Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 4th October 2020


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 4th October 2020

Mauli cries watching the video. Kunal says they don’t speak to each other, and when Mauli was drunk and they finally had a conversation they bartered a huge promise. Mauli says she doesn’t remember all this. Nandini also defends Mauli as she was drunk. Kunal questions if there is decision of his own, did he ever give Mauli the feeling that he wish to return to her. How can she even consider that they might stay happy with one another? They had a beautiful life, but it has ended. Mauli question if Kunal ever asked for her decision? Kunal argues how they can stay happy after all that happened. He says there is a huge difference between the Kunal she lived with, and the Kunal who lives today.

Mauli asks if she seems happy today. She has tried hard but she can’t live without him. Kunal apologizes as the time has gone and might not return. This Kunal loves Nandini, it’s their divorce in next three days. He realize he wronged her, he never wished to but it happened. He wants to give another chance to his love with Nandini. Mauli may try to forgive them, her anger would only hurt her. What if her curse for Nandini had come true and she had lost her life, Mauli must surely have felt bad. Mauli replies she isn’t a great person, she can’t forgive a friend who snatched her husband. Kunal clarifies he can’t live without Nandini.

Mauli runs away. Kunal lets go of her, stopping her would be worse for her. It will take some time to heal her bruises. He also felt the same pain when Nandini was in the midst of fire today. Nandini assures she is right here, with him. Kunal promises to always live together and even marry in the next three days. Mauli walks in the midst of the road, crying over her devastation. She loses her balance in the middle of road, her head bangs badly. A car hits her and she has an accident.

The next morning, Nandini wakes up wondering where has Kunal gone so early. She decides to surprise him and cooks in the kitchen for him. She sets the table with candles and awaits Kunal. She gets a voice message from Kunal, he hints on her that he is around and can feel her presence, then tells her to go into the bedroom, open their wardrobe and wear the saree hanging there then come upstairs.

In the hospital, Mauli walks across the doctor with bandage. The doctor suggests Mauli to take care of herself. Rajdeep was being carried with a bandaged face and hears a nurse congratulate Mauli for bearing a child. He smirks that he got a good clue now and will now ruin Nandini’s love story.
Nandini walks to the roof, rose petals shower over her. The roof had been well decorated all around. Nandini swirls around in her flying saree, her face covers in the pallu creating a curtain between her and Kunal. They stand face to face, closely. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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