Wednesday Update on This is Love 25 March 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 25 March 2020

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla coming from shopping. Mrs. Bhalla sits tired. Amma says my legs aren’t aching, you have got old. Mrs. Bhalla says how dare you call old, are you young. They argue and laugh. Simmi says Amma is so sweet, mum has become cheerful because of this. Mihika says I feel bad for Amma, she is pretending to be alright just for mummy ji. Simmi says I just hope we find Raman and Ishita soon. Mihika says I will get coffee for Amma. Mrs. Bhalla gets a call and says thanks, I will come tomorrow. She says it was Soluchana’s call, she is a famous astrologer, she tells future, big people visit her. Amma asks will you go there. Simmi asks what’s this. Mrs. Bhalla says you won’t understand this, we will get some clue about my children. Simmi says those people are

fraud, what will you do, will you change your future, you can’t change it, good would happen to us if we do good deeds. Mihika says yes, they are fraud, they will dope us for money.
Mrs. Bhalla says Pammi told me that astrologer told the right thing. Simmi says even Raman would have not agreed to this. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, but I will go there, I want to know about my children. She cries. Amma says if she believes in this, let her go. Simmi prays. Karan says they are making the Biryani, we should call Yug. Simmi asks what, Yug got Ishita’s anklet. Mani is in disguise of a poor man and talks to Simmi on call. He says yes, handle everyone at home, we are going to find Ishita. She says I feel someone else is behind this. Mani tells the caterers name. Simmi says inform me if you find Ishita. She ends the call. Arijit comes to check Raman and says he is regaining consciousness. He injects Raman and says I forgot my phone in the car, they would have sent me live location.

The men sit talking about Arijit’s orders. Karan and Ruhi look on. Ruhi says lets go inside and check. Karan says we have to wait for Mani. The men says we don’t know who has hidden and whom. Arijit leaves in the car. He checks his phone and says the battery got dead, I broke Bhuvan’s phone, how to call them, Ishita should remain hidden there, luckily those people don’t know that I have hidden Ishita in that drum. Karan and Ruhi wait. Mihika comes and asks Simmi what happened. Simmi says a caterer is on the way. Mihika asks why, there is no function at home.

Simmi says yes, Yug has found Ishita’s anklet in caterer’s godown. She tells everything. She says what enmity would the caterer have with us, I called him to ask him and help Mani, we can find out who troubled Raman and Ishita. Mihika says this caterer can be dangerous, there is no one at home. Simmi says I m not scared, I will ask him and find out. Mihika says okay, lets find out, I will keep pepper spray and chilli powder ready. Mani comes and gets in Karan’s car. Karan asks where are Aaliya and Yug. Mani says they are close, they can help us if we are caught, where is Ishita. Ruhi says they must have hidden Ishita in the tempo, don’t know where did they hide her, maybe they made her fall unconscious. Karan says once they come back, ask them for work, try to get them inside, Ruhi and I will check the tempo. Mani says yes, Aaliya and Yug told me the plan. Mani goes to them. Ruhi says be careful, they shouldn’t harm Ishita.

The man asks did you talk to boss. The other man says no, I will ask him to send money. The man says this drum is very heavy, we will take it inside. Mani says let me help you. The man asks who are you, how did you come here. Mani says I m a cook, I was finding work, I can work with you. The man says we don’t need anyone. Mani says I will clean the house and wash utensils. The man says we can’t hire you, go from here. Ruhi says they aren’t hiring Mani.

Karan says I m sure Mani will do something. Mani says fine if you don’t pay, give me some food, I m starving since 2 days. The man asks do you know cooking. Mani says yes. The man asks him to cut onions. Ruhi says I hope Mani does the drama well. Arijit gets a new phone and says let me check if they messaged, I can’t lose Ishita, so many missed calls from London, I hope she is fine. He calls and asks is her condition getting worse, does she want to meet me, even I want to meet her, I understand but trust me, does she want to come here, no, I have a lot of work here, I understand she gets aggressive, but I can’t do that, you have to control her, I pay you for that, okay stop, let me think, she wants to meet me, fine send her here, I know she will behave normally once she sees me. He gets angry.

He sprinkles water on Bhuvan and shouts get up. Bhuvan says you…. He recalls Ishita hitting him. He says sorry boss, I didn’t know when she got conscious, she injected me. Arijit says I have packed Ishita in the drum, she is in a tempo, the men took her away, I will give you the number, stay in touch with that man. He threatens Bhuvan. Mani does the work. The man says I will get rice. The men sit playing cards. The man asks Mani to go and get rice. Mani goes to get rice from the drum. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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