Tuesday Update on Young Love 21 January 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 21 January 2020

Dadisaa asking Kusum whether she wants to learn music. Kusum says no and tells that she wants to leave Jaitsar. Ganga asks what happened. Dadisaa asks did we hurt you? Kusum says no. I have to do something to give a good upbringing to my son. I have to start afresh where nobody knows him. Jagya says she can join her old job. Kusum refuses saying Principal of the school have suffered a lot because of him. Jagya says he will make parents of the students and everyone understand. Kusum says she wants to stand on her own feet and says she will stay in the Vasant Niketan. Dadisa agrees.

Amol tells Anandi that today is his oral test. Then he tells Anandi about his friend has got a baby sister and asks her to give him sister and brother. Anandi smiles. Anoop talks to his employee about the rejected consignment. He shows him agreement papers. Anoop throws it. Mr. Maheshwari comes and picks it up. Anoop looks surprised. He says your shipment have been rejected. I felt bad. Anoop asks you came to sprinkle salt on my wounds. He says no. Anoop says I wants to talk to Mr. Maheshwari alone.

He tells him about the God’s idol theft. Anoop says I saw the news. Mr. Maheshwari tells him that the idols are stolen as it have demands in UK and USA. He asks him to think about this business. Anoop asks do you wants me to sell stolen things. He says not stolen things. It will be first copy antics. You will get more money from the international clients. Anoop says you means export of fake antics. Maheshwari says he knows the manufacturer who can make the fake antics and no one can identity it. Anoop asks about his profit. He asks commission and shakes hands with Anoop.

Dadisaa talks to Shakti and tells him that you got a brave mother. She asks him to take care of her after growing up. Gehna asks him to stay happily at the hotel. Ganga gives him food. Jagya says I will drop him to the bus stand and asks Kusum to come for meeting at Vasant Niketan. Kusum leaves with Jagya and Shakti.

Saachi and Vivek come to Shekhar’s house. Daddu asks them to sit. Anandi says she will bring tea. Meenu asks her to sit and goes to get tea. Saachi tells that she met her mum. Meenu says you are looking good after coming back from holiday. Subhadra says she is happy as Vivek forgave her. Vivek says no. Saachi has accepted me and forgave me. Subhadra says you have a big heart. Shiv asks Anandi, did you give good news to Saachi. Anandi nods no. Meenu tells her that Anandi is pregnant. Saachi gets happy. Subhadra tells that sad thing is Saachi’s miscarriage. She says both of them would have been happy. Vivek says Saachi will give good news soon if God wills. Shiv asks Saachi when she is joining office. Saachi says she is happy being a home maker. Vivek says Saachi will join very soon. Mr. Mittal said that Saachi can resume job whenever she wants. Anoop says it is a good thing. Saachi asks Anandi about Khazan ji. Saachi and Vivek meet Khazan ji. He blesses them and gives money as shagun. Shiv signs her to accept it. Saachi recalls insulting him before. She apologizes to him for insulting him in the past. Khazan ji says you are like a daughter for me. Anandi smiles. Vivek asks how are you now? Khazan ji says he is fine.

Jagya talks to the parents of the students of Vasant Niketan and says he came to talk about Kusum/Sona. He requests them to give permission to Sona to work in Vasant Niketan again. Kusum comes there. The Villagers/parents of the students refuses to let Sona/Kusum work in the school as it may affect their children. The principal says we can’t upset so many people because of one person. Kusum is teary eyed. Ganga comes and puts her hand on Kusum’s shoulder assuring her support.

Ganga tells them that you might have seen on TV that Kusum refused to go with Shrivastav when he offered to accept her. She says Kusum wants to start afresh in other city, but Jagya asks her to work in Vasant Niketan to make her identity. She says when Anandi ji opened this school, she wanted every woman to do something. She asks them to give a chance to Kusum and rethink about their decision. They agree. Kusum is thankful to them. Jagya, Ganga and Kusum smiles.

Shiv anxiously waiting outside Doctor’s room. Doctor checks Anandi. Shiv comes inside. Doctor tells him that she needs to tell him something about Anandi’s pregnancy. Shiv asks what is the matter? Doctor tells him that you both are very lucky and informs him that Anandi is carrying twins. They get happy. Anandi reminds Shiv of Amol asking for sister and brother. Anandi tells that Amol’s wish has come true. Doctor says Amol’s wish will be fulfilled. Anandi smiles. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2



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