandi says no, and says she is in shock thinking about your death. Chakor gets an idea and thinks her mum will be fine now. Chakor runs and stands on the terrace of the building. Thakur thinks this Chunni is acting well and can fool everyone.

Chakor calls Maayi……Her mum gets shocked seeing her on the terrace. She recalls everything and a flashback is shown. She shouts Chakor and feels pain in her head. Chakor’s mum shouts her name. Anandi asks her to come down. Nimboli shouts her name as well and goes to rescue her. Chakor’s mum asks Anandi to save her daughter. Nimboli comes on the terrace and asks her to get down. Chakor asks her to go and loses balance. She falls, but holds on the wall. Nimboli tells her that she will save her. She sees rope there and ties it on the wall. She then climbs down the terrace and asks her to give her hand. Badri comes there and cuts the rope with his knife. Nimboli asks Chakor to give her hand. Everyone looks on.

Nimboli falls down from the terrace as the rope was cut. Anandi gets shocked and asks her to open eyes. Chakor comes and calls her name. Harki thanks Badri and thinks Nimboli is dead. Chakor’s mum tells that Nimboli is alive and asks her to bring some leaves Chakor says I will bring it and goes. Badri smiles. She plucks the leaves and brings it to give to her mum. Her mum asks her to bring water and asks Anandi to lie her down. She makes Nimboli smell it and adds water on the leaf. She puts juice in her mouth. She says she will gain consciousness in sometime. Anandi prays God not to let anything happen to her daughter. Chakor’s mum says she will be fine. After few mins, Anandi says why she isn’t opening her eyes.

Chakors mum says she will be fine and asks her not to worry. Anandi tells God that she came here to get her daughter and not to lose her. Nimboli opens her eyes and looks at Anandi. Anandi is happy. Nimboli says she tied herself with rope, but don’t know how did I fall down. Thakur looks on. Chakor praises her mum. Aanndi hugs Nimboli while Chakor and her mum hug each other. Thaari Maa song plays………….Chakor thanks the God. Thakur applauds for Chunni’s acting. Chunni cuts the rope.

Anandi tells Chakor that Nimboli is her daughter, but she hates her very much. Chakor says I will tell her that you are her real mum and says she asks her to trust her. Anandi says she will tell when the right time comes, and says I brought her here thinking my daughter will start loving me. Chakor says you will get your daughter too. Nimboli hugs Anandi. They are happy. Chunni cuts the rope and frees herself. Nimboli and Chakor do the aarti.

Anandi and Nimboli going back home in the car. Anandi prays for her. She asks do you like to see places. Nimboli says yes, and says we will take Mangla also. Anandi says we will take her as well. Nimboli says she will tell Mangla that she has enjoyed well. Dadisaa asks about kids. Ganga tells her that they are playing. Dadisaa misses Nimboli and says haveli is looking lonely without her. Mangla comes and asks what happened to my daughter. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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