Wednesday Update on True Love 8th July 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 8th July 2020

At temple, Akash says he will go away from Meethi’s life for ever. Other side in hospital, Meethi is taking Akash’s name. Akash receives a call from Vishnu who asks him about his location, but Akash changes the topic and asks about Meethi. Vishnu tells him that Meethi has regained consciousness. Akash is extremely happy, but then he recalls his words that once Meethi gets fine, he will leave her. His smile disappears and he falls down unconscious.

All family members come to Meethi and try to cheer her up, but Meethi is looking for something else. Thakur tells her, you’re waiting for Tappu, right? She would be coming shortly. A nurse tells everyone to let Meethi rest. Everyone leaves. Mukta comes back and says, you’re finding Akash? Meethi says yes. Mukta says she will call Akash and ask him to come here, but for now she asks Meethi to sleep and Akash will come in her dream. Mukta leaves.

Vishnu is trying to call Akash, but Akash’s phone is switched off. Mukta comes there and asks Vishnu how Akash can do this.. how he didn’t come to see Meethi. Nani is listening everything. Damini comes there and says, I told him to go away from Meethi for her happiness. Mukta supports Akash and Meethi and tells Damini, how can you tell him that? You know how much Meethi loves him. Damini says, I am worried more about her life, not her want or love, and Akash who shot Meethi…

Mukta interrupts and says, no, he didn’t shoot her. He is not wrong. Before she says anything more, Nani interrupts and shuts Mukta saying, aren’t you worried at all about Damini’s mental condition? She has seen more life than you, and you’re still arguing? You don’t argue with elders. Have you forgot that value? Damini must have thought a lot before taking any decision. Nani then tells Damini, no one will go against your decision. Kids wouldn’t know what’s going on with you.. they only care about their love, junoon.. how they would know mother’s feelings? You want Meethi to stay away from Akash, right? Damini says, far Vishnu stays from Meethi, better it will be for her. Mukta doesn’t know what to say now as she cries.

Doctor leaves Akash’s house and Maiyya enters. She gets worried seeing Akash lying on the bed and asks him what happened. Akash doesn’t answer her and gives something that he got from temple to Sankrant and asks him to give it to Meethi so she can get well soon, and after that he will forget Meethi for ever. Sankrant asks him, what are you saying? Why are you talking about going away from Meethi bhabhi. Maiyya takes that thing away from Sankrant and says she will go to hospital to give it to Meethi. Both Akash and Meethi are lying on the bed and seem sad.

Next day, Akash says to himself, I know I have asked for my death. My Life without Meethi is like a punishment, but if that’s how Meethi can stay safe, then I have no problem with this punishment. He gets emotional and recalls his and Meethi’s moments. Mere Bina Tu song plays in the background.

At hospital, Damini is very happy and is distributing sweets to all hospital staff. Maiyya arrives there. She asks a nurse why sweets? The nurse tells her that Meethi has come out from the death and that is why she is distributing sweets. Maiyya looks at the thing that Akash gave and says, what’s the need for this now? She puts it on a side there and leaves.

Nani and Maiyya see each other. Nani asks, you came to see whether “makkhi” died or no? She is not going to die that soon. Akash will be doing rounds around her again. Maiyya says, no, that won’t happen. Maiyya seems happy and seeing that Nani asks her what’s going on in her mind. What’s her next plan? Maiyya teases Nani reminding her of Mukta and Vishnu’s marriage. Nani is angry at Meethi and blames her for everything, and hopes Meethi never stays happy. Maiyya says, may your wish come true.. but now my Akash won’t return to her.

Nani says, but the bullet that got hit to her.. will find your son. Maiyya says, it’s not my son’s fault. Nani says, police must have found by now that your brother shot her, and when that happened.. only your son was there with Meethi.. so police will obviously doubt on him. Damini is very upset and she has full doubt on Akash. If she gives the statement, then your son will go to jail for ever. Maiyya’s smile disappears and says, my son is innocent. Nani says, even I agree with that. I just wanted to alert you so I said this to you. Nani leaves.

A man promises ACP Dharamvir Chauhan that he will send sweets his home. ACP tells him bluntly if he would have loved sweets then he wouldn’t be in this profession. Change your thinking. Everything will happen according to the law. The man doesn’t budge. Ekadish comes. ACP welcomes her. The man leaves.

Ekadish praises him for his work and morals. He asks her if someone from her family is in trouble. Family is my weakness. I saved that Rathore for your son only. What’s the problem now? She tells him that Mumbai police has caught hold of my brother Agarth. Only you can save him. He is in Aatishgarh Police’s hands right now. He tells her that the law has become stern these days. She nods. I just saw it all. Plus I too belong to a haveli and we are from the same village. Save him for my sake. Actually he got angry on me and tried to hit my son but that girl got hurt. He cannot understand as to why she is saving the man who was trying to kill her son. She says it is about family. You only help him. What do you want in return? He says a phrase. She understands his meaning and affirms by it.

Vishnu is trying Aakash’s number but Aakash isn’t picking any of his calls. He tells the same to Mukku. I know Anni has told him not to meet Meethi but he can atleast talk to me. Sankrant gives medicines to Aakash which he takes. Aakash recalls Damini’s words if he will understand only when he will lose Meethi.

ACP ensures he will see to the case. I don’t want any cash for it. If you can help my family then things will be fine. She is confused. He says our families have known each other for long. If we could change these relations into something else…meaning he wants Aakash to marry his only daughter. Make her the DIL of your house. Maiyya gets thinking. He tells her not to think too much. I was thinking about all this only when you came to me with your problem. I come to your help when you are in trouble now you join hands with me in this happiness. You will see that no problem will come to you ever. This is my promise. She likes his proposal. He tells her to eat something. She nods. Now I will have sweets only. I want to see my son now. You wait for my call. She leaves and he smiles happily.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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