Tuesday Update on This is Love 21 January 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 21 January 2020

Rohan saying we have to send mom to London. Karan says she will be stressed if we tell her about treatment. Rohan says I asked manager to find any business opportunity there, mom will be excited to go there. Yug calls Karan and says Raman is getting me married to Aaliya, you stay away from Bhallas as you had promised. Karan says wow its great news Kunal, I want a party.

Yug says you would be happy, but Raman and Ishita are fighting here, you won’t mess up with Bhallas. Karan says I remember my promise, I will call you later. Yug says I will keep Karan away from this family, maybe this is my repentance. Karan says my friend Kunal is getting married. He thinks Rohan will get rid of Aaliya and Bhallas, and come home. Shagun says Aaliya isn’t normal, Raman you are normal,

you shouldn’t encourage her stupidity. He says no, Yug loves Aaliya, he is a nice guy. Ishita says he is the root of all problems.
Raman says Yug is a better life partner for her than Rohan, she can stay here with us, can we trust Sudha and sent Aaliya to Sudha’s house, Aaliya’s happiness matters to me. He goes. Shagun asks what’s wrong with him, how can we let Aaliya marry Yug.

Mani goes to Raman and says I agree with you, I also feel Aaliya will be happy with Yug more, but we have to get Aaliya and Rohan divorced, but Rohan has Ishita’s support. Yug comes and looks on. Raman says we will handle that, Aaliya loves Adi and now Yug. Yug says its wrong, we are cheating, I m cheating her. Shagun says relax Ishita, Mani would be explaining Raman. Simmi says I hope Mani convinces Raman. Mani says Raman and I have decided it. Yug asks what if Aaliya recovers her mental state during marriage. Raman says it will be good, she will be seeing your love and choosing you. Yug says she would not be liking it, knowing she is Rohan’s wife, I love her more than my life.

Raman says when Aaliya can see your love, she will appreciate it. Yug says there is no guarantee for it. Raman says there has to be a reason for your coming here, Lord brought you into our lives, happiness have returned into our lives, Adi was meant to come back, you are Adi for me, my son is back and my son never loses. Adi says you have said a big thing, Papa, I don’t even remember my parents, no one loved me, no one trusted me, I was an orphan. Raman says you won’t be an orphan until we are alive. Yug cries and says I promise you both that I will never break your trust, I will never break Aaliya’s trust.

Raman says then we will manage everything, we know Aaliya, she will accept you. Yug says Ishita isn’t happy. Raman says don’t worry, some decisions are meant to be taken, I will talk to her. Shagun says Aaliya, all this isn’t needed. Ishita says you remember you had married Rohan. Aaliya says yes, I told this to Adi, he understood this, I want to marry him again and tell him that I love him, my marriage with Rohan is illegal, I want to move on with Adi, we won’t talk about it again. Mani, Yug and Raman come home.

Aaliya says I chose this lahenga for me and sherwani for Adi. Yug says whatever she likes. Raman and Mani ask her to come for shopping. Mani says you go for meeting, I will take them for shopping. Shagun says but Mani… He says Shagun, we will go home and talk. Ishita asks what will I tell Rohan.

Sudha scolds her manager. She says why did you tell Rohan, we will have big loss, you should have told this to Karan or me. Rohan and Karan come and send the manager. Rohan says I will manage everything. She asks oh really, you have no time to manage business, you are running after Aaliya. He says sorry, I promise, I will focus on business, don’t take stress. Karan says I have an interesting news. She asks is Rohan leaving Aaliya. Rohan says no. Karan says we got a profitable business proposal from London, they just want to work with you. Sudha says you come with me. Rohan says if I come, who will handle business, Karan will be in stress, you go there and begin the work, I promise I will join you, I promised them already and arranged your tickets, and a caretaker for you, I love you a lot.

She says I love you too. He goes. She asks what’s all this Karan. Muskaan asks shall we order icecream, I want to have it. The goon says order anything you like. She says give me your phone. He says sorry, I m playing a game. He says Sahil is calling me, I will come. She says I will go and get icecream. He says no, sit here, you will get a migraine, I will get it. He goes. She gets angry and says I m under house arrest, because of Ishita and Raman, I m not going to leave them. Sudha says I know Rohan is lying, Rohan knows that I may get more sick, he knows my heart is getting weak, I know everything.

Karan says our doctor knows a good cardiologist in London, if he treats you, you will get fine. She says I can’t tolerate Rohan going after Aaliya. He says no, Aaliya and Yug are marrying, Yug told me, Raman is supporting them, I will make Aaliya out of Rohan’s life. She says but Karan, he is Yug, not Adi, so technically Rohan is Aaliya’s husband, this marriage won’t be legal until they get divorced. He says I promise to make Rohan away from Aaliya, I want you to get treated, I want my strong mom back. She smiles.

Raman is on work call. Bala says I m going for imp lecture. Raman asks is everything fine. Bala says yes, actually nothing is fine, Kiran is always scared, no one is leaving her alone. Raman says lets take her to some good counselor. Bala says good idea, I will talk to Kiran. Raman gets a call and says lets meet right now.

Muskaan calls Ishita and asks what did you tell Sahil, he isn’t letting me go out. Ishita says ask your brother, I told him the truth. Muskaan threatens her. Ishita says you went to jail once, you want to go again, I will talk to him. Simmi asks who was it. Ishita says Muskaan was threatening me. Simmi says leave it, what about Rohan. Ishita says he isn’t answering my call, I will message him. The servant asks Muskaan not to break his phone. She says Sahil shouldn’t know this, I will get free and then Raman and Ishita will face my fury.

Mani asks Raman are you joining us. Raman says no, I m busy, I will call you later. Mani says whom is Raman going to meet. Raman meets Karan. Karan says I have been your son in law, I m not your enemy, and my brother is still in love with Aaliya. Raman says leave it, that’s the problem. Karan says mom and I don’t want Rohan to spoil his life, how can I help you. Raman says I want Rohan’s signs on divorce papers, I already made the papers, you want your brother and I want his signs. Karan says of course, I can, I will. Raman says okay, good luck. Karan smiles.

Rohan liking the worshop design. He says I m making this workshop for Aaliya, she wants to help the poor women and also their kids, I want to fulfill Aaliya’s dream. The lady says your wife is really lucky. Rohan asks manager to clear her dues. They go. Rohan says I will call Aaliya and give this good news. He recalls Aaliya and Ishita’s words. He says no, this can’t happen, Ishimaa had promised me. Ishita sees the house well decorated. Raman says Mihika its good you managed everything. Mihika says mandap will be ready till evening. Mihika checks arrangements. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask sweetmaker to make ghee sweets. Raman says the wedding is a low key affair, but everything should be good. Simmi asks are you seeing this, Raman got them on his side. Ishita says its

wrong. Simmi says he is adamant to get Yug and Aaliya married.
Rohan says I will take Aaliya to the factory tomorrow, maybe she will start the work tomorrow itself. Manager says designer’s payment is done, here is the workshop keys. Rohan says wonderful, I was thinking to keep a small puja, organize a nice pandit. Manager says fine. Rohan gets a call. He goes for the meeting. Aaliya says Appa gave me new jewellery, I m feeling so good. Ishita says keep all this safely. Aaliya says Appa/Mani gave this kada to Adi. She goes with Yug. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to involve in their arrangements and be happy. Ishita says I m not the enemy, you are brainwashed well, its no use to talk to you all. Raman taunts her and goes. Ishita says they crossed the limits, I think I should go and talk to Rohan. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2



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