Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 14th April 2021


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 14th April 2021

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Veer tells the family that Mishti loves Rohan a lot. He narrates how Mishti took the FIR back, and suggested a new start of their lives. It was Mishti’s plan and she took his help. Veer says she asked for his help, even his parents thought it right to be a part of this plan. Rohan and Arnav bring medical reports of Mishti. Arnav was worried that Mishti’s reports were in her cupboard, they were all recent. She didn’t tell anyone though she was in much pain. Rohan cries placing her head in Dadi’s lap and asks if Mishti would recover. Pari holds Rohan’s hand and says they won’t let her get hurt. Rohan apologizes Pari. Pari says its none of his mistake, she was a dreamer as she loved him; she interpreted without signs. She was confused and lived in delusion. He and Mishti loved each other, then why a huge sacrifice.

Mishti wanted to get her all the happiness of the world, but why Rohan also stayed silent. She was enough with her own love, and never asserted herself on Rohan. She is happy even if Rohan stays as her friend. What if she had known about it after marriage? She was annoyed and cries that they shouldn’t have done this. Rohan apologizes. He explains that things moved at such a pace that he couldn’t get time to understand. They all know Mishti. She wants everything according to herself. Veer says he must also apologize, but he never intended to hurt Mishti. Rohan goes to hug Veer and asks why he is apologizing, he proved to be a good friend and stayed with Mishti in such hard times.

The doctor comes outside and says patient suffers from Lupus. It’s an ailment in which body’s immune system acts on own tissues. Rohan asks him to be clear. The doctor says the kidneys have failed, we must operate on her and replace the kidneys. The ailment is in an advanced stage, she had already registered herself for kidney transplant. Everyone was shocked to know. Pari snatches Mishti’s reports and runs out of the hospital corridor. Radhika faints in the corridor. She regains her consciousness and was ready to donate her own Mishti, then cries for her child. Ansh was ready to donate his kidney. Arnav goes to check the procedure for donation. Naina tries to console.

Arnav brings a nurse who takes the history. She takes Radhika and Ansh inside. Arnav calls Pari and asks about her whereabouts. Pari says she is with Mishti’s doctor and will soon be there. The doctor comes to take everyone inside, Mishti’s condition is critically deteriorating. They must see her. He insists that they must do the kidney transplant immediately. The nurse announces the blood samples doesn’t match. Veer and Rohan offers their blood samples. Pari comes inside with Mishti’s doctor, and goes for her blood test as she is her sister.

Radhika cries and tells Rohan that she is aware Mishti wanted to be his. She insisted on his marriage with Pari because she knew she would get in such pain. She was concerned for all of them. They can fulfil her wish. She tells Rohan to go and get the sindoor, and fill her hairline. Rohan looks towards Radhika. She requests Rohan by holding his hands.
In the temple corner of the hospital and gets the sindoor bottle. She requests Mishti to open her eyes, they are getting married. He fills her hairline with the Sindoor. Radhika cries hugging Rohan, and thanks him. Veer also hugs Rohan. Pari comes to the room with the doctor and looks towards Rohan. He nods at Pari. The doctor announces Pari’s sample matched the patient. Radhika hugs Pari, while everyone else was relieved.

Both Pari and Mishti were taken for an operation together. Mauli sits besides Pari when she opens her eyes. Pari cries while Mishti smiles at her, forbidding her to sit up. She speaks to Pari that it was difficult for her to accept her, and love her. But through her good will and innocence, Pari made a place for herself in her heart. It was impossible for her not to love her, and today she feels it was all worth it, every minute and every second of love. She feels proud when she sees her love for Mishti and Ansh. Pari has really taken care of her relations, and it’s priceless what Pari did for Mishti today. Pari says nothing is dearer for her than Mishti, and Mauli taught her to live for one’s relations. Mauli could hold her hands, and allowed none to question their relationship; then now it’s time to return the favor. Mishti is everything for her, so never mind. Mauli kiss the back of her hand, and kiss her forehead. Pari shuts her eyes and Mauli vanishes. She opens her eyes and cries silently.

The hospital staff drags Pari’s stretcher with Mishti’s. Mishti opens her eyes and was shocked to see Pari in the hospital bed. Pari also wakes up and smiles towards Mishti, Both hold their hands. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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