Tuesday Update on Young Love 21st July 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 21st July 2020

Akhiraj telling Kishore that he convinced a villager to send his daughter to school. Kishore says it is good, and says he brought justice for a other girl of this village. Akhiraj asks him to tell the name of the girl and promises to do justice. Kishore tells that that girl name is Nimboli and she is growing in Akhiraj’s house. He asks him to punish Kundan and stop him here itself for doing a big crime. He thinks Kishore might inform Jagya and takes him to side. He tells that he is doing everything for Nimboli’s betterment and kept quiet as it is about her respect. He says he complained to the police and asks him not to inform anyone.

Kishore says okay and asks what did Police said? Akhiraj says he need to go and leaves. Pooja feels pain in her tummy after the yoga exercises. She thinks to call Mannu. She calls him, but he didn’t pick her call. She throws the phone and holds her tummy again. She thinks to search on net about the pain. She searches and is shocked to know that yoga asanas must be avoided in pregnancy. She thinks she did yoga in school and gets worried about her baby.

Kishore comes to the Police station and asks the Inspector about Nimboli’s case. The Inspector is surprised and asks what did he know. He says this case is strange as he can’t give details to anyone. He says we will give justice to that girl. Kishore says I hope so and leaves. The inspector smirks. Anandi is teaching dance on school. Dadisaa says where is Pooja? Someone says she didn’t come till now. Pooja comes. Anandi says this performance is important for you. Pooja says she has stomach ache in the night, so couldn’t wake up early in the morning.

Dadisaa says you people should have food in time. Pooja thinks she would feel better with dancing and starts dancing. She feels pain, but ignores her pain. She feels much pain and faints. Everyone rush to her and try to wake her up. Kishore is coming out of Police station. Gopal’s friend comes on his bike and tells that his sister is learning well. Kishore asks him about his view on Akhiraj Singh. Gopal’s friend recalls Akhiraj killing Gopal and torturing his family. He tells he want to kill Akhiraj and says he is Rakshas. Kishore asks him to tell everything.

Dadisaa tells Sarita that Jagya and Ganga are checking Pooja. Anandi says she might be okay. The nurse comes out and says Doctors are checking her. The Inspector calls Akhiraj and says Kishore came to me for getting information of Nimboli’s case. Akhiraj gets angry. Kishore says he came to know about the case. Gopal’s friend tells that Akhiraj will not let anything to happen to his son. He says Nimboli will wait for justice all her life, just like my friend’s soul is waiting for justice.

Anandi and Sarita get tensed. Sarita asks did she get head injury? Ganga comes out of operation theatre and is shocked. Jagya comes out with his head low. Dadisaa asks what happened? Did anything happened to Pooja. Jagya says Pooja is fine…..Sarita asks what did happen to her. Ganga says Pooja suffered a miscarriage. Sarita is shocked and taken aback. Ganga says she was 3 months pregnant. We had to remove her uterus and she can’t be a mum again. Anandi is shocked too. Sarita cries. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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