Tuesday Update on True Love 4th August 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 4th August 2020

Meethi is on a road crying and calling out for Akash. She gets saved from being hit by a car. She is scared but all the more worried for Akash who is having trouble driving that jeep. She continues looking out for him. Various chants keep playing in the background. Akash is saved from a collision with a truck because of which his jeep loses balance and he ends up ramming into a tree. Meethi can see him now. Due to the impact Akash falls off and starts rolling down the hill. Meethi gets up with a start (stands on her feet) as she calls out for Akash (with an alarm in her voice). She cannot see him anywhere and is shocked. She stands still for a second but then again cries out for him. she feels the pain in her legs and falls down on the ground. She drags herself till the edge of the cliff.

Meethi screams out his name loudly. A hand appears from the cliff and holds onto a rock. She yells loudly again and this time he too takes her name. She hears it and is a little relieved. She can see him now as he is just a little away from her. She tells him not to let go. He apologizes to her. the time for us to be away from each other has come. She talks positively. I wont let you be away from me. She asks for help but no one is around. she reminds him of their wedding vow. Come what may we will be together. I wont leave you. He promises to love her till his last breath. Piya plays. She is sure if their love is true then no one can separate them. She goes to get something which can be of help.

They both are having a tough time struggling onto save themselves and each other. She offers him a branch to hold onto and climb on. Don’t leave your hand. She prays for strength and stands up on her feet with a lot of difficulty and pain. Om bhurva bhuvaswaha plays in the background. Despite her pain, she keeps boosting him to take on a few more steps to make it safely to the top. He is saved and they both hug. She is happy. I told you if our love is true then no one can separate us. He stands still in shock and then looks at her from top to toe in amazement. They again hug. Her forehead gets smeared with his blood (exact place where one puts vermilion) and he notices this. She too gets emotional on seeing this and clutches him tight.

Vishnu is upset. Mukku tries to know the reason but he doesn’t tell her anything. She tries to ask him very politely and also offers to serve him food as he must be hungry. She starts setting plates for two. He recalls what he had seen in the restaurant (Yuvi helping Mukku in serving chapati’s). He asks her why two plates. You had your dinner with a stranger. Her hand stops mid air. She turns to look at him with surprise. You saw me? you were there? He says it doesn’t matter…you ate or not? she agrees. My CEO was with me. he is upset that she lied to him. you said your board of directors and other staff would be there too. But it was you two people only. She asks him is he thinks she had gone on a dinner with her boss. He affirms. This is it. Getting a job so soon and then being promoted in 2 days…double salary, incentives.

I too have done a job. I can understand how someone turns so favourable to a person and why someone goes on dinner with some person that too by lying. She has tears in her eyes. I dint lie. The clients were to come. He points out that everything would have been cancelled all of a sudden. You could have chosen a nice reason or said the truth. You could have said it was a promotion dinner from your boss. What was the point of lying? She cannot believe he could point fingers at her like this. He is annoyed. You think I am lying? She tries to explain to him and stop him but in vain. He walks out of the house while she keeps exclaiming about her love for him. I am not lying! Listen to me once. She cries badly…you could have heard me once!

The driver tells Sankrant that he (Akash) took the car two hours ago and hasn’t returned yet. Ambika is also there. He checks with the manager about Meethi. They decide to call the police as the weather is not good. Sankrant wonders where they could be. Just then Akash tells them they are here. Ambika is shocked to see them both alive…plus with Meethi walking on her own. Sankrant asks him what happened. Akash tells him that his jeep had an accident. If Meethi wouldn’t have come on the right time then I wouldn’t have been here. Sankrant is super amazed. You saved him and you are standing all by yourself? She is happy that their love won again in another exam taken by God. Ambika calls it the 8th wonder of the world. It looks so good to see you like this.

Mukku’s words echo in Vishnu’s mind. He wonders if he is showing his frustration on Mukta that now she will run their home. When did I tell her the truth?

Meethi thanks Ambika for bringing them here. This miracle wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Ambika lies she is happy about it. They both go to their rooms to pack their bags for they have to leave early tomorrow.

Meethi notices the picnic basket kept in her room and also the snake incident. She recalls Akash’s plan of keeping a toy snake in the basket to scare her but the snake was replaced for a real one. Meethi gets thinking. She remembers his messages too before she went outside to see the surprise and then Akash telling him that he dint message her anything. If you remember then I left from my room because I couldn’t find my phone. She checks her messages again. I got a call from Akash and messages too but he is saying he doesn’t have his phone with him. Who did this then? Who is behind all this?

Vishnu comes back home. He finds Mukku asleep in a sitting position on the floor. He sits down next to her and removes a strand from her face. She wakes up and they both look at each other with tears in their eyes. He apologizes to her while she hugs tight. They both are crying. She was worried for him. Where did you go leaving me? Tell me once and I will leave the job tomorrow itself but don’t leave me. Don’t you trust me? I will never let a third person come in between us. Vishnu nods his head. They again hug. I wont leave you for a second now…never! CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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