Wednesday Update on Young Love 25 March 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 25 March 2020

Nimboli feeding grass to cow in the night. Kundan eyes her with lust. Kamli tells Gopal that her marriage is fixed by Bapusaa. Gopal asks her to have trust on him. Kamli says she can’t go against her father and he will get her married against her wish. Gopal asks her not to say that. Kamli says Bapusaa will separate us. Gopal asks her to have trust on God and gives her bangles. Kamli says it is most beautiful gift of my life. Gopal promises to bring gifts for her after their marriage. Kamli says will we marry.

Gopal says we will marry if you agrees to elope with me. Will you? Kamli gets tensed. Kundan comes to the cow’s shed and locks the door. Nimboli caresses the cow happily. Kundan turns her towards him. Nimboli gets shocked and asks him to leave her. Kundan catches her and tries to force himself on her. He throws Nimboli on grass. Nimboli takes out knife from her clothes and threatens to stab him. Kundan asks are you mad? Nimboli says I don’t hurt you, then why you are hurting me. Move from the way and let me leave. Kundan tries to explain her, but Nimboli asks him not to come near her. She opens the door and rushes inside the house.

Kamli agrees and says she will wait for him. Gopal gets happy and calls her Kamli. Kamli smiles and hugs him. Nimboli comes to the terrace and informs them that Kundan is coming. Gopal leaves in a hurry and climbs down the terrace. Kundan sees him jumping and asks to stop. Gopal escapes. Kamli gets down the terrace and her bangles falls down. Kundan hears the voice. He catches Kamli and asks who was he? Kamli nods no. Kundan sees the broken bangles and asks what you were doing there? He twists her hands and calls their father.

Ganga gets worried for Jagya and calls him. He comes home. Ganga hugs him. Jagya asks what happened? Ganga says she was worried. Jagya says he went to hospital to operate on a patient. Kundan holds Kamli’s hand and takes her to Akhiraj Singh. Akhiraj Singh and Harki are shocked. Akhiraj Singh asks who came here? Kamli nods no. Akhiraj says so late in the night. You was meeting someone secretly. He slaps her.

Ganga looks at Jagya and caresses his head. She thinks she is very lucky. She thinks there is still hope left in their relation. Akhiraj Singh takes Kamli to room and closes the door. He slaps her and asks about Gopal. Kamli says nothing and cries. Kundan says she is lying. I saw her meeting with him. Disa, Harki, Chagani and Nimboli are shocked. Harki says Kundan might be misunderstanding her. She says who will come to meet her. Kamli says she went to have fresh air. Kundan says she is lying. Akhiraj Singh takes the rod to beat her. Harki asks him not to hurt Kamli. He pushes harki and asks them to go out. He closes the door and beats her mercilessly. Harki, Disa, Chagani and Nimboli cry. It seems Kundan gets happy. Nimboli tells Maa saa that Kamli jiju didn’t do anything. Kundan says I have seen him with my own eyes. Harki asks Chagani to take Nimboli. Nimboli cries. Kamli shouts with pain. Nimboli hugs Disa and cries. Harki knocks on the door and cries. Suddenly Kamli’s screams ends. Akhiraj comes out of room. Everyone look inside the room and sees Kamli unconscious or died.

Akhiraj Singh opening the door. Everyone sees Kamli lying unconscious on the floor after being beaten up mercilessly by her Akhiraj Singh. Everyone gets teary eyed. Akhiraj Singh says she is still alive. Harki looks painful. Akhiraj asks Kundan to bring lock. Disa says Kamli is injured. Akhiraj Singh says she is his daughter so he will decide. He says she will be locked in this room, until she gets married. He locks the room and tells everyone that this room will not be open till the marriage day. Harki cries. Disa, Chagani and Nimboli cries.

Harki comes to Akhiraj Singh. Kundan talks to him. He calls Nimboli and asks to bring tea. Akhiraj is thinking something. Harki gives tea to Akhiraj and asks him to drink. Nimboli brings tea for Kundan. Akhiraj blames Harki for giving liberty to Kamli. Harki says may be she is not wrong. You might have misunderstood her. She says she is telling truth. Kundan says I have seen her with that guy. Akhiraj Singh says I have full faith on my son than on your daughter.CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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