Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 2nd September 2020


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 2nd September 2020

Kunal calls Rajdeep and fix a meeting with him regarding a deal he offered him in Goa. He says his wife would also like to meet as she is a doctor, what if he also brings his wife. Mauli was happy and says this is the biggest gift Kunal has given to him. Kunal says he is a little afraid, his love would get a little shared from now on. Mauli lightly slaps and says he would be more of Nandini’s friend. She offers him anything he wish for right now. He demands a cup of tea. Mauli was irritated. They lay down to sleep as it’s a big day for them tomorrow. Raaj come home where Nandini thinks about sharing the pregnancy news with him. He tells her about the meeting with a doctor tomorrow and tells her to go and practice how to eat well. Before Nandini could speak he had fallen asleep.

The next morning, Kunal comes to balcony and tells Mauli her eyes speak that her night was all dreamy. Mauli says she is nervous and wonders how she would meet Nandini after all these years. Kunal says she will be really happy.
There, Nandini had severe morning sickness and nausea. She turns the AC on and lay on the couch. Raaj comes to wake her up and asks her about his bed tea and breakfast. He then insults her for not cleaning the house and the dust around. Then tells her to go to the parlor.

Mauli has butter in her breakfast happily and eats excitedly. Dida wish the friendship that had ended years ago continue after years, what if the other girl hadn’t ever missed Mauli as she did. Mamma says sometimes one sided relations also works for years, in a hope that a thread of relations survive. She must move on in her relation with her friend. Mauli cheers.

There, Nandini’s sindoor box fell off her hand as Raaj pushes her aside the dressing. She considers it a bad omen and bends to gather the sindoor. Raaj picks her up as her dress is really expensive and wipes her hand for the manicures was really expensive. They hurry for the meeting.
There, Mauli was brushing her hair. Her mangal sooter was stuck in her hair which breaks, Mauli holds the beads. Mamma comes there. Mauli was apologetic to Mamma but she comforts Mauli and tells her to go for the meeting as Kunal had to meet her in the hotel.

Mauli reach the hotel and speaks to Kunal to hurry up, she can’t face Rajdeep alone. Rajdeep comes out of the car. She looks behind and first hides her face. Rajdeep tries to take an advantage of a lone girl but Mauli leaves the seats and goes to sit on reception. She calls Kunal to hurry up else Rajdeep might leave. She then watch Nandini come inside in the back view mirror. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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