Tuesday Update on Unforseen Love July 10

Tuesday Update on Unforseen Love

July 10 Episode

Arnav finding one more camera in their room. He doesn’t say anything to Khushi yet. Khushi changes her wedding clothes and comes back there. As soon as she returns, Arnav pulls her to the bed. He’s about to kiss her but then he stops. He says, I am sleepy. Khushi says, I am also tired, we should sleep now. Arnav then turns off the lights and they put shawl or blanket on them.

They are under blanket now. Their head crash with each other and both laugh. Khushi says, I like all this. Arnav asks what? She says, all this.. me, you, and our little world. I don’t want anything else. She continues, do you know.. I find this world strange (heavy) sometimes. Arnav says, may be you’re heavy for this world. Khushi slaps him on his stomach and both laugh again. Arnav says, so finally all rituals, pheres, marriage is finally done. Khushi hugs him.

It’s morning now. Khushi is in red saaree and brings tea for everyone. When she gives tea to Manorama, she asks Khushi… this is your first day so what are you cooking in breakfast? Khushi says, whatever you want. Manorama says, puri halwa. Khushi goes to kitchen to make puri halwa now. While Khushi is cooking in kitchen, Nani and Anjali come there. Nani says, this ritual is very important for new bahu.. by this she can win everyone’s heart. Anjali says, according to this ritual.. you’re supposed to cook everything..but if you need help, then you can tell me.. I will help you. Khushi says, no I will do it. Nani then checks gas.. and it’s not on. She tells Khushi to turn on the gas first. read full updates daily with pictures only at . Anjali asks Nani, why are you getting worried? Our Khushi doesn’t do any mistake. She knows how to cook everything.. this halwa puri is nothing. Khushi is nervous for some reasons.. she talks with herself and says, why are they standing here? I don’t get it.. they are encouraging me or scaring me. Anjali asks Khushi.. what are you talking to yourself? I can’t hear it.. Khushi says, nothing. They get call from someone now and Khushi picks it up. She says, ‘halwa’ instead of ‘hello’. It’s buaji’s call. Buaji says, I heard you’re making halwa puri for everyone. Khushi gets shocked and asks, how do you know? Buaji says, as you said ‘halwa’ instead of ‘hello’. Buaji then says.. don’t forget. Khushi asks, how can I forget you all? Buaji says, I am talking about ilaichi (masala). Khushi gets annoyed and disconnects the phone. Nani and Anjali leave now saying Khushi to make halwa puri fast as they are hungry.

After they leave, Khushi asks herself, why are you scaring so much? You have done all this before.. you can do it Khushi.. you can do it. Now Manorama comes there and says to her, you have to break my record.. when I came to this house after marriage.. I made so tasty halwa that I had to make so many puris. She scares Khushi saying it’s very difficult and leaves from there. Khushi now realizes she added too much water and it’s difficult to make puris now.

Khushi wonders what she should do now as puris came out to be terrible. She finally goes outside and serves food to everyone. She gives special sugar free halwa to Arnav and then sits beside him. Nk starts eating first and strange sound comes as he eats. He says, wow. . I like puri.. it’s puri (soft) too and papad (hard) too. Nice. Anjali.. Nani are next to eat.. they make weird faces but when Khushi looks at them, they smile. Khushi is looking at everyone as they eat. Aakash also has expression as he loved puris. Now it’s Manorama who eats.. she is about to say something but Aakash stops her. Arnav also says, it’s very nice. Khushi says, thank god… I thought… and then she eats now. She now realizes that puri is not like puri at all. She stops Arnav from eating and asks.. how can you eat this? It’s terrible. Arnav says, what? you made it.. I liked it. Anjali says to Khushi, that’s why I was saying.. you two are made for each other. Khushi now gives Arnav something else to eat.

Khushi now says, I was thinking to open wedding gifts. She says, whole family will open gifts together. Anjali says, I will call Shyam too.. we will open them together.

Everyone is sitting together and opening gifts. Arnav then is taking Khushi somewhere. Nk sees that and he asks, where are you two running away? Anjali says, let them go.. they want to be together.. try to understand. Khushi whispers to Arnav.. you go .. I will be there in a bit.

Khushi calls Nk to her and says him, don’t let anyone move from here until all gifts are unpacked.. no one. Nk asks, but why? Khushi says, because I am telling you. He salutes her and says, okay. Khushi leaves from there now. Shyam sees them leaving and he tells Anjali, I am tired.. I think I should rest now. Nk says, no.. ‘aaram haram hai’. We have to sit together and open all gifts.. so you don’t have permission to leave. Anjali asks Shyam to stay saying you’re also part of this family.

Arnav and Khushi are checking a laptop (probably Shyam’s). Khushi tells him to check fast before someone comes. On the other side, Shyam says to Anjali.. I have some important work.. I will be right back. Anjali says, okay. He gets up, but Nk stops him and says, you never spend time with us.. I won’t let you go anywhere today. sit and open gifts. He then says in his mind, Khushi ji.. don’t know what you are making me do.

Arnav and Khushi are watching videos of their wedding function in that laptop now.

Nk gets a call from someone and he’s busy on the phone. Shyam says to himself, this is the chance to leave.. have to find out what Khushi and Arnav are doing. Shyam tells Anjali.. he will go and get his phone. He goes upstairs now.

Khushi and Arnav are now watching Anjali’s godh bharai function videos. By seeing hand of a man.. Khushi says.. this is Shyam’s bracelet.

Arnav then says, when I was talking with other workers.. he removed all cameras. Arnav fast forwards and now they see a man with same bracelet playing drums. On the other hand, Shyam is on his way to come upstairs.

Khushi says, this is Anjali’s godh bharai videos. Now it’s Anjali’s room that comes in the videos. Khushi gets worried and says, that means.. there is camera in this room as well. Arnav tells her to relax saying he checked already.

Shyam is coming closer to his room.

Now Arnav and Khushi see same bracelet man spreading pieces of glasses on the floor in Anjali’s room and then video gets cut.

Arnav checks other video now and in that Anjali falls down on the stairs. Arnav says, for sure there is some connection between Anjali falling down and pieces of glasses. I won’t leave him (Shyam). Khushi says, wait a minute.. and then they hear someone coming to the room. Shyam is approaching to his room. Khushi is worried.

Khushi and Arnav’s scene from last night’s episode. Shyaam opens the door and it’s empty. Shyaam picks up his laptop and is about to open the lid when NK comes and pushes him to go downstairs. Shyaam budges again and again, but NK doesn’t let him go. Arnav and Khushi come out from behind the wardrobe.

Khushi goes to Anjali and tells her about the oil that will help her feet heal. She starts massaging and Mami sits in the other corner insulting Khushi. Arnav stands close by to see what Khushi’s doing. Anjali teases Arnav and Khushi while Khushi sees the wounds from when Anjali had a miscarriage. Khushi is shocked whereas Arnav is super angry.

Arnav is walking back and forth outside the house and he is angry wanting to kill Shyaam for harming his sister. He says that it was not a miscarriage but a murder. Khushi apologizes for bringing him back in the house and says that she didn’t know that he was still the same Shyaam. Arnav is about to walk away when Khushi tells him that he needs to calm down and think before he does anything irrational. Khushi tells Arnav that they need to make sure that Anjali’s blind trust over Shyaam is broken. Arnav suddenly thinks of the dhol wala’s and says that they might know of something that could help them.

Mami is shown sleeping and NK tries waking her up. Nani tells NK that this is Manorama’s sleeping time because she had told her to make food. NK says then why did Manorama mock Khushi? Nani says that mocking and sleeping is something Manorama loves doing but she is very sweet in the heart and that she will never accept her fault. NK says that yes, she will accept her fault. The two just look on..

Arnav and Khushi are sitting at the JB Music Equipments. Arnav asks the manager to see all the men that had come in the RM the day of their Sangeet. The manager tells them that only one wasn’t there because he had been hurt so he was replaced by a temporary placement. Khushi asks for a description of him. The manager explains him exactly the way Arnav remembered Shyaam.

Anjali and Nani are shown doing Pooja. NK pretends to be Devi Mayya and starts talking to Manorama and tells her to wake up and not ask questions. Mami is shocked. NK asks Mami to accept all her “paaap” Manorama says that she will tell her in private or in email. NK yells NO, and to speak right away. Manorama starts confessing and says that she doesn’t like to work that’s why she sits in the Mandir so no one can say anything to her. She then says that she had mixed a little bit of wine in Bua’s drink at Payal’s wedding so that she would lose the competition. Nani is surprised and Mami continues to say that she had to do this to win the compeition. Arnav and Khushi walk in just then. Manorama then confesses to have being the one behind the whole fiasco with sareees that were brought in the first time and Manorama had put holes in them. NK says that Manorama should be the “Phatti saree” then. Khushi and Arnav smile. NK comes out from behind and Manorama is shocked. She gets embarrassed and walks away. Khushi asks why NK did this? To which he says that he wanted to make sure she confesses everything and this is the best way to make her confess to everything.

Arnav and Khushi are outside the house again where Khushi tells Arnav that she has a plan and she talks but we can’t hear it at all. Arnav says that it won’t work. Khushi says that if he has another way then they could use that but it won’t be of no help and Shyaam might just confess his deeds.

It’s the next morning. Everyone is at the table having a fun time. HP walks in and says that the painters are here to look at the house. Shyaam is shocked. Arnav just notices the expression on Shyaam’s face. Nani asks why the sudden paint of the house to which Arnav says that it has been a long time and he thought of getting it done before Diwali. Shyaam suddenly says that he has some urgent work and has to get it done right away. He walks away. Khushi and Arnav just look at each other. Anjali mutters that Shyaam and his work.

Shyaam walks in his room, and he is frustrated. He says that he will have to remove the cameras for a few days so that they aren’t caught by the painters. He then says that he will find another way of keeping a close eye on Arnav and Khushi. He walks into Arnav’s room and is about to take the camera off when Arnav enters the room. Shyaam hides. Arnav picks up a file and walks away. Shyaam heaves a sigh of relief.

Shyaam is shown taking off all the cameras from Arnav and Khushi’s room especially the pool side. Arnav walks to where Khushi is standing and just nods.

Arnav tells Khushi that the cameras are gone. They are in their room. Khushi says that thank God the cameras are gone, and now they can do whatever they want. Arnav smirks and starts walking towards her. Instead of doing anything to Khushi, he just bends and picks up his phone. He then asks Khushi what she had in mind. Khushi say nothing and she is about to walk away when Arnav pulls her to himself and says that did she think he was going to do something else. Khushi shakes her head and says that she was thinking what their next plan would be. Realization hits Arnav and he moves away and says that this plan won’t work. Khushi says what if it works? Arnav says that she doesn’t know Shyaam. Khushi says that she does and that why does Arnav always think negative. She huffs, crosses her arms and looks angry. Episode ends right there on Khushi’s face.