Wednesday Update on This is Love 12th August 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 12th August 2020

Karan asking Sudha to think about Ruhi. He says I can’t leave Ruhi, would I divorce her if I got to know this after marriage. Sudha says no, the point is, Bhallas wanted to hide this. He says Bhallas were protecting Ruhi, they didn’t intend to hide it from us, try to understand this. Ishani and Shagun come home. Sudha asks why did you come, I don’t want to talk. Ruhi asks why did they go. Raman says Shagun and Ishita will convince Sudha. Ruhi says this marriage won’t happen, its not Sudha’s mistake, she won’t get her son married to a girl who can’t conceive, I know Sudha and Karan like children, Sudha wants a heir, I can never give them a heir. Raman asks when did you decide this that you can never conceive. They hear Pihu crying. Ruhi sees Pihu and asks when did you come. Romi says I called her for your marriage. Pihu says I was rehearsing to cry on your bidaai. Everyone hugs Pihu.

Pihu says I have to cry on bidaai, else what will people say. Ruhi says you are still dramatic. Pihu says I will never change. Everyone smiles. Pihu asks why is Ruhi crying. Ruhi says I m practicing to cry on bidaai. Pihu asks where is Ishita. Raman says she went for work, you freshen up, she will be glad to see you. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies Ruhi. Amma lights a diya and says I feel something wrong is going to happen. Mihika says no, it will be fine, Shagun and Ishita went to meet Sudha, I didn’t think of it, one who is just like Ishita, she is Ishita of today’s generation.

Amma says she is Ishita’s shadow, my nephew Gopal Krishna and his wife Vasudha came in Vandu’s marriage and said Prisha is just like Ishita, she can help us, she is a gynac, she can solve Ruhi’s problem. Prisha is seen in a delivery case. She takes the baby’s pic. She says its another successful delivery. She removes the OT gown and sits on her chair. She says its strange, some people don’t like crying sound, when a mum hears a new born crying, she gets happy, if every woman has a right to become mum, every child has a right to get mum, I m a gynac, and can help a mum and child. Amma calls Prisha. Mihika says we want your help. She tells everything.

Prisha says don’t worry, we will solve Ruhi’s problem. Amma thanks her. Prisha says history is repeating itself, Ishita couldn’t conceive, same thing is happening with her daughter, my sister, Ruhi will get this happiness. Ishita says we didn’t know this, if Ruhi didn’t faint, we would have not known this. Sudha says I don’t want to insult you, please leave. She asks Shagun not to interfere in her family matters. She feels sick. Karan gets medicines. Sudha says I don’t want to live. She goes. Karan says sorry, please go, once mom’s anger calms down, I will talk to her, I will call Ruhi. Ishita and Shagun leave.

Its morning, everyone waits for Karan’s call. Raman says I can’t wait more, I will go and ask Karan. Romi says I will come along. Karan comes there. Ruhi asks what happened, what did mom say, why did you get passport, where are you going. Karan says I want to apologize everyone on behalf of my mom. Raman asks what’s your decision. Karan says sorry Ruhi, but this marriage can’t happen now, mom is really sick, I m taking her to London for treatment, I love her a lot, I can’t leave her alone, but I will marry you, because I love you a lot, I don’t care if you can conceive or not, its imp to spend my life with you, once I get mom back, I will marry you, I will explain mom, she is much angry now, will you wait for me. She nods. He says I love you, I can’t think of marrying anyone else. He hugs her. He promises to come back and marry Ruhi.

Raman says I m glad you thought for your mum before Ruhi, go and take care of Sudha. Karan thanks him and goes. He asks Sudha to sit in the car. Sudha asks did you say you won’t marry Ruhi. Karan says we are going to London for your treatment, please sit, we will talk later. Ishita says I m sure Karan will explain Sudha. Romi says don’t worry. Sudha scolds Karan. He argues. He says I love Ruhi. Ruhi finds Karan’s passport fallen.

Ruhi says I have to go and return this. Raman and Ishita take her. The car doesn’t start. Raman says stay here, I will go to the airport, Romi come. Karan gets Ruhi’s call. Sudha says I will talk to her. Karan says I request you, don’t scold her. Ruhi hears Karan and Sudha arguing. Karan hits somewhere. They meet with an accident. They get hurt and faint. Ruhi calls Raman and asks did you reach. Raman says no, I m on the way. He sees the car and says Ruhi, Sudha and Karan’s car met with an accident. She gets shocked.

Raman saying Sudha and Karan met with an accident. Ruhi gets shocked. Raman brings Sudha and Karan out of the car. He asks Karan to wake up. Raman also faints by the smoke. Ruhi, Ishita and Romi come there. They see Karan and Sudha. Ishita sees Raman fallen there. She goes to him. Shagun and Mani also come. Ishita asks Raman to open eyes. Mani asks are you fine Sudha ji. Sudha and Karan get conscious. Karan says I m fine. Ishita sprinkles water on Raman. He gets up. He runs to ask them. Ruhi says dad found your passport and was coming to give it, I will get it. Sudha says wait, I m not going anywhere without my Bahu, I have hurt you a lot and didn’t see your goodness, forgive me if possible, I m really sorry Raman, I just want to say, we should get Karan and Ruhi married soon. Everyone smiles. Karan and Ruhi hug Sudha. Mani gets a call. He says yes Yug, everything is fine, we are coming home. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE TWO BELOW


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