Wednesday Update on True Love 5th February 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 5th February 2020

Surabhi turns to go but notices the letter in Akash’s pocket as he turns in his sleep. She quietly goes and picks it up. She reads it. You dint do right Vishnu!

Thakur House:

Kanha enters his room and has flashes of his past moments with Surabhi. Ya rabba plays in the background as he bangs his hand on the wall and feels immensely hurt by the betrayal. He has flashback of their last hug on the Bus Stand.

Meethi stands in front of Iccha’s photo (a young iccha). She remembers her wedding (vidaai mainly) when Iccha had blessed her to stay happy always. Meethi had immediately told her not to hide her tears from her daughter. She will be back soon and then they can live together. She remembers her last hug with her mother and becomes emotional. She touches Iccha’s photo and recalls her happy moments with Akash in Aatishgarh. On the other hand, Akash is shown too.

Kanha looks at his wedding photo and throws it on floor crushing it hard. He looks super angry / hurt and is unable to stop his tears. He sits on the floor and cries hard. Another flash of Akash sleeping in his home is shown.

Meethi opens the cupboard. Taking out one of Iccha’s saree she hugs it fondly. Mukku notices her and wonders (from outside the door) if she should go in or not. Whatever I said so far has turned to be true what if! She decides against it and turns to go when Meethi calls out to her.
Meethi hugs her. Where were you going? I am sorry Mukta. Not only I but everyone misunderstood you. Mukku suggests coming later but Meethi holds her back. You are thinking that your every word turned out to be true about that person (Akash). They both hug. Mukku is in tears. I so wish everything and whatever I thought was a lie. I so widh!

Meethi replies it isn’t your fault. You tried to save me from entering a fake relation. Not only me but everyone else too fell for his fake love. We couldn’t understand his reality. Mukku tells her to forget it thinking it to be a bad dream. Not only you but Kanha bhaiya has got a very big betrayal.
Meethi was unaware of this and Mukku realises this but too late. Meethi insists so she tells her that Surabhi bhabhi is Akash’s sister. She came from Aatishgarh to take revenge from Iccha Ma. Meethi suddenly connects it with the letter she had receiver for Agarth in Aatishgarh when Iccha had passed away. Oh God, how could she do this? You know when ma died Surabhi bhabhi had sent sweets in Aatishgarh for everyone to celebrate. How could they stoop so low? Not only mine but bhaiya’s life too got ruined because of all this. What did ma do! Both share a hug. Mukku assures her that everything will be fine soon.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Maiyya remembers Akash calling for Meethi in his unconscious state of mind. Suddenly Surabhi shouts for Maiyya. Everyone gather in the living area to see what has happened. She tells, I soent my life’s valuable years for this (showing the letter)? Maiyya says why are you shouting that too in such a high voice? And what is this? Surabhi retorts it is your son’s truth. When you will come to know of this then the ground beneath you will suddenly vanish. Agarth too wants to know what is written in it. Surabhi says I will read it just now so that you too get to know what I lost. She reads the letter.


I know you hate liars. I am writing this letter to tell you that I lied to you, did a drama of marrying you to gain your family’s trust. This was all a well thought out plot. The truth is I am not Vishnu but Akash (Everyone is shocked and Maiyya stand glued to her place with expressions of disbelief etched on her face). I am the son of that mother who hates your mother for she had killed my dad. The whole reason of marrying you was to take my Maiyya’s revenge. I lied to you right from the moment we left Mumbai till now (in the forest) BUT your innocence / your love / trust changes me (Maiyya :O ). I knew when your mother passed away but hid the news intentionally as I was in a dilemma. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW




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