Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 16th September 2020


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 16th September 2020

Mauli notices Kunal’s hair were still wet and he seemed lost. She brings the towel to dry him up and discuss how happy Nandini seemed while she broke her mangal sooter. Nandini dances so well and she looked even prettier today. She should get a divorce from Rajdeep as soon as possible. Kunal was annoyed and tells Mauli to let Nandini decide for her life. He was lost in Nandini’s thoughts and was stressed out. He goes to do some work. Nandini comes to their room and asks if she should make some pakora and tea for them? Mauli agrees as the weather was favorable, Kunal however denies having any kind of pakora. Nandini also notices Kunal wasn’t in a good mood. Mauli explains he has work. Later, Mauli asks Kunal what happened, if he is fine. Kunal replies he is surely fine. Mauli asks to go to help Nandini, Kunal tells her to close the door.

In the kitchen, Nandini was frying pakora. She tells Mauli while dancing today she realized one thing, she doesn’t want to live with Rajdeep anymore. She wants to thank Kunal and Mauli; though Mauli is like a sister but she needs to thank everyone including the family and specially Kunal. She asks what she must prepare for Kunal that he can’t deny. Mauli suggests there is one dish, they decide not to tell Kunal.
Kunal lay in his bed stressful as he couldn’t concentrate on the work at all and only think about Nandini. Mauli comes to forcefully bring Kunal outside to join them all. Outside, the lights go off. Kunal asks what this childishness is. Nandini brings a cake decorated with candles for Kunal.

Kunal was shocked to see Nandini there. The lights get on and the family cheer. Mauli was about to explain but Nandini says she will. She says this is an attempt, when you are drowning and someone gives a hand to hold, when you are suffocating and someone opens the window to breathe. Its an attempt when word Thankyou fell short. Mauli was her friend, but Kunal was only related to her through humanity, and she can now call him a good friend. Mauli says she is family and will get the biggest share of cake. Kunal asks why Nandini is being so formal. Nandini says she is only celebrating, someone saved her from drowning and is fulfilling someone’s promise. They recall the promise Kunal took from Nandini in that under construction building.

Dida and Mauli asks what’s such secret promise between them. Kunal is poor in promises. Nandini explains its not a secret. Kunal says there is no secret from Mauli, it seems Nandini is short of words. Nandini explains it was only a support. Mauli was sure they can’t keep a secret from her throughout their life; even if there is, it is for her own betterment. Dida asks them to cut the cake. Mauli gives a bite to Nandini and Kunal. Nandini also offers a bite to Kunal which he reluctantly takes.
Mauli asks Nandini to teach her some dance steps. Nandini says teaching dance to Mauli is a ruined kheer which she can’t help with. She reminds Mauli of Priya’s birthday and shows everyone how she had danced. Dida and Mauli couldn’t resist laughing. Kunal turns to go into his room. Mauli wonders what happened to Kunal, he never behaved like this before.

At night, Kunal stood in the balcony. Mauli comes there to hug him from behind and asks what he is hiding? Kunal denies hiding anything. Mauli says since they returned, he isn’t speaking well and seems upset. If he mind anything from her, or Nandini? Kunal says there is nothing like that. Mauli asks him to share, else how she would help him? Kunal hugs Mauli tightly and tells her not to go away from him, he miss her a lot. Mauli says she was with him all day long. Kunal clarifies she was with him, not near to him. Mauli understands he isn’t getting his quality time but Nandini needs her. Kunal shouts at her not to bring Nandini in between, it’s their time. Mauli hugs Kunal back and wonders what’s wrong with him. Kunal thinks he loves Mauli even more than his life, then…

Kunal chases Mauli while she playfully runs around the hanging white curtains. She swirled around stuck among the cutains. Kunal comes to hug Mauli from behind. He removes the curtains off her face to find Nandini under them. Kunal sits up at once from the dream. He thinks Mauli is his love, his life then why he dreams of Nandini, he feels so helpless. He loves Mauli and can’t think of anyone else even in dreams. He comes to the washroom and splash water of his face, calming himself down as it was only a dream.

Kunal stood in the kitchen preparing tea for himself. He thinks its better he keeps awake than dreaming such things. He turns around with the cup of tea when he hits Nandini. She was apologetic and explains she only came to take water. She notices his hand was burnt, pours ice and water into a bowl and dips Kunal’s hand into it, concerned that his hand had turned red all over. Kunal looks towards Nandini feeling awkward again. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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