Wednesday Update on True Love 7th October 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 7th October 2020

Meethi and rathore confront yuvaan while mukta lies dazed and startled. Mukta tries to run to them, but yuvaan catches her and places a knife around her neck, shocking rathore and meethi. They ask him to keep it away and save mukta. Yuvaan tells meethi that akash is an idiot as he couldnt identify him. rathore tries to come ahead, but yuvaan asks him to stay back, or else he would kill mukta rightaway. meethi refers to him as brother, but he says that he is noone’s brother and she isnt his sistyer and asks them to stop the emotional drama.

Yuvaan says that its good they are here. rathore challenges him that he would ruin him if he hurts her. meethi asks him to stop and kill her instead, as he wanted revenge on their mother. rathore says that he made a mistake saving him last time, out of obligation to ichcha. He tells him that if anyone can save him today, its her only. He asks him to listen to her.

Yuvaan shuts him and says that they are all idiots. He brags about how he had trapped vishnu and created a misunderstanding between vishnu and akash. he tells them how he befooled everyone, and that today she would die only for him. Mukta pleades out to rathore. He gives her a push to throw her away, but rathore and meethi rush. while meethi composes mukta, rathore grabs yuvaan and begins to beat him to pulp.

Meethi sees this and is shocked, seeing rathore is a rageful fit of mind. Mukta calls out to him, and rathore goes to tend to the girls. meanwhile, yuvaan gets time to compose himself and finds them all together, while eyeing the knife kept alongside. He picks it up and gets up. A wounded and blooded yuvaan comes forward, while mukta clings to meethi and rathore. Yuvaan tries to stab mukta, while happy that he did finally fulfill his purpose. But he is shocked to find that meethi’s hand stopped him. he gets into a rage.

He gives meethi a jerk, and she falls on the floor, with her stomach hitting the floor, and she lets out a scream wincing in pain. As she screams, writhing in pain, rathore pushes yuvaan away. rathore thrashes yuvaan away. rathore tells him that the punishment that the law gives is insufficient for him, and that now he would punish him his style.

He starts giving him blows after blows, in the name of all the people that he had wronged. he picks up the knife, and tells that he doesnt want to repeat his mistake, of keeping him alive, and is about to give a fatal blow with the knife, when mukta’s screams distract him, and he gets to tend to meethi, who is in a world of pain. they rush meethi to the doctor. Yuvaan rushes out trying to run away.

Akash’s residence
Meanwhile, akash instictively gets up sensing something wrong with meethi. Akash wonders why isnt meethi home yet, and decides to call her up, but then rethinks that he wont, as she should know whats her priority and where she should be. he is frustrated with her carelessness. He is extremely worried though. the blowing winds throw and break the dollpiece that akash had got for their child, which forces akash to think ominous. But he thinks that meethi would be safe wherever she is, and goes onto replace a doll. he rushes out to get another of those dolls, while leaving his mobile behind.

 On the road
Rathore puts meethi in the car and mukta sits beside her and they drive off. In the car, meethi keeps crying for her child, while mukta asks him to drive faster. rathore calls the doctor and explaing the severity of the situation, that meethi being pregnant is bleeding, asks her to come straightaway. Mukta starts blaming herself for all this, but he tells her not to hink like this, asking her not to be negative, and asks meethi to hold on and not lose courage. They find meethi sinking off, and going into unconscious. they try to wake her up, but in vain. both are tensed. rathore wonders why isnt akash picking the phone.

Bundela Residence
Damini is super excited making pickles for both the daughters. she finds tapasya tensed, and asks her whats the matter. tapasya tells her about rathore going to mukta, and that he isnty answering his phone and that has got her worried. she finally gets rathore’s call and starts asking anxiously, but he shuts her up. Rathore tells her about what happened at the resort, and that meethi is hurt. Damini is tensed, and the jar of pickles meant for meethi falls on the ground.

Later, while all are gathered together, granny as usual starts to taunt meethi that she got what she deserved, while meethi is in the inside room, taken care by the doctor. Mukta and rathore vehemently ask her to shut up. the doctor comes out and all eyes turn to her. The doctor relieves them by saying that ichcha sustained a great wound but is out of danger now, and needs rest for the night. All are relieved. But the doctor continues and with a sunken face, apologises and says that she couldnt save the baby, as she had miscarried even before she came here. all are shocked while rathore is guilt ridden, and akash’s family sans akash is unable to believe what they heard, and damini is distraught and apalled. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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