Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 7th October 2020


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 7th October 2020

Mauli comes out of bath and asks Kunal why he sat so lost. Kunal smiles back and says he was a little drained because of a hectic day, he will be fine after a shower. Mauli kiss his cheek saying he works so hard, leaves so early and even return late. She tells Kunal she promised Nandini to come to her house in the evening, she even shows her the gift she brought from their side. Kunal smiles at Mauli, but later takes a gift from his pocket for Nandini.

In the evening, Nandini greets everyone in the House Warming. Dida presents her with a gift, and says it’s a champagne bottle in it. Mauli says she really felt happy for Nandini welcoming her guests here. She presents Nandini with a gift, it was a name plate with Nandini engraved. Mauli says it’s the story of Nandini, neither surname, nor anything ahead but a recognition of her own. They decide to hang it right away, the name plate was about to fell off but Kunal holds it and hang sit in place.
Inside, everyone share with Nandini that they all miss her. Mamma complements Nandini to be a green plant that spreads fragrance all around the house. Mauli points towards Kunal and says there is someone who would miss Nandini the most. Kunal was disturbed. Mauli says Kunal would miss Nandini’s food the most. Mamma and Mauli laugh together.

Kunal was furious and strictly questions why Mauli is dragging him in the matter. Dida forbids Kunal to speak in such a tone. Mauli explains she only joked the way she always does about his cooking passion. Kunal notice the tension and awkwardness, and claims his behavior a joke as well. Dida warns that this joke could have gone far. Mauli tells Nandini that Kunal is in a bad mood since morning, it might be some stress in clinic. Dida asks Kunal to sing now, Mamma demands it to be something rejoicing the party moods he just spoilt. Kunal looks towards Nandini while he sings.
Nandini leaves the hall being upset. Kunal comes behind her and says he wasn’t there when she left home. He was about to give the gift to Nandini but Pramilla intervenes with Dida’s message. Both go to the hall. Dida asks to play ‘Truth and Dare’ before dinner, she gives the salute to Nandini’s dare of living in a lone house. The bottle is swirled. It stops by Mamma. Mauli asks Mamma to choose Dare and asks her to dance. Pramilla turns the music on. Kunal couldn’t take his eyes off. The next bottle swirls and stops on Dida. Dida was ready to face any truth. Pramilla asks her to tell any of her love story. Dida boasts about a lot many love stories, the first one was with her village neighbor. But they were too young that time, never shared their feeling and he got married. This happens to such love stories. Next turn is Mauli’s, Mamma dares her to kiss the person dearest to her in this room. Mauli says she loves each person in the room but kiss Kunal. The next turn is Nandini’s, she chose a Dare. Dida dares Nandini to drink a glass of beer with her. Mauli and Mamma say Nandini doesn’t drink but Dida claims it to be a dare. Nandini agrees to drink champaign by will. Kunal smiles as she gulps the glass in.
Later, Nandini drooled around the house. Mauli laughs that she must have got drunk for the first time in life. Nandini boasts about recognizing everything around, and claims Mauli to be the best person in life. Mauli wish Nandini the best in life ahead, she will get the love of her will. They smile together.
As the family bid farewell to Nandini, everyone greet her to sleep peacefully. Nandini comes in thinking about Kunal. There was soon a door bell. It was Kunal.

Nandini opens the door to Kunal. He explains he came to take the keys he might have forgotten inside. She leaves way. Kunal finds the keys on the table. While leaving, Kunal says he wish to give something to Nandini but couldn’t get a chance. She is about to begin a new life. He presents her with the gift in his pocket, it was a girl’s idol. Nandini holds it with a smile. Kunal says this girl is ready to fly in sky and fulfil her dreams like Nandini. He turns to leave. Nandini says this girl is ready to fly but she is lonely, she will watch dreams but with lonely eyes. At the moment this girl wish a companion during her flight, she wish she had found someone at another time, she wish the ways to reach her love weren’t as complicated. She doesn’t wish for the whole sky, she only wish a portion visible from the house where she lives with her love. This girl is exactly like she is, today. Tears fell off her eyes. Both remain silent for a while, Kunal leaves.
Mauli was waiting in the car when Kunal appears from the building. She notices he was lost and disturbed while he walks towards the car.
Someone walked towards Nandini’s house in lose trousers. Nandini goes to answer the bell at the door. It was Rajdeep standing with a smile on his face. Nandini was shocked to see him there. Rajdeep demands Nandini to welcome him to her new place. She has turned to be rude. He smells intently the new fragrance she wore. Nandini backs up and push the door shut. Rajdeep keeps knocking the door, calling Nandini from outside. For how long she will run from him. Nandini sat beside the door, terrified. Rajdeep smirks he now knows where she lives and walks away.

Kunal comes to the room. It was decorated with lights, flowers and candles. Mauli hugs him from behind. Kunal questions what’s this all? Mauli asks Kunal to be in the moment, let’s consider it an attempt to move forward in life. She rubs her nose with Kunal’s offering some flirt. They dance together. Kunal see Nandini in place of Mauli, he pushes her over the bed away from him and turns the lights of the room on. Mauli was taken aback at his reaction. She was worried and asks what’s going on? Kunal felt disturbed and apologizes for his action, he says may be he is tensed. Mauli was concerned for his rude behavior. Kunal says its useless that she arranged so much for the night. Mauli asks what’s wrong? Kunal shouts nothing is wrong, she can’t know everything going on with him; a person can change as well. He leaves the room. Mauli was shattered.
Kunal stood in the balcony. He questions himself what he is doing.
There, Nandini recalls Rajdeep’s abuses in her apartment. She thinks Rajdeep will surely create tensions in her new life, she must share this with Kunal.
Mauli was crying in her room.
Nandini and Kunal pick their phones at the same time.
Kunal decides to think about Mauli, he shouldn’t have behaved with Mauli so rudely.
There, Nandini also decides to learn and control her emotions, for how long she can run to Mauli and Kunal for her problems. She will now deal with her problems by herself.
It was next morning, Kunal lay in bed awake. Mauli brings a cup of tea, she asks if he would take two spoons of sugar or is it that she doesn’t know that as well? Kunal holds Mauli’s hand and apologizes, he was extremely tensed and tired. Mauli holds his hand and confirms if everything is fine. He assures it is. Mauli kiss his hand, and smiles that she trusts him.
Mauli instructs Dida for breakfast. Kunal joins them. Mauli shares with Kunal that there is a conference in Pune, he has been denying them for last three years though. Kunal agrees to go. Mauli says Kunal never liked it and considers it a waste of time; they could have gone together if she was free. Mauli says the conference starts from tomorrow, he must leave today. Kunal thinks it’s the right decision. He decides to go away from everyone until he has controlled his emotions.
The next morning, Mauli comes to Nandini’s home. She walks in and appeared sad. Nandini was concerned. Mauli says Kunal had to leave for a conference to Pune. Mauli was worried and shares with Nandini that it seems Kunal went away from her, maybe she couldn’t give enough attention to Kunal when he had time. There is a strange distance between them now. She has now decided to lend all her time to Kunal and give him a top priority. It’s her mistake, she let him get away from her. Now it’s her responsibility to get his attention back, she will surely get him crazy for herself. Nandini offers her tea or coffee? Mauli says right now she only wants Kunal, should she call him? She decides to do a video call, Nandini can also speak to him.
Mauli asks Kunal where he reached. Kunal says he is on highway. He asks where Mauli is. Mauli says she is at clinic, but where she gets herself treated. Kunal doesn’t understand. Mauli turns the phone towards Nandini and wipes her tears. She advices Kunal to drive safe, I really miss you and love you. Kunal looked expressionless, and replies with I love you dryly. Nandini’s eyes fill in tears. Mauli was relieved that everything is fine. She gets a text of emergency and leaves for hospital. Nandini was disturbed.