Tuesday Update on Young Love 18th August 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 18th August 2020

Akhiraj is brought inside the court for the case hearing. He looks angrily at Kamli. Harki signs him that the work is done and smiles. Akhiraj smiles victorious. Anandi, Nimboli and Mangla are travelling in car when Anandi spots people working on road. She tells Nimboli that they have to take on other way. The persons acting to be working on road call Damodar and informs that women are coming to your side. Jagya comes. Kamli informs him that Anandi didn’t come till now. Jagya gets worried. Judge comes. Defence Lawyer tells that he would like to call Urmila’s parents. Khetram comes to the witness box and tells he is a big criminal than me, and I got my daughter married to his son. He didn’t tell me that his son is already married and asked me to get the marriage done fast because of dosh in his son’s kundli. He asks judge not to spare Akhiraj and punish him. Akhiraj says he is lying. Akhiraj’s lawyer asks him to calm down.

Defence lawyer tells you want to say……..Jagya gets worried and calls Anandi’s number. He goes out of court room and calls Anandi. Anandi sees some people standing on road and one man is lying on the road. She thinks that man has fainted and says he might need help. She gets down the car and asks if they need help. The goons attack Anandi with lathi and she faints on the road. Mangla comes out of car and is caught by the goons. She shouts and asks Nimboli to run. Nimboli tries to open the seat beat while the goons try to open the car door. She jumps from the car and runs. The goons follow her.

Jagya calls Anandi, but her number is unreachable. Lawyer asks khetram to go. Akhiraj’s lawyer says that the lawyer is putting blame on Akhiraj and wants to play safe. Defence Lawyer calls Kundan. Akhiraj is stunned and looks at his son. He asks if you are fine, my son. Judge says you can’t talk to the witness. Defence lawyer says Khetram said that your father was eager to get the marriage done fast.

Kundan tells that khetram is lying and tells that his father demanded dowry, but khetram didn’t give anything. Lawyer asks the judge to note the point. Akhiraj’s lawyer tells Kundan didn’t say anything new and says nothing proofs against Akhiraj. Akhiraj thinks nobody can harm him, and thinks three dakan are under his arrest. Nimboli continues to run while the goons follow her.

Mangla calls for Nimboli. Nimboli runs and cries wondering where to go. She sees a place to hide and hides. The goons search for her. Anandi gains consciousness. Mangla continues to call her. Nimboli cries.

Defence lawyer tells that he wants to call Nimboli to the witness box. He turns and signs jagya. Jagya nods no. Lawyer apologizes and comes to Jagya. Jagya says Anandi’s number is unreachable. Lawyer says Judge to permit him to call other witnesses. Judge says he can’t wait for one witness. Harki smiles and thinks Damodar might have killed them by now. The goon sees Nimboli hiding and informs other goons. Anandi gains consciousness. Nimboli runs, but the goons caught her. Anandi hears Nimboli calling Maa and gets up. Mangla calls Nimboli. The goons hurt Nimboli. Damodar says first I will kill this girl. He pushes Nimboli and hits with a sword. Mangla shouts. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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