Wednesday Update On True Love Sept 26

Wednesday Update On True Love Sept 26

Ichcha explains to Veer why they can’t leave and she manages to persuade him. She goes to Umed-Mai’s room to tell them. Mai taunts Ichcha and Ichcha tells her she’ll do anything. Mai tells her that she will build two kitchens and draw a border so Ichcha never comes near her. Umed assures Ichcha that if two kitchens were built, he would eat food from hers. Meanwhile, Damini is planning the havan. Jogi and Divya head to the Bundelas to invite them. Much to Umed’s surprise, Dadaji agrees. At the Thakur house, Tapu’s newly married cousin Nisha comes home. She gets into a discussion with Nani about having kids. Damini comes there and tells Nisha and her husband how wonderful kids are and how they change your perspective on life.

Tappu thinking about Ichha’s mehndi where she had “V” initial written on her hand and while thinking about it Tappu is looking at her own hand when Nani enters the room and tells her not to worry sinse this time she will write Veer’s name in her hand in such a way that noone will b able to wipe it off ever…

At Bundela house Gunwanti has devided the kitchen into two parts which Umed opposes and tells Gunwanti that she took a wrong decision but Gunwanti is not ready to listen to Umed’s explanation;Umed tells Gunwanti that she should b giving her blessings to both Veer and Ichha who r just married but instead she is making divisions in the house and is not even ready to take Ichha’s name from her mouth which is so wrong; But Gunwanti is adamant in her decision to divide the ktichen…

Veer in his room is non-stop thinking about all that has been happening in the house and is feeling very disturbed;When Ichha comes inside the room,she sees Veer is lying down with lights off when Ichha puts on the light but Veer tells her to put it off sinse he is not feeling too well;But Ichha as usual tries to cheer up Veer by telling him that she will make some tea for him but Veer is still in depressed mode and tells Ichha about how Mai has now divided the kitchen and separated them from her;Veer even questions Ichha about why r relationships so complicated (Veer miyan wait for Tappu to arrive..u will know why relationships r complicated);Ichha then tells Veer that together they will find the solution to every problem; Veer-Ichha then hug each other and Ichha tells Veer to come and hv some food but Veer as usual says he is not feeling hungry on which Ichha jokingly tells Veer that “If u don’t eat..then u will feel weak…if u feel weak then u will fall sick,…if u fall sick then u will not feel nice about it and then who will do masti with me”;Hearing this finally Veer smiles and we witness a cute Veer-Ichha moment here (The write need to show something new now..Veer-Ichha moments r becoming a bit repetitive I feel)

At Jogi’s house,Tappu asks Nani about her plan on which Nani once again reminds Tappu about bringing back Pushkar to home;So Tappu asks Nani if she is doing any sauda with her on which Nani sarcastically tells Tappu that she just wants to remind her of her promise;So Tappu assures Nani that soon Pushkar will b back in the house sinse even she cannot forget the favour that Pushkar did on her;

Tappu then asks Nani about her plan once again; Nani then tells Tappu that “My plan this time is so vicious that your own parents will think about giving u justice first keeping aside Ichha’s importance…once your parents come in this trap..then getting Veer for u will become very easy as he himself will accept u back in his life”;Hearing tihs Tappu gets impatient in excitement and asks Nani again about the plan but Nani refuses to tell her about the plan and says that she is very emotional and may spill out the beans to someone in excitement but sometimes we need to think from our brain and not from our heart;Nani then asks Tappu to leave it on her..she will b executing the whole plan and in the meantime she can dream on about her Veer while her Nani will make her dreams come true;Nani assures Tappu that Veer will b hers forever