Wednesday Update on This is Love 8th July 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 8th July 2020

Everyone praising Ishita. Ishita asks Ruhi to sleep along, she needs her help in dressing. Its morning, Raman cooks food. Ishita says you are in kitchen today. Mihika says we decided to celebrate Navratri, we will let mummy ji rest. Everyone does the aarti and pray. Raman says I will handle everything. Everyone smiles. Raman gets busy in the kitchen. He says I serve everyone, but these parathas are for mummy ji. Ruhi likes the parathas. Yug says I won’t have fruits today. Ishita asks Raman to put less butter. Raman says my mum is punjaban, she digests everything, she will be happy today. Ishita says he is still kiddish. Mihika says its good, its getting back to normal. Ishita says we shall have filter coffee. Mihika says nice idea.

Sunil gets a call and shouts Natasha. He checks the phone and answers his mum’s call. He says we are fine, she went to market, I will make her talk to you. He ends the call. Bhuvan calls him and asks him to keep his mouth shut, else the video will get viral. Sunil asks which video. He sees his video. He is seen killing Dr. Mishra in the video. Sunil recalls stabbing him and running. He reads the message… don’t tell anyone that the technician lied, else you will be going to jail. He asks who can this be, who is blackmailing me. He gets a courier. He gets shocked seeing the murder crime pics. He burns and tears the pics. Bhuvan says I have done the work. Sunil got the pics package. Arijit says good job.

FB shows…. Arijit gives him a drink and says its good, you have killed the doctor like I wanted, cheers, Yug got framed. Bhuban says sorry, Sunil killed the doctor, I m saying the truth, I couldn’t kill him. Arijit asks what nonsense. Bhuvan says I will tell you everything. He recalls trying to kill the doctor and hiding on hearing the door bell. Mishra gets freed from him. Sunil comes there. Bhuvan records them. Mishra asks Sunil why are you doing this with me. Sunil says I just came to take Natasha’s file. Mishra says I will call the police. They fight. Sunil stabs him and runs. Bhuvan records this and says Yug will be coming now, I will leave from here….. FB ends.

Bhuvan says I had to frame Yug, poor Sunil came there and got trapped. Arijit says trust me, Sunil will do what we say. He gets nurse’s call. Nurse says Neeti got an attack, come soon. Arijit asks is she fine, handle her well, I will come. He asks Bhuvan to leave. He drives his car off. Bhuvan says why did he look so disturbed, who is this woman making him run. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to get it. Raman, Ishita and Mihika surprise her. Ishita says Raman has made the parathas for you, we have made a form, you should mention that you are going to have it at your own risk. Ruhi says dad made the parathas for you, its a miracle, its so tasty, you have to finish it. Mrs. Bhalla says I will get freshen up and come. She gets up and stumbles. Raman asks what happened to you. Mrs. Bhalla says my head is spinning, I feel like falling. Ishita asks Mihika to get BP machine. Raman calls a doctor for her.

Ishita and Raman take Mrs. Bhalla to the doctor. Everyone waits outside. Doctor says she has got a serious attack of vertigo. Ishita says its happening since many days. Doctor says vertigo patients get dizzy, I feel we should admit her to treat her well. Ishita says I understand, she will recover here. Raman says yes, you are right, if she stays away from home, she will be away from tension. Ruhi asks why did this happen. Doctor says this happens by stress also, she is in stress after knowing about Raman, she needs rest, we will start her treatment, finish the formalities. Ishita asks her not to worry. Ishita sees Neeti and says such a lovely girl, what’s her name. The lady says Neeti Guha, she has a psychological trauma, she got an attack and I got her here. Ishita says poor girl, take care.

Raman coming to Ishita. She says this young girl is going through a lot, I hope she recovers. He says she will be fine, come, we will see mummy ji. Arijit runs to check on Neeti. He gets worried. Neeti gets critical. Arijit calls her nurse. He asks where is my daughter. She says I can’t talk to you, I m her nurse, you can’t talk to me like this, I have sent the nursing home address to you, please check. Sudha hears her and stops there. Nurse says Neeti needs medical attention. Arijit asks how dare you take her anywhere. He yells at her and says I will kill that nurse. He leaves. Raman and Ishita ask Mrs. Bhalla how is she feeling now. Sudha comes. She asks are you fine now. Ishita says she is better now. Karan asks why did you get her here. Sudha says yes, we can treat her well in our hospital. Ishita says yes, she will be fine here, we can’t shift her right now. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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