Wednesday Update on True Love 8 January 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 8 January 2020

Both the doctors are trying to revive Iccha & Tappu.
A door is opened out which a bright light is coming and smoke / fog is flowing in. Iccha is heading towards the light (her face is not shown). Tappu enters looking around and spots Iccha. She asks her to wait for her. She is coming. But Iccha doesn’t stop and goes out of the door turns and the door closes while Tappu keeps shouting for Iccha.

Iccha passes away while Tappu breathes again. Dr. Murthy is happy that they have saved her in the nick of time. Dr. Malhotra asks the nurse to note the time (10:10). She is no more now. He goes to inform Dr. Murthy to begin the heart transplant.

Mukta hands over a glass of water to Ammo. She is feeling very uneasy. Veer points out that she must be worried about Iccha. But she knows her daughter, she wont come back soon. She would stay back at the steps of the temple till she feels at peace.
He asks for the glass of water (so that he could throw it) but she said she will get to walk this way. She gets up and collides with the nurse. The papers signed by iccha and her watch fall on the ground. She hands back the papers and looks at the watch and comments….the watch has stopped!

Meethi in her room is speaking to herself that no one here understands her pain and misery. She is feeling miserable here in Aatishgarh.
Just then Akash enters. She asks him if he spoke with everyone back home and is everyone fine.
He apologizes to her that he couldn’t speak with anyone as all the shops including the telephone booth were closed because of a very big fair.

Meethi shouts at Akash that she can feel something is not right. And she wants to speak to Ma. I wont hear any of your excuses this time. I just want to talk to everyone.
Akash shouts back that she doesn’t care about him. It was so far and the sun was so hot. She retorts that she said she would accompany him. He repeats the same thing and she looks a little taken aback. He composes himself and again promises her that he will take her after taking some rest.
She retorts and points out that it would be dark again and Maiyya wont allow it then? He reasons out that she wont be able to find the way. So, he will accompany her after taking some rest. He goes to sleep while Meethi stands back hurt.

Tapasya is being taken away for the transplant. All wonder where she is being taken to when the doctor shares that they are fortunate to have found a donor for her. All heave a sigh of relief. Damini says some good person must have done it.

Iccha is also being taken away. All family members look in her direction. Dr. Murthy shares that this accident victim had agreed donate her heart. She gave her consent before passing away. All become sad for her. Mukta is dumbstruck and Damini closes her eyes in pain.
The lady comments that she saved 2 people’s life before going away. She must be a very good soul…may she rest in peace.
Rathore comments that we must do something for her family. Jogi agrees. Mukta hugs Rathore and cries out Papa. He consoles her.
Veer stops the wardboys from taking the stretcher. He goes and sits down next to it and removes a log of cotton from the wheel and then tells them to continue.

Meethi is awake and Akash is sleeping peacefully. She recalls her past moments with Iccha while a very beautiful song Ma ne kaha is playing in the background. She is very disturbed and doesn’t understand the reason for feeling so uneasy. She comments that here she is worried and look at Vishnu (aka Akash), he is sleeping like a kumbhakaran. She gets an idea to go all by herself. She thinks that as everyone is sleeping right now, it is the right time to go and search for a telephone booth. She can go to any distance to speak to ma. Conch shell is heard and jai kali plays on while she carefully leaves from the room and thereafter from the house.

Aerial view of Aatishgarh is shown as she steps out in the hot sun to search for the booth. She wonders how she will be able to find the way to the booth.

Maiyya slaps Pavitra for her carelessness. She asks Gomti too as to how Meethi left from the house. Gomti tells her that how would she know she will run. Maiyya taunts that if everything will be done by her son only. We women had decided to keep a watch on Meethi…like a hawk. What if she ran away…for forever? Then their all efforts will go down the drain.
Mama tells her that she wouldn’t have gone far by now. He has sent Nirbhay to bring her back. He will definitely get her. Maiyya tells Gomti to call Nirbhay. He must not let Meethi know that she is angry. Gomti obliges and Pavitra too takes the opportunity to leave from there.

Maiyya comments…the bird has fled from the cage. But this time I will cut her wings. Tell Nirbhay to make her understand with love and bring her back home to me. Thats it!
Gomti is shown dialling Nirbhay’s number while Maiyya looks on in rage.

Meethi finally reaches a STD booth and runs to it. She pays money in advance and the guy very rudely tells her that the lines get disconnected anytime during the call so she will have to pay for that too. She agrees and dials Iccha’s number but doesn’t get any response.
She asks him if the phone is working or not. He retorts back in a very harsh tone. She tries 4-5 times but on not getting any response dials Anni’s number.

Damini’s phone rings and she picks it up and says Hello.
Meethi becomes emotional & is moved to tears to hear her. Damini continues to ask for the caller while Meethi savours the moment happily.

Damini’s phone rings and she picks it up and says Hello.
Meethi becomes emotional & is moved to tears to hear her. Damini continues to ask for the caller while Meethi savours the moment happily.
Damini cant hear her because if the background noise. Meethi is disappointed and calls her three more times but to no use. The nurse requests her not to use phone in the ICU area and she switches it off.

Mukta goes to Rathore and asks if ma will be fine. He tells her not this time. I wont let her go this time. Dr. Malhotra comes out and asks Rathore to go and sign on the consent form.
Rathore asks if everything is fine inside. The doctor assures him and goes back inside. Rathore was about to leave when Veer asks him to stay back. He will go and do it. Mukta goes along.

Meethi is miffed with Vishnu that he was uselessly saying that the booth is far. It is nearby their home only. She thinks of calling Veer now. Right then Nirbhay comes and spots Meethi from the back. He thinks if she speaks with anyone then everything will be over.
She dials Veer’s number but he disconnects as it is an unknown number. She calls again and Mukta tells him to pick up as it can be Iccha ma as well. He immediately picks up but before Meethi can say anything, Nirbhay disconnects the phone.
Veer tells Mukta that it was not from Mumbai…maybe it was some client, he will call back later.
Meethi glares at him.

Nirbhay goes to the PCO owner….holds him by collar and slaps him. He tells her that he makes fool of people as his phone doesn’t work. Why else would Vishnu go to 20kms then? If not for the fair then Vishnu would have definitely taken her to the booth today itself.
She shouts at him that the phone did got connected and she was about to speak to her papa but he disconnected it. She is respecting him for he is elder to her but warns him that she isn’t Kajri didi who would watch everything meekly. And I wont move from here today until and unless I speak to my family…however much I have to try calling them.
She redials Veer’s number and Nirbhay thinks if she calls and tells anyone that she is in Aatishgarh, the game would be over.
He shows knife to the owner and signals him to disconnect. The guy obliges and Meethi’s call again gets disconnected. She wonders how the line got dead.
She tries again but in vain and cries that she would have spoken with them if he wouldn’t have come. He says you would have heard nothing but your own echo even if it had got connected. He introduces her to the owner and asks him to never forget that she is her bhabhi.
They both sit in the jeep and leave. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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