Monday Update on True Love 17th August 2020


Monday Update on True Love 17th August 2020

Ambika has a headache. Meethi comes there too. Kasha kaka offers to bring medicine for her but she declines. You are just like my dad for me. How can I ask you to do this? Kaka wonders what happened to her all of a sudden as she keeps on telling me things to do all the day. Meethi compliments Ambika. You take care of everyone. She offers to give her a head massage but Ambika denies. I took medicine which will show its effect in 15 minutes. Kaka has to go and meet his aunt. Meethi assures him she will take care of everything. Ambika calls Meethi by her name but then corrects her. Meethi feels good and asks her to call her by her name only.

Ambika suggests going out for shopping together as their husbands aren’t home. We will spend the day together and eat out only. Meethi likes the idea. But what about your headache? Ambika assures her she is feeling better now. Meethi agrees. I was thinking to meet Anni for some time. Will you come along with me? Ambika nods. Meethi says I will go get ready and tell Maiyya too. Ambika stops her. I knocked at her door twice but she dint reply. She might be sleeping on must have gone to temple with her sisters. Just then the landline rings. Ambika stops Meethi from picking the call. I am sure it must be dad as he was to call me. you can go and get ready.

Ambika picks the call but stays quiet. Maiyya thinks it to be Pavitra. I can make one call only and I don’t have anyone else’s number. Ambika acts as if she cannot hear her. maiyya realises it to be her. give it to my sister. Ambika disconnects the call. Meethi asks her about the caller but Ambika says it was a wrong number. That oldie was asking the same thing if someone is home or not. You are still here? Go and get ready. Maiyya tells the lady inspector that she might have dialled a wrong number. Hope you will give me another chance. It is up to Chaubey if he wants to give her this chance or not. ambika puts the receiver wrongly as now no one will be able to reach this number.

Meethi calls at Thakur House and is told that no one is home. She wonders where everyone would have gone to.

Jogi, Divya and Damini are at Vishnu’s place. Vishnu has told them everything. It was nothing but I complicated it. Door bell rings. Nani and Rathore have come. Nani storms in and calls out for Mukta. Rathore too wants to meet Mukta. Nani says I was right but you dint believe me. mukku isn’t here as she doesn’t live here. Damini tries to say something but Nani tells her to keep quiet. Door bell rings. Vishnu opens and Mukku is all happy to be back on time. Everyone is happy to see them happy except Nani. Mukku meets everyone and is really happy. no one came over except Nani after I got married.

Vishnu gives the credit to Nani only for bringing everyone at their home today. Yesterday when you were not at home then Nani had come. Mukku guesses the rest. Mukku hugs her. you are very sweet. I know you think about my happiness. This is the reason why I cannot be upset with you. But everything is fine between the two of us. Jogi asks Nani if everything is sorted now. Jogi gets a call from Meethi. He tells her they wont be back before evening. Vishnu tells Mukku to prepare lunch for everyone.

Ambika notices that Meethi isn’t ready yet. Meethi tells her they will go to shopping directly as Anni isn’t at home. She goes to change. Ambika smirks thinking they are going out on shopping after a long time…after Shimla. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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