Wednesday Update on This is Love 5th February 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 5th February 2020

Raman saying why is she doing this, where is Ishita. Simmi and Kiran say she told us about the cameras set at home. Amma says you think Ishu has set cameras here, I trust her, she can’t do this. Raman says if we can find cameras, we can talk to her. Amma goes out and says they are saying anything about Ishu. She sees Ishita dining with Sahil. She says its a non veg shop, what is she doing here. Raman says I got this camera in room. Mihika says we got this camera near the tv. Kiran says Bala, call Amma, she will understand we are saying the truth.

Amma says they were saying the truth, Ishita is eating non veg. Bala says we will go and see Amma. Raman calls Amma. People hold Amma and ask her to get up, what happened to her. Amma answers. Raman asks what happened.

He says Bala, Amma answered and didn’t say anything. The man says find out where she lives. Sahil asks why is the crowd gathered there. Shamshad says no, its their matter, come. Ishita/Shaina goes with Sahil. The man calls Raman and says your mum fainted. He asks Raman to reach the address. Raman says I m coming.

Ruhi comes home. Aaliya tells her everything. Ruhi says Ishita is behaving really weirdly, like something has happened to her, if she isn’t Ishita, where is Ishita. Aaliya says I don’t know where is Amma. They see Raman and Bala getting Amma home. Karan refuses to have dinner. He argues with Rohan. Rohan says sorry. Karan gets Sudha’s call and says everything is fine, talk to Rohan. Rohan says we are fine, how are you, event was good. He thanks Karan for forgiving him. Karan says I didn’t forgive you, mum isn’t well, so I didn’t tell her anything. Raman apologizes to Amma. Amma says you all are with me.

Kiran and Simmi apologize. Amma says its not your mistake, I couldn’t see the truth. Raman says take care of your health, we should leave now, Appa be with Amma, call me if you need anything. Raman says even I m not able to accept this, we shall go. Amma stops Raman. Amma says I know she isn’t Ishita, but someone else. Raman says yes. Amma says I have seen her, she was with Sahil, save my Ishu and get her home. Raman promises to get Ishita back. Aaliya asks how can this happen. Amma says she can’t be my Ishita. Shaina comes and asks is anything special.

Sahil gets a mobile in the car and says maybe its Shaina’s mobile. He asks Shamshad to take car to Bhallas, Shaina is in problem. Raman says answer me if you are Ishita. Shaina refuses. Raman says we all have seen you with Sahil. Bala asks why did you threaten that shopkeeper. Shaina denies and says I m Ishita, don’t keep asking the same thing.

Simmi says tell us where is Ishita. Shaina says I m Ishita Raman Bhalla. Raman asks who is Shaina Shah, why did Sahil say you are his wife. She says ask him. Raman says no, we will ask you. Kiran and Bala scold her. Raman says Amma saw you eating non veg and fainted, how much will you lie. Simmi says you gave me sleeping pills and threatened to kill us. Raman says Ishita can never do this, you are torturing us. Mrs=. Bhalla asks who are you. Ruhi says tell me, where is Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says Sahil has sent you here, right. Shaina points gun at them and shouts shut up. They get shocked.

Raman says fine, shoot me, I m standing. Shaina says you will lose life by this herogiri. He says don’t talk big things. He takes the gun. She asks him to give the gun. She says I m Ishita, believe me. They ask her to get out. Shaina says I m not Ishita, but you can’t make me out. He asks her to get out. Amma says you aren’t my Ishu. Shaina says you can’t make me out. Mrs. Bhalla says you aren’t my bahu. Shaina leaves. Rohan argues with servant. Karan doesn’t react. Rohan takes the car keys. He says I m going to club, I may drink, I don’t need anyone, I can take care of myself. He goes. Yug sees Sahil. Sahil says Shaina is coming. Yug hides. Shaina leaves with Sahil.

Amma cries for Ishita and says don’t know what Sahil did with her, she would be in danger. Raman says everything will be fine, so I did this drama to oust her. Ruhi asks what do you mean. He says my heart says she is Ishita, she won’t tell us why she is doing this, so I had to do this drama. Aaliya asks when did you do this. He says when Ishita denied this, I knew there is some matter, I asked Yug to wait in my car, I did this drama so that Sahil sees this that Ishita is exposed, he would come to help. Yug calls Raman and says Shaina went with Sahil and Shamshad. Raman says fine, follow them. Yug leaves. Raman says we will know why is Ishita doing this.

Mani coming home to meet everyone. He says I can’t believe that woman is an imposter, she isn’t Ishu. Raman gets Yug’s call and says it was Adi, Sahil and Ishita went to their building, we have to go. Bala says I will come along. Simmi says it can be very risky. Ruhi says Sahil is a big gangster. Mani says we should involve police. Raman agrees. Yug says Sahil has kept Ishita captive, we have Ishita’s lookalike at home, I called you two so that we can go in and save Ishita. Vishal says you want us to fight Sahil’s men, they might have real guns. Ranbir says yes, we almost got killed when we went to save Aaliya and Ruhi. Yug says I assure you, nothing will happen, trust me, Sahil thinks someone from Bhalla family has killed his sister. Vishal asks what, its like you are inviting trouble, you will die and want us to die too, Bhalla family isn’t your family, stay away from this matter.

Yug says I had no family, Raman accepted me as his son, he knew I was lying and cheating him, even then he kept me at his home, I can do this for my family, you can go, I called you as I thought you would help. Ranbir says we are also with you. Vishal says I m not helping you, I m not messing up with any gangster, I have a family, I can’t risk their lives, forgive me. Yug says I understand, just go, I can’t leave my family alone. Aaliya is on call. Amma cries. Raman says Sahil has kidnapped my wife. Yug says I have seen them going in. Inspector says we shall go and ask Sahil. Inspector accompanies Raman, Bala and Mani. He asks Shamshad to call Sahil. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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