Tuesday Update on Young Love July 10

Tuesday Update on Young Love

July 10 Episode

He is applying soil and whole time our shiv is watching anandi like any thing…
then ask for his hankie and ties it on his arms..al the while shiv is watching anandi like all love flowing out of him,not flowing but ozzing out …
DS comes and says she is so proud of anandi and her fight against child marriage and says now she not alone and shiv is with her now in this fight of hers and now as shiv ahs joined hands now no one can beat both of them…shiv is all smitten and love oozing out of his eyes and he is watching anandi like he glued to her and have no choice…and anandi is like al quit and dosent understand what does DS mean

Anandi is siting in her bed and its night time and jyoti sleeping beside her..and she remembers her time with jyoti..and then her time when she was herself a young girl and bahiro 1st tiem came to her parnts home and she saw him going out and asking her mom who is he and her reply atm tou he nothing but in near future he might be your father too and she is confused and dosent know what her mother is on about…and then sudeen;y a thought comes to her and she rembers how shiv ahs come to her and her family and jyoti’s rescue and she says”kash koe collector uss samay usay bhe esee tarah bachataa tou shayad uske zondge bhe different hote’means (she wished some collector like shiv had come to her rescue when she was also been married as child,then he life would also been different then its now ) and a tear rools down in pain…and suddenly her phone rings and it shows collector .she is like he calling at this hour of time and piks up and shiv says he knows its quit late but he needed some answers for hsi question and she can answer him only..and he says how a parent themself can go s low as to marry their daughter who is mere a child…he cant understand the mentality of the parents who can think of this kind..anandi is like they might know what they are doing are worng and understand that…or they might have not suufer the consequences of shild marriage or if they have but some time due to pressure of our culture and socity parents some time do take all this step and its not good yet they cant help it…and its also some time their ownselfishness too…but then anandi says it their plessure ke shiv was their to help her out in her mission…and shiv is like how would he not when anandi their and he need too to stop all this..and he wants evry one to strtr joining hands to stop this…and he praisies anandi kee if they have leader like her then we will achive our goal soon…and anandi is like isn’t he giving her much credit for all this but shiv is like no..she deserve all this and its her fight where he will stand with her all the way and he wont leave her side so easily and anandi is shoked to hear what he is saying shiv sudnly says kee means as collector he will always be their to help aher around…and anandi is like this fight is not easy and to stop it we have some riles but yet when ever she sees any small innocent child with mehendi in her hands she cant control her anger and dosent know hwo to behave …shiv understands her pain and says its too much late so sleep

Its jail and jyoti parents are being relaeased…they see jyoti and anandi standing their..they asked for their forgivness but anandi is very angry and sid for the sake of jyoti and her future she has taken them out of jailand jyoti might forgive her but she will never forgive them for what they did…both parents again beg to forgive them but anandi is damamnt and dosent want to forgive them and they ask jyoti too to forgive them for their miss doings and treating her so badly..their own daughter and jyoti hugs them and anandi leaves…

Their is press conference going on and all are praising shiv for him to stop the child marriage and shiv is all praise about anandi and says due to her she did,while he tlaking to the press anandi coming form back she comes and says we shouldn’t bother about who did stop and who helped and all what maters is we need it to remove completely from this society…and some reporter says how it can be possible- anandi says it is possible with lots of effort and see since last 2 years no marriage and this was some last effort form the socity and we need more effort to stop all this…soem reporter says is it only a govt. Hwo should take steps and anandi and says no govt. Ahs theri rules and regulations but we need more wffort form all of us and shiv says to stop this from jaitsir and around places he made a rule ke when ever their will be a marriage ,in the card their should be age description also about the boy and girl,and if they fail to do so then the parents of both side and and the owner of printer will bearrested if they failed to do so…as it is necessary for the tradition to change and jsut then a local repoteer and starts saying anandi what he knows about all this tradition of people…its perfect they should be married at small age so tht like todays generation young guys do i love u i love u and all..its beter they are council at small age and knows they are already tied and wount do all this nonsence of all this young generation…and shiv says to anandi she dosent need to answer to all this but anandi comes forward and says he is talking all without any knowledge of all the pain and hurt of a small female child and even a young boy also goes through lots of pain and this socity needs change and the reporter is angry and says what she knows bout all this she dosent know anything about it and anandi gets angry and says she knows all this as she herself is victim of child marriage … and shiv is shoked to hear this coming out of anandi and cudnt belive what he heard

All reporter are now asking anandi question hwo she became victim..did her huby too left her for another woman and hwo was she married to her huby and all and shiv came forward and says we need to go and take anandi out of the press conference…anandi is siting and crying badly and shiv comes and offer her his hankie…anandi watches him and dries her tears with her hands and shiv keeps his hankie back
Shiv says he dint knew she too was victim of child marriage..and in jyoti marriage stoppage time he knows she was angry and all and he too was but eh found their was something else too but now he knows what it was…and he praises her for not breking after so much pain and hurt and he saluted her for her bravery

Shiv is complementing Anandi as she is upset and he salutes her, Anandi looks at him teary eyed and he apologies if she was hurt by his words. Anandi states that its not that, she didn’t know what to say to the complements, even when she got the award she was thanked for her work and today she was complemented as a person, she thanks Shiv for understanding her and helping her to be stronger.
Gauri moaning to Anandi about having the party and Jagat points out he didn’t say anything when she wanted a party, Gauri is trying to explain about her important surgery and how will she manage, Jagat explaining they have an image to maintain among friends and its important to have the party. Jagat seems like he is drinking and his friends ask Gauri to join jagat with the dancing.

Gauri comes and states food is ready, the friends talking about the jobs they have got. When Jagat states he is in cardiology the friends clock on that he is working under Gauri and start to make comments about it, how Gauri helps Jagat in the house, and Jagat has to help Gauri at work, they start to make jokes about Jagat’s work and their working relationship. Jagat is slowly getting angry about the comments and the friends then finally clock and apologise stating they were only joking, Jagat is not in the mood to play but his friends change his mind. Gauri’s phone rings and she gives the plate to Jagat and goes to take the call, the friends then one by one give jagat jobs to do which is irking him more.

Gauri asks guys to wind down as he has an important surgery the next day, the friends jibe whether this is Gauri asking or Boss, this further irks Jagat as he feels he is being belittled in front of his friends, he throws the table and the food in anger and everyone look on shocked

Anandi dreaming she is next to the ocean (wearing a white and blue saree) she calls Jagat and then notices someone riding on a horse, she has a trophy in her hand, she thinks its Jagat and runs towards the horse rider, she trips and falls and the horse rider comes to her and offers his hand, she takes it and notices that its actually shive (in a white suit complementing what she is wearing), she wakes up startled, she thinks why she is dreaming the same thing and what is happening, she starts recalling scenes where Shiv has helped her and complemented, she then remembers what Jagat said about moving on and how he used to ridicule her.

In the morning Anandi sees DS in the lounge organizing what seems like a function and Anandi questions DS, DS says that its Shiv’s birthday, she asks why is it happening at the haveli rather then where he is living, DS says that where Shiv lives in like a desert and its better to have it in the haveli, she passes the responsibility to Anandi, but Anandi protests saying she has work, but DS states she has to take care of it. DS is off to mandir for her sister so Anandi needs to look over the work. Anandi tells her not to worry and everything will be according to how she likes it, DS slyly states she hopes to god everything goes well.