Wednesday Update on True Love August 22

Wednesday Update on True Love

August 22 Episode

Tapasya dreaming that she is being dragged out of the hotel because she was not able to pay her bills ;Just then someone knocks at her door when Tapasya opens it and a hotel boy hands over a bouque of flower to her which was send by Raghu with a card where its written that this plastic flower is specially for her because she only believes in buying fake things and happiness in life ;Reading that card,Tapasya throws away the flower-bouque in anger ;

Another hotel boy then comes and asks Tapasya to pay her pending bills ;So Tapasya then decides to leave the hotel secretly ;She is all about to get out of the hotel when the hotel manager stops her and asks her to pay her bills but she lies to the manager that she is only going out for shopping and so she will pay the bill after coming back in the evening ;Hotel manager believes her and Tapasya manages to escape out of the hotel without paying any bill ;

Tapasya then takes a Taxi and reaches Versova to meet a real estate agent and get a house on rent (So Tapasya’s journey from Mansion to a Chawl has finally started )..

At Bundela house,Ichha in her room is happily talking to those two fish inside the bowl ;She is telling the story of some king and queen to those fishes when Veer comes there and joins Ichha in those fish talks Veer then leaves and Chanda enters Ichha’s room to taunt her indirectly regarding Veer ;Chanda sarcastically asks Ichha whether she is planning to name those two fishes as Heer-Ranjha (In short Chanda takes a potshot on Veer and Ichha’s relationship here );Ichha guesses what Chanda is trying to say here but remains quiet as usual Tappu is hving a talk with the real-estate agent ;Tappu selects a See-facing Bandra house on rent but is shocked to know how much advance amount and brokerage she needs to pay even to hv a house on rent ;

The agent then asks her if she has any family or whether she is married sinse they need these details for security purpose on which Tappu tells the agent that she is all alone ;Tappu and that Agent then argue over the high amount that is being quoted for a rent house and in the end Tappu decides against selecting any house on rent from that agent and storms out of his office in anger ;After Tappu leaves that agent in anger tells to himself that people don’t even hv money with them but still they keep building castles in the air ..

At Jogi’s house,Damini sees Pushkar giving money to Masoom and is shocked when Pushkar twists his words and tells Damini that Masoom urgently needed some money and so he was just helping her out;Damini gets a doubt though (I m not sure where this track is leading ?? ).. Ichha has gone to some mandir and is thinking about Chanda’s sarcastic words when it starts raining heavily and Ichha is stuck in the temple because of heavy rains ;Veer reaches there in his car ;He steps out of the car with his Umbrella and offers lift to Ichha but Ichha refuses the offer with a very stern reply ;So then Veer tells Ichha that “Even though their relationship is not the same anymore but he is still her friend” ;Hearing this Ichha in anger tells Veer that “He should not try to cross any boundaries here as they r neither lovers nor friends…she is just his bhabhi ..that is his bade bhaiyya’s wife and he is just her Devar which he should never forget” ;Veer is shocked (Ok I fail to understand why Ichha doesn’t want to take lift from Veer here ?? ..whether they r freinds or devar-bhabhi or whatever..they r from same family..so whats wrong in taking a lift ?? ..why daily soaps always believe in such over-the-top dramatic scene ..why can’t it b more realistic and practical in its approach ??

Ichha refusing to go with Veer and also warning him to keep himself within the boundaries of their brother in-law relationship Damini tells Jogi about how she is concerned about Ichha and feels that something is bothering her on which Jogi tells Damini that mayb they should bring Ichha to this house for sometime so that she feels relaxed Nani and Divya overhears this and as usual Nani brainwashes Divya by telling her about how Jogi always prefers Ichha over his own daughter Tapasya Divya then goes and confronts Jogi by telling him how he is only bothered about Ichha when she is safe in her sasural whereas they don’t even know where is their own daughter residing ;Divya also tells Jogi that mayb this is the reason why Tappu always hated Ichha because he always gave more importance to Ichha in this house ;Damini tries to console Divya but Divya shuts Damini’s mouth ;Jogi tries to explain to Divya that he is doing all this for Tappu’s betterment only so that she learns a lesson but Divya is not ready to listen Tappu is shown roaming on the roads looking for jobs but she doesn’t get any job and neither she has any money to buy biscuits or mineral water ;Tappu’s slipper-heels too goes for a toss ..so she walks bare-feet now ..In short she is homeless, jobless, foodless and moneyless now.

Veer reaches home right after Ichha reaches home;Chanda sees both of them in wet avataar and wonders whether anything is cooking between Devar-Bhabhi here Veer in his room does some self-talks about how he always loved Ichha but his love was always pure but today Ichha misunderstood his pure intensions ;Veer then promises to himself that no matter how much he loves or cares for Ichha ,but from now onwards he will keep himself away from Ichha.

(Woww Tappu is pleading in front of a servant..its like 8th wonder of the world…);Read next Page 2 below


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