Wednesday Update on This is Love 8 January 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 8 January 2020

Ishita asking Shagun what’s the matter. Shagun says Aaliya has called me, she wanted this mangalsutra, I had this with me, she said if Adi has come back, she wants to wear it. Ishita goes to Aaliya and asks what’s wrong with you. Aaliya says I want mangalsutra as Adi is back. Ishita says he isn’t Adi, why don’t you understand, Raman and I should have supported him if he was really Adi. Aaliya says I lost my Adi last time, I will follow my heart this time, for me, he is my Adi. Shagun says he is not Adi. Aaliya says its okay if you didn’t get mangalsutra, don’t explain me. Shagun says Ishta we have to do something.

Ishita says she is going through emotional trauma, its not normal. Yug comes and says good morning, what happened, can I help you. Ishita

asks will you leave from this house, take the money and get out, you can help us. Yug jokes. Shagun says you are affecting Aaliya in a bad way, please leave, at least do it for Aaliya, what do you want. He says I don’t want money, I m in love with Aaliya. Ishita asks are you mad. Aaliya comes and asks Adi to forward his hand. She says I found your bracelet. She makes him wear it. Ishita says its Adi’s bracelet. Aaliya says yes, it is. Yug thanks Aaliya.

He says I m hungry, shall we have breakfast. Aaliya says its a surprise, I made your fav breakfast. Ishita says we have to stop him, come with me. Sudha asks Rohan to go through the file and know the treatment they are providing to different class of people. She asks why are you torturing yourself for Aaliya, I have seen her behaving with Yug like he is her husband, why don’t you forget it, she doesn’t care for you. Rohan says this is all because of you, if you didn’t separate us, this would have not happened. Karan tries to stop him. Sudha says let him go. Karan says relax, it will get fine. Yug calls Karan and tells everything that happened. Karan and Sudha smile. Yug says Ishita was giving me money and asking me to leave, but I didn’t agree, Aaliya is convinced and gave me Adi’s bracelet. Karan says great. He says mom, silly Aaliya will be out of Rohan’s life.

Ranbir asks how can we help you. Vishal says Yug has gone mad, what’s wrong with Aaliya. Ishita says we want your help, maybe Yug’s Chachi and Chachi can help us. Vishal says they don’t care. Ranbir says I can call them here. Vishal says I will convince them, wait here. They go. Shagun asks am I doing right. Ishita says we have no option, Yug likes Aaliya, but we don’t want him, we have to take this step. Ruhi comes to Yug and scolds him when he acts like Adi. Aaliya asks what’s happening here. Ruhi says I came to ask him something. Aaliya says he is your elder brother. Ruhi says he didn’t anything that I respect him. She goes. Aaliya says sorry. Yug says its okay, I only need your support, I won’t go anywhere, keep smiling.

Ishita says we really need your help. The man says Yug has become useless, we have come to this city, still its no use, he stays here all day, we will talk to him, he can’t spoil an innocent life. Ishita asks can you come with me now. The lady says he has an imp appointment with doctor, we will go there and come. Ishita says please come and explain Yug, thanks.

Raman comes home and says you all are here. Ishita says we called Yug’s uncle and aunt home, they will be coming and telling truth. Raman says I m not angry, you did good. Mrs Bhalla says I wish he stays with us, he is like our Adi. Ranbir says Yug can be upset with us. Vishal says we are his friends and have to stop him. Ranbir says he loves Aaliya. Vishal says if he loves her, he should tell truth, Aaliya should decide, he can’t deceive her. Raman says sorry Adi, you need to leave this house for Aaliya. Ranbir says they are here…. Ishita says Ruhi has gone to call Aaliya and Yug. Ruhi gets Aaliya. She scolds Ranbir and Vishal. Ishita says you can ask Yug’s Chacha and Chachi. Yug sees them and hides. Shagun asks Ruhi to call Yug.

Ruhi asks Yug to come out. He says I m Adi, not Yug. Aaliya argues. Ishita asks the man to tell the truth. The man asks why do you want me to call him Yug, he is Aditya Bhalla. Everyone gets shocked. Ishita asks what, he is Adi? The man says why do you want me to lie. Raman says you mean he is Adi. The man says I don’t know about your son, we got this guy in a bad condition, he was bleeding, we got him treated, he just remembered Aaliya’s name, his love is strong, I guess his love saved his life. Aaliya says I don’t believe, how can you do this, why are you lying, why do you want to separate us. Ishita gets silent. Aaliya says I feel suffocated over here, Adi we shall go in.

Ishita asking the man to say truth. Raman asks why are you staring at me. Yug’s uncle says we should leave. Raman says you mean I asked you to lie. The man and his wife says yes, why did you call us here and insult us, we shall leave. Raman asks who asked you to lie, tell us. Aaliya says I m fed up of all this. Yug asks her to get freshen up. Yug’s uncle says you are threatening us, we are poor and tell us what’s our mistake. Raman says I don’t know them, he is lying. Ishita says stop your melodrama, we know the truth, if you don’t leave, I won’t stop Raman this time. Yug watches their arguments. Yug’s uncle and aunt leaves with Ranbir. Ishita says the entire family is a cheat.

Aaliya says Ishita should be happy that you came back, I m happy. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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