Tuesday Update on True Love 3rd October 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 3rd October 2020

Ashfaque quietly goes in Meethi’s room to put gift on her bed. When he’s leaving, Meethi stops him. He tells her he came to give her the gift. Meethi gets excited seeing a saree and says she can wear it on Teej tomorrow, but soon she remembers Nilofer’s words and asks him why he’s gifting her. Nilofer is hiding and watching them. He says they are friends and he can give gifts to his friends. She says he said friends so she will take it, but before her he should have given gifts to his family members, Nilofer. He’s happy as she accepted the gift. Nilofer tries to stop him when he’s leaving, but he doesn’t see her and goes. Nilofer looks angrily at Meethi and leaves.

Mukta is getting mehendi done in her hand for Teej tomorrow. Nani sees and gets irritated as Mukta is doing fast and all rituals for Vishnu.

Asgar gives passport to Meethi and tells her about the event where some Pakistanis go to India. He says this time they will also go and once she’s in India, she will be do whatever she wants. She gets very happy knowing she will finally go back to India and her family. She thanks him. In his mind, he says he should be thankful to her.

Tappu is calling Rathore, but he’s lost in Ambika’s thoughts and doesn’t pick up. Tappu then does all Teej rituals using Rathore’s photo. In Pakistan, Meethi creates idol from clay and does Teej rituals wearing saree that Ashfaque gifted her. Other hand, Mukta also does all the rituals. Ashfaque decides to tell Meethi that he fell in love with her despite knowing she’s married. He couldn’t control. But when he enters her room, he sees Meethi doing the rituals and saying she will always love Akash. Ashfaque stops and says in his mind that he can’t get his love, but he prays Allah reunites Meethi with her love as soon as possible.

Everyone is having breakfast. Meethi comes out. They tell her she’s looking very pretty in saree. Ashfaque gestures her not to say anyone, but she tells everyone Ashfaque gifted her. Zubaida gets some clues that Ashfaque is in love with Meethi. Family asks her to have breakfast with them, but she says she kept fast. In India, you keep this fast for your husband.

Ashfaque parents say this is Indian tradition, true love. Meethi says she will get juice for them. Ashfaque watches Meethi leaving. Zubaida again notices this. Asgar comes in Meethi’s way. He asks her if she told everyone about visa. She says she will tell when it’s right time, she wants to say it differently. Ashfaque notices two talking.

Akash is talking to police about the event pass that he got from the lodge. Mukta comes there with Teej’s prasad. She gives it to Akash, but he doesn’t take. She says, just think Meethi brought it and she is sure wherever she is, she is fasting for him. Akash finally takes it. Labour pain starts to Mukta. They take her to hospital. Damini calls Mukta’s house. A nurse asks Akash to sign a form, thinking he’s her husband. No one has reached there yet, so Damini tells him to sign it to save Mukta. Akash was not sure, but in end he signs. Meethi feels Mukta is in problem. She remembers this is her delivery time. She prays for Mukta and her child.

Doctor informs Akash and Damini that Mukta and her child are fine, but they will have to keep Mukta under observation.

Meethi gives a gift to the whole family. It’s a frame on which she wrote thank you in urdu. Ashfaque’s dad asks why gift now. Meethi informs them about getting visa and soon going back to India. Everyone is happy for her, while Ashfaque is shocked and sad. Meethi gives all credits to Asgar. Asgar says he just did his duty. Zubaida says they are happy too and sad too as she’ll be leaving them. Asgar says she’s still with for a few days, so take good care of her. Asgar’s dad gives the frame to him and asks to hang it on wall which will keep these memories alive. Ammi tells Meethi that she has got very good values from her parents. Meethi says she learned everything from Damini. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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