Wednesday Update on This is Love August 22

Wednesday Update on This is Love

August 22 Episode

Ishita hearing Raman. Lady asks Raman is he looking for his girlfriend. He says no, I m just looking for an Indian lady. She apologizes. Ishita rushes out of the trial room. Raman leaves. Ishita asks the lady about the guy, who was asking about his girlfriend. Lady says sorry, he has already gone. Ishita leaves. She thinks why did I hear Raman’s voice, maybe Vidyut is joking. Raman thinks where is Shagun, she has kept her phone off.

She gets Vidyut’s call. He asks did you like the dress. She says no, I did not wear it, I know you are in mall. He says find the next clue and meet me. She asks how. A man gives note to her. She says whom is he sending to give clue. She reads, the place where sweets and melting things are found. She says chocolates and goes
to find.

Shagun and Pihu come to same mall, and go to the chocolate store. Shravan tells Ananya that Vandu spoke very rudely, I m not taking her side, Vandu is in stress so she said this. Ananya says I know, but I m feeling bad for Simmi. He says we have to change this situation. She asks what can we do. He says leave it on me. She reminds last time they have sent flowers to Simmi. He says we can win this time, I will tell my plan, our friendship will not be affected. She says done.

Ishita looks for chocolate shop. She asks a lady and goes there. Shagun and Pihu are also proceeding there. Raman and Ishita stand close and do not see each other. Ishita reaches the chocolate store. Shagun sends Pihu to try few clothes. She goes. Ishita says where is Vidyut, he disappeared, he is just leaving hints. She gets Vidyut’s call and asks where are you, I m in chocolate store. He asks whats the hurry. She says tell me, I have to meet you. He asks are you not enjoying the game, find your next clue. She asks again. He asks her to eat chocolate and find clue. She laughs. She tries some chocolates and the man gives her tram ticket. She says now I have to board tram to reach him.

Pihu does not find Shagun and looks for her in the store. She goes and thinks where is Shagun. Ishita asks a lady from where can she get a tram. Pihu looks for Shagun. Ishita turns to see and does not see her. Shagun comes back to mall and looks for Pihu. She asks the lady and goes out. Shagun looks around everywhere and gets worried. Pihu collides with Vidyut. Vidyut asks why are you crying. She says my mumma is lost. He says don’t worry, we will get her, come with me.

Ishita boards the tram. She likes the city. She thinks why is Vidyut not calling, where is he. Vidyut is with Pihu. He says don’t worry, I spoke to the man, your mumma will come. The man makes announcement for Pihu’s mumma. Vidyut thinks Ishita would have reached tram, I have to meet her.

Shagun comes running and hugs Pihu. She asks are you okay. Pihu asks where did you go. Shagun says I told you not to go out of shop. Pihu says I did not see you and went out. Shagun says its okay, you are fine, thats imp. Vidyut says you got your daughter, I will leave now. Shagun says Vidyut Sahay, did you not identify me. He says Shagun, you are gorgeous as ever. She says you have become celebrity, awesome. He says you know about me, wow, you have a daughter, she is young. Shagun says no, she is my friend’s daughter, lets catch up for coffee, shall we go now. He says no, I m getting late, feed your number, I will call you. He leaves. She smiles. Pihu gets sad.

Shagun says that uncle helped you, he is nice right. Pihu asks Shagun why did you say I m not your daughter. Shagun lies that she lied him as he is Raman and her common friend, Raman should now know where we are, he would have come here finding us and …. Raman comes and asks what then. Pihu hugs him. He asks her to go and feed ducks. Shagun asks how did you know we are here. He says you got Pihu here and saying its game, if anything happened to Pihu then, you don’t love her, give her to me. She says Pihu is my daughter and she is comfortable with me. He says I want my daughter. She says she will be with you on weekend, get out now. He says I m warning you, don’t play any game, I will come to take her. He tells Pihu that he will come to take her tomorrow, then it will be fun. Shagun thinks I can get time to spend with Vidyut..

Ishita waiting for Vidyut. She calls him. She says I can’t wait more. Vidyut comes running and calls out Ishita. He says sorry, listen. She asks is it enough. He says I would have reached before you. She says I have found you everywhere. He says I will take you to the most romantic place in Australia. She says you will disappear again. He says fine, I m going. She says no, I did not say I will not agree, I m so looking forward to it. They leave.

Aaliya gets dresses/sarees and says I wish Ishita was here to choose my dress. She asks Neelu where is Adi. She goes to ask Adi. Adi says I have to find everything about Vidyut, so that I can tell Ruhi. Aaliya comes and asks him to suggest which saree to wear. She asks him to see. Adi says this one and did not even
see. She says you mean I wear this pyjama, whats wrong with you, you are ignoring me, why, Adi I m talking to you. She leaves. Adi sees she went and says what happened to her, all girls are mad.

Aaliya goes and drinks water. She says I will not go to fortune teller, Adi has no time for me. Shravan thinks if Aaliya can help them in Simmi’s matter. Shravan says I can help you by choosing a saree, trust me, my choice is better. She thanks him and says I will get sarees, you choose it. He says wait, what thanks, you have to help me, please write a love letter for me.

Vidyut takes Ishita to some place. She says wow, I did not see such place in my life. She smiles. He says its romantic. She says I m feeling guilty. He asks why. She says I came so far and we are talking of romance, I lied to family. He says its for love, love is imp in life. She says my responsibilities are imp, my children have right to know truth. He asks don’t you have right to love, I m trying to convince you since 6 months to come with me, you did not agree. She says I have come, but… He says you will get answers, trust me.

He sees Raman there. Ishita turns and gets shocked seeing Raman coming. Raman comes to them. He asks did you feel we will not meet. She says no. He says you made me away and came here. She says I did not. He says you made me leave from family. She says you left on own, I did not send you. He holds her. Vidyut looks on. Ishita asks why are you not understanding, if anyone sees us…. He says parents do anything for children. Dil kahin rukta nahi……plays……They hug and smile.

Raman and Ishita talk. She calls him handsome. She says we stayed away for one year. Vidyut says I was convincing her to come since 6 months and finally she agreed. Ruhi and Adi talk over phone. She asks any lead about Vidyut. Adi gives details of the match location and locates the possibility of Vidyut’s presence.

Aaliya wears a beautiful saree. She thinks Adi has no time for me, what is he doing, he does not want to tell me, whats the secret, its fine, I won’t go to ask him, if he does not care, I will not ask, I will see till when he stays away. Vidyut says your children thinks Ishita and I have an affair. Raman says we don’t care for it, its commendable for what you are doing for us. Vidyut says we are college friends, and then we were not in touch, Raman called me for company work. Raman says he did a lot, when I told him our problem, he did what we told him to do without asking any question. Vidyut says two lovers are staying away for children, I understood, you called me to take your wife on romantic dinner, I don’t miss such chances. Raman and Ishita thank him for help. Vidyut asks them to enjoy and goes. Raman says he is a great guy, such people are less. He gets a call and asks the secretary not to make more phone calls for work. He hugs Ishita and smiles.

Ruhi calls Raman and could not contact him. She calls up Adi to ask. She asks any info about Vidyut, even Raman’s phone is off. Adi says its bad news for us, Ruhi before Papa meets Ishi Maa, you have to meet him, if he meets and gives divorce papers to her, it will be problem, I can track his location, I have his international number. He tracks location and tells her. He asks Ruhi to go to the location soon. She says fine and ends call. Raman and Ishita look at the sea and spend time. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…