Tuesday Update On True Love Sept 25

Tuesday Update On True Love Sept 25

Jogi explains abt Amar Pratap Singh who is his friend’s son. Divya is interested in this proposal but Taps is not and she expresses it clearly. She leaves with a taunt to Divya. Meanwhile at the police station, the kid’s mother comes and is relieved to find her kid. Veer-Ichcha head back home.

Once home, Mai doesn’t give them a second to explain and instead just reprimands them for insulting her in front of relatives. Ichcha tries to explain but Veer yells at her to come upstairs. Later, in their room, Ichcha tells Veer that she thinks they shouldn’t have become so late. Veer manages to make her understand that they did a good thing for the child. Veer brings up the topic of having a little Ichcha of their own. Ichcha gets shy and shoos him from the room.

Next day Taps is in her room sulking when Nani shows up with salty snacks. Taps gets very mad and throws the plate to the floor. Nani vows to Tapu that until she can get her back her happiness, she will not touch any salt.

Veer-Ichha ;Ichha is at Veer’s service telilng him that she is ready to do whatever he asks her to do ;Veer then demands ofr some food ;He remember how he rejected her palak paneer in the past and so asks her to prepare palak paneer and some more delicacies for him on which Ichha agrees ;Veer also says sorry to Ichha for rejecting her food in the past and then kisses her hand ;Veer then tells Ichha that now he is her hubby and so he has all right to demand ;Ichha blushes (Don’t miss these cute Veer-Ichha moments in the start …updates cannot do full justice to such scenes )..

Chanda tells Mai that some black cat entered the kitchen and ate up the kheer which was meant for prasad ;Chanda brainwashes Mai by telling her that how its apshagun and that she feels that some evil soul’s shadow is falling on this house because of which all these bad omens r happening ;Chanda indirectly hints at Ichha and the fact that all wrong things r happening after she married their innocent Veer ;Umed tries to interrupt in their nonsense convo by telling Gunwanti that all these r stupid superstitions but Gunwanti believes Chanda and feels that Ichha only is that evil soul Ichha comes to the kitchen to prepare food for Veer but Gunwanti and Chanda stops her from entering the kitchen or cooking anything there ;Gunwanti rudely tells Ichha that whatever she wants to prepare for Veer,she can tell them so that they will prepare it for Veer themselves but she should stay out of kitchen area ;Poor Ichha becomes emotional ;She takes the palak from the kitchen and decides to cook outside the kitchen where she used to cook earlier as a widow ;After coming out of kitchen she bursts out in tears …

At Bundela house ,Nani does some tamasha on the dining table over food sinse she had promised Tappu that she will not hv salt unless she succeeds in her mission and so she is not able to eat anything kept on the table ;Nani had asked Damini to prepare daliya for her but Damini forgot and so now poor Nani cannot hv anything else but is not able to say anyone about her promise ;So Nani then asks Damini to send some fruits in her room on which Divya wonders why Nani is hving only milk in breakfast and now only fruits for lunch ;Tappu is giving mischievous smile while eating sinse she knows it all (What a stupid filler scene )

Ichha is cooking food outside the kitchen when Veer comes there and asks her why she is cooking food outside on which Ichha tries to cover it up by saying that sinse the kitchen was already engaged,so she decided to cook outside but Veer understands all ;Ichha even burns her hand while cooking when Veer quickly asks the servant to get some ice and first aid box for her ;Veer also calls up Mai to hv a serious talk with her about this kitchen issue now ..

So Mai comes outside and sees that Veer is busy putting ice on Ichha’s hand when Mai gets even more irritated and taunts Ichha as usual ;Mai also tells Veer that she had never asked Ichha to cook outside..she only told Ichha that they will cook for him and so she need not make the kitchen apavitra ;Hearing this Veer too tells Mai that if she is calling Ichha apavitra just because she married twice then even he is apavitra sinse he too married twice ;Hearing this Mai does some more drama about how Veer is hell bent on insulting his own mother just because of Ichha ;Mai also tells Veer that this is her house and so she will not allow anyone to make her kitchen apavitra (this Apavitra dialogue is killing me now );

Hearing this Veer tells Mai that if she feels that their presense in this house is making the house apavitra then they both will leave this place ;Hearing this Mai and Ichha both r shocked Veer then goes to his room and starts packing his suitcase and also asks Ichha to pack her luggage as well ;But Ichha tries to calm him down and tells Veer that Mai will eventually understand all but Veer is not convinced and tells Ichha that this continuous taunting is getting on his nerves now because he cannot see his wife’s insult anymore ;Episode ends (I feel Ichha mata will not let Veer take this decision of leaving the house otherwise drama kaise hoga when Tappu madam joins the circus party at Bundela house)