Tuesday Update on Young Love 10th November 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 10th November 2020

Inspector telling Jagya that he is arresting him on the charges of keeping fake medicines in the hospital and for playing with patient’s life. Jagya is shocked. Somesh comes out of his ward, and says you can’t arrest him. He says I am guilty and not him. He faints. They take him inside the ward. Anandi speaks to Shiv’s pic and says tell me Shiv…how can I marry someone else, when you stays in my heart. I can life peacefully with your memories. Nimboli comes and asks why did you bring Nidhi’s mum here. Anandi says Dr. Anant’s happiness is with Nidhi’s mum, and says we can’t be happy with someone’s happiness. Anandi says you need Bapusaa? Right. Can I give you father’s love along with mum’s love. Nimboli nods and hugs her. Nimboli asks about her child marriage, and asks if she got married to her bapusaa in childhood.

Anandi says I got married in my childhood, not with your dad but with someone else. She says I got your Bapusaa at right time, he was really a good life partner. She says he was a martyr. She says I am always with you. Forget whatever have happened with you, move on and be a good person. Nimboli says I will do as you said, and hugs her.

Somesh gives statement and tells Inspector that he brought poisonous vegetables and fake medicines in the hospital, and says Jagya or Ganga have nothing to do with it. Jagya asks why did you do this? Somesh tells him about Mouni and Minister bribing him, and tells that they have done his accident. He says Baba Anant Maharaj and Minister Shamsher Singh have conspired against you. Inspector says I don’t understand why Baba Anant Maharaj is trapping you. Jagya says I don’t know and shows the lab report. He says Anant’s Vibhuti contains mercury. Inspector calls his superior and says he needs two arrest warrant. One is for Shamsher Singh and other for Baba Anant Maharaj. He apologizes to Jagya and Ganga, and says I will make a public announcement that your hospital is safe.

Anandi and Nimboli are leaving from Shiv Niketan. A man sells a fruit. Anandi buys it and goes in her car. Man calls Kavita and says there is a big snake. Everyone start running from there. Man kidnaps Kavita and takes her in the car with the help of others. Watchman tries to stop them, but in vain. The man happens to be Kavita’s ex husband and says he will be reaching the village in 1 hour. Anandi gets a call about Kavita’s kidnapping. She asks guard to take her kids home. Shivam and Nimboli are hiding in the car. Anandi is on the way to village. Akhiraj tells Kavita that she is very lucky as her husband loves her a lot and will keep her happy. Her old husband offers huge amount of gold ornaments.

Akhiraj thinks his devotees are fool to gift him precious jewellery. Anandi thinks to inform Jagya. Just then Nimboli sneezes. Anandi sees them and asks why did you hide? Shivam says it is Nandini’s idea. She says this is Baba Anant Maharaj’s ashram and not safe. She wonders what to do now. Anandi worries what to do. Shall she go back and drops kids home, then thinks Kavita will get married by that time. Nandini asks Anandi to save Kavita from child marriage. Anandi asks them to be there and promises her that she will save Kavita from this child marriage. Nimboli asks Shivam to sit in the car. Anandi thinks where did Anand maharaj took Kavita for performing marriage. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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