Wednesday Update on Young Love 5th August 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 5th August 2020

Mangala Nimboli Naresh in Kitchen Geeta is saying Mangla makes very delicious food . she has magic in her hands. Your stomach may full eating but you won’t stop eating. Naresh says to Mangala now my hunger has increased .,don’t make me wait more i mean for breakfast . He goes. Nimboli comes and asks Mangala what she is cooking?i am straving. Mangala tells her “bajre ka khichda”. you like it? Nimboli happily says yes i like it very .much .Mangala and Geeta both are happy seeing Nimboli happy.Nimboli asks Mangala when it gets ready call me. i am playing in the courtyard. Nimboli goes

Geeta asks Mangala now what you will do? Here is Lord Bhairon temple. if you want then i can take you there with me. Mangala puts the spices box back on shelf and says to Geeta that i think now i should go from here .Geeta asks why so suddenly?Mangala replies no its not sudden. i was thinking about it from a long time. Today is right i should go. Geeta says if you wish then me and my husband can go with you to support you .Mangala says no why you and jijusa should go? your time will be wasted. i am not kid.i will go. you did a lot for us.Mangala takes Geeta’s hand in her’s and says I am extremely thankful to you but. i don’t want to give more trouble to you and I should go
Geeta says after 2 days there is navratri, stay here till the special prayer then you can go if you want. Mangala thinks. Geeta asks what you are thinking? You cannot fulfill your friend’s little wish? .ok i won’t stop you after navratri i swear . .Mangala think how i tell you that your husband has bad eye on me. but now i’ have to stay here. But I will have to stay away from this Naresh till i find right way. Mangala says to Geeta ok i”ii stay here for navratri. Geeta gets happy. Mangala smiles.

At juvenile home boys are doing work. Kundan is mopping the floor. He looks here and there and moves ahead with mopping without mopping the previous place complete .A boy sees it and tells other look what he is doing? . Some boys go to Kundan. A boy ask Kundan who will clean that part? your father? Kundan says i’ have cleaned that part. The boy says wow you are such a work shirker and you also tell lies very confidently. You”ll be punished for it . You will wash all boys’s clothes. Kundan refuses to do saying i”ll wash the clothes. Have you gone mad ? I have 2 wives at home to do these works. Other boys also gather around Kundan The boy says we don’t’ have even one wife and you have 2 .its injustice .

what you all say guys ? All boys agree. The boy says if you have 2 wives then at least we should have one here. All boys agree .Kundan confused and asks but how a girl can come here as this place is for boys. only ? Boy says yes. then he takes a cloth and put on kundan’s head like a veil. He makes fun of Kundan and says don’t look into the mirror otherwise someone will cast bad eye on you . Kundan gets angry and says don’t try to abuse me. The boy says whoever comes here we know all about him. The boy puts his hand on Kundan’s shoulder .Kundan angrily says keep away your hand away from me otherrwise.. Boy asks otherwise what? Kundan start fighting with the boy That boy along with others beating Kundan . Kundan gets beaten up by all The boys puts cloth on Kundan head like veil and make fun of him. Then they warn Kundan we are seeing you from many days. don’t try to be a boss and if you showed your attitude again it won’t be good for you and you will be beaten like this daily.

Hearing noises warden comes and asks the boys whats happening here ? All look at him. Boy warns Kundan to keep his mouth shut otherwise he will be beaten again. Warden asks why all are gathered here? The boy says sir Kundan is new here so we were explaining him about how work is done here. Warden says ok . now all go back to their work and don’t make crowd here The warden goes . Boys also go laughing at Kundan .Kundan says to himself they don’t know with whom they have messed? i”ll see each of them.

At Badi Haveli Anandi helping Shivam in his Homework.Dadisaa comes and sees it. Anandi is narrating shivam story of Kans holding a book and Shivam is writing. Anandi is narrating him without looking at book properly and says the princess whose life should be full of happiness has become nandini..Shivam stops Anandi .Anandi look at him and asks what has happened . Shivam look in the book and says its bandini not nandini .look in the book. Dadisaa understands .Anandi says sorry i was not attentive .sorry. Shivam nods smiling. Anandi again starts narrating that princess becomes kans’s bandini. Anandi is emotional . Shivam realizes it and takes the book from her hands and said i”ll do rest of Homework in my free period in school. He puts the books away and ask Anandi to take rest. Anandi nods and hugs him. Dadisaa silently prays

At Geeta’s house Mangala is putting washed wet clothes on cloth line. Naresh comes and stares at her lustfully Mangala veils slips from her head and her wasit is visible Naresh continues staring at her lustifully . Mangala puts on her veil. Naresh looks here and there and go sneakily behind Mangala .He hold of Mangala’s arm . Mangala is shocked .Mangala asks him .leave my hand. what are you doing? Naresh says don’t show off. enough is enough.i am not a kid that cannot understand that even though you wear simple clothes but you also have dreams. Mangala is shocked. and ask him to leave her. Naresh says the secret will be between us only . Mangala says leave me and don’t talk rubbish.leave my hand.
Mangala struggles to make him leave her hand but .Naresh is not leaving. Mangala says leave my hand otherwise… Naresh says otherwise what you will do? Mangala says leave and she pulls out a knife that she has kept with her .Naresh gets shocked. Mangala says you think me as fool? after knowing your intentions will i stay here without having safety measures ?.i”ll kill you , she is my childhood friend. i won’t tell her anything .i don’t want to ruin her martial life. but if you tried again then i”ll kill you. She goes from there. Naresh looks at Mangala and says i won’t forget this insult. i”ll make you pay for it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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