Wednesday Update on True Love 14th July 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 14th July 2020

Meethi is crying in her room. Vishnu and Mukta come there. They try to convince Meethi not to go, but she tells them not to try to stop her and Damini. Meethi says if she stays here, then it will keep reminding her of Akash, only way to get out of this pain is by shifting elsewhere. Mukta and Vishnu say that Akash must have not known about Meethi’s condition. Meethi says she doesn’t want Akash to come to her by feeling sorry for her. Vishnu says, but it would be wrong if you leave all of us like this. Meethi says, you all are my own, that is why I am requesting you all not to stop me and Damini.

Other side, Thakur is trying to convince Damini for staying here. He tells her how she can leave in such condition. Damini more or less gives same excuses as Meethi. Thakur tells Rathore to explain to Damini. Rathore says Meethi has completely broken down after what happened today. Thakur then leaves from there. Rathore says in his mind, another broken heart will leave this place, and this wasn’t expected from Akash. For the first time he feels that he made a mistake in recognizing someone.

Akash is thinking about Meethi. Sankrant comes there. Akash tells him that everyone tried so much to explain to him and he didn’t listen anyone, and now no one would be trusting him in that house. He feels he should call Meethi and apologizes, but Sankrant stops him. He tells Akash, you love Meethi. You just can’t talk to her on phone. Go to her and talk to her face to face. Akash says he won’t be able to face Meethi now. Sankrant says, fine, then I will go and tell Meethi everything. I know she will understand. Now no one can between you two, not even God.

Maiyya is very upset and scared from Ambika’s father as well. She tells Pavitra to kill her instead. Pavitra presses Maiyya’s neck as per Maiyya’s saying. Maiyya gets angry and asks her if she’s gone mad. Pavitra says, I was just doing what you told me too and I had warned you that this marriage will bring trouble for us. Maiyya gets angry at her and she gets quiet now. Maiyya is then saying that she hates Meethi a lot. Akash and Sankrant come there and listen that. Akash asks, then why are you staying in Meethi’s house? Maiyya says, for you.

Akash says, don’t do anything for me. Just do one thing, take everyone and go back home. I can’t live without Meethi. Maiyya looks at him angrily. She says, we will go home, you also come with us. Akash says, I am not going anywhere. I will stay here and will bring Meethi back to life. No one can separate us, not even you. Maiyya says, have you gone mad? I promised Chauhan, he won’t let us live. Akash says, don’t worry, I will go to Ambika’s house and tell them the reason for not marrying. Maiyya says, even wedding invitation cards are printed, you can’t step back now. Akash says, I can’t move forward either.

Akash is leaving from there. Maiyya asks him, why are you wasting your life for that paralyzed person. Akash is shocked. He says to Maiyya, what did you say? you knew about it, right? Maiyya ignores him. Akash says, you knew that she got paralyzed to save you son, and still? Maiyya says, yes, still I don’t want you to waste your wife for her. We’ve promised Chauhan. Akash says, I have promised Meethi as well that I won’t leave her alone ever and take care of her. What about that? And you care about that Chauhan, and not for your son? Maiyya says he won’t spare us. Akash asks, why are you scaring so much from him? Maiyya tells him to forget Meethi. That’s all.

Other side, Ambika’s father tells her not to worry. Akash will not ever leave her alone in a midway. If he doesn’t understand, then he will get him beaten up. Ambika gets angry and throws everything down from dining table. She says, He is my Akash! No one will make mistake of hurting him, not even you. She leaves from there in anger.

Maiyya is worried and sitting alone. Phone rings. It’s Nani. She says, there is one good news and one bad news. What do you want to hear first? Maiyya says, no bad news.. I am already in a lot of tension. Nani then tells her the good news first that Meethi and Damini are leaving tomorrow morning. Maiyya is very happy and tension free now. She then asks for bad news. Nani says, the bad news is that Mukta and Vishnu are getting married tomorrow. Maiyya gets bored now. She says, I would have loved to come there and stop their marriage somehow, but I have some things to sort out here, so can’t come. She hangs and then says to herself that she will have to do something to keep Akash at home until tomorrow.

Later, Maiyya uses onions to get fake fever. She calls Pavitra and gives her the onions and tells her to spread everywhere in the house that she got fever so Akash comes to her. Pavitra does it happy. Worried Akash rushes to Maiyya. Akash tells Sankrant to call the doctor, but Maiyya says Akash is her doctor and medicine. If he stays with her, then she will get fine. Akash tells her that he won’t go anywhere. He sends everyone else to rest and he stays with Maiyya. Maiyya is happy.

Next morning, Akash tells Maiyya that her fever is gone and he will get milk for her. Maiyya doesn’t let him go. Akash says, I will be back in 2 minutes. Maiyya then lets him go.

Akash comes to the kitchen where Pavitra is throwing onions in dustbin. Kaka asks her why she is throwing them away when they seem good. Pavitra speaks it out that Maiyya used them to get fake fever so she can stop Akash from going to Meethi. Akash is shocked and angry to hear this.

Damini and Meethi are packing their bags. Rathore comes and gives their tickets to them. He says, flights don’t go there, so I got first class train tickets. He tells Damini that he has already talked with resort’s manager and they will get everything. He asks them to call him if they need anything. He leaves. Damini seems sad. Meethi puts fake smile on her face and tells Damini that they should be happy today as it’s Mukta’s marriage. She tells Damini to finish packing fast.

Mehendi function is going on at Ambika’s house. Before Akash’s name is written on her hand, Akash arrives there so she goes to meet him. Akash is constantly looking at his watch. Other girls stop Ambika for dance. Ambika finally comes to Akash. She’s very excited as Akash came to her house for the first time. She asks him what’s the matter. Akash says he will talk once her dad arrives. A servant comes with snacks and juice. After the servant leaves, Ambika tells Akash that she is thirsty and asks him for water. Akash gives her the glass.  Ambika says she has mehendi in her hand. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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