Wednesday Update on Young Love 12th August 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 12th August 2020

Nimboli asking Disa if she has her childhood photo. Disa replies her that she don’t have. Nimboli asks you don’t have even 1 photo and gets sad. She wonders about her looks. Anandi asks her not to get sad and says they will get her photos clicked. Nimboli gets happy and says I will keep those photos so that I remembers you all when I leave from me. Disa smiles and asks her to come.

Harki comes to fetch water from the well and says I will fetch water first. She argues with everyone. All the ladies try to stop her as Harki breaks the queue. They tell her that her husband is in jail and son in juvenile home. Harki says my husband will see everyone once he is back. She asks them not to call their death. They argue. Postman comes and says there is speed post for her. Harki takes it. Ladies asks him to read the post. The postman tells that it is sent by juvenile home, and reads that Kundan’s punishment have been increased for 15 more days. The ladies tell that Akhiraj and Kundan shall be confined in one place. Harki goes.

Anandi calls Nimboli and says she brought clothes for her. She shows frocks for her. Disa is shocked and asks why did you buy this types of clothes for her. She says she will not like it. Anandi says I can understand and says Nimboli stayed in Jhalra till now, but now she is here with her mum in her own house. She has the right to live like a girl and it is our duty to return her childhood. Dadisaa says these clothes are not that bad and our girl can wear it too. Disa says I know her and she will not wear it. Anandi says if she likes it then she can wear. Disa says yes. Anandi calls Nimboli and shows the dresses. Nimboli looks at the dress and says is it for me? She says it is so good and laughs. Disa is shocked. Dadisaa asks her to wear it. Nimboli shows the dress to Disa and says it is for me. Dadisaa asks her to wear it and show to them. Disa says I will make you wear it. Dadisaa asks her to sit and asks anandi to go with Nimboli. Disa is angry and looks on.

Anandi shows her dresses and asks what she would like to wear first. Nimboli likes all the dress and says I don’t know what to wear. Anandi asks her to close her eyes and keep finger on one dress. Nimboli closes her eyes. Anandi looks at her with much love in her eyes and smiles. Nimboli keeps finger on pista green dress. Anandi asks her to wear and show. Nimboli asks her to go out and says she will change her clothes. Anandi says ok and asks her to call her once she is done. Nimboli nods in a yes and closes the door. Dadisaa and Disa come there. Dadisaa says I can’t wait and that’s why I came here. She asks why you are standing here. Anandi says she was feeling shyness infront of me. Nimboli peeps outside the room and asks Disa to come to help her. Disa goes inside. Dadisaa asks Anandi not to feel bad and says she is a kid.

Nimboli tells Disa that these clothes are so good and asks her to zip on the dress. Disa hurts her intentionally and pulls zip harshly. She tells you are not looking like my Nimboli and asks her to show in mirror. Nimboli asks what is bad in it. Disa asks if her naked legs are looking good. Nimboli asks what to say now? Disa asks her to tell that these clothes are not good for me and asked them not to bring again. She asks her not to take her name. Nimboli nods.

They come out of room. Disa asks her to come. Nimboli shyly comes out. Dadisaa looks at her dress and smiles. Anandi also smiles. Dadisaa says you are looking like a princess. Nimboli says really. Anandi confirms and asks about her opinion. Nimboli hesitantly tells that she didn’t feel good and felt strange. Anandi says you are looking good. Nimboli looks at Disa. She says if I wear such clothes then mosquito will bite her legs. Dadisaa says no mosquito can enter haveli else I will send them to holiday. She then tells Disa that they are not agreeing. Disa asks her to wear if she likes it, having no option left. Nimboli tells she can’t wear such clothes and ghagra choli is best for her. Anandi gets sad.

Nimboli telling Anandi that the dresses are nice, but she can’t wear such clothes. Anandi gets sad and gets teary eyes. Dadisaa asks her to have patience and says everything is fine. Disa says Nimboli is very stubborn, I know her since childhood. Anandi goes. Dadisaa says Nimboli is like her mum, and says you don’t know our Anandi. Once she decides anything, don’t keep quiet until she does it. Harki comes to meet Kundan in the juvenile home and asks what you have done. Kundan tells that there are enemies here and says he can’t keep control on his anger. Harki asks him to control his anger. Kundan says he is Akhiraj’s son and will not keep quiet. Harki thinks how to make him understand. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE TWO BELOW


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