Thursday Update on Young Love 16th July 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 16th July 2020

Urmila thinking about Kundan’s behavior towards Nimboli and thinks he wanted to do the same thing which he did with me. Harki asks Kundan to gave food and spoon feeds food in his mouth. Urmila sees him in Harki’s room and informs Disa. Disa looks at Nimboli and looks angrily. She asks Chagani to take care of Nimboli and says I will see that Rakshas.

She picks up a wooden bat and goes with Kamli and Urmila. Harki asks Kundan to lock the door from inside. She sees Disa coming angrily with bat and shouts for Kundan asking him to close the door. They manage to close the door while Disa and Kamli ask Harki to open the door. Disa breaks the door with a wooden showcase. She asks Harki to get out.

Kamli asks Harki to come with her and asks Urmila to lock the door. Harki shouts. Disa asks Kundan why did you touch Nimboli? I warned you not to touch her. Kundan says yes. Disa beats him ruthlessly. Harki cries. Kamli recalls Akhiraj beating him mercilessly until she fainted.

Harki asks Disa to open the door and folds hands infront of Kamli. She reminds Kamli that he is her brother? Kamli says so what? Did he think about me whem Bapusaa was beating me. Harki asks Disa to open the door and cries. Disa beats him badly. Kundan shouts.

Urmila opens the door. Disa comes out. Harki sees Kundan unconsciously fallen on the ground and is shocked. Disa tells her that Kundan is still alive. Harki rushes to him. Disa tells she has left him alive as he was not at fault fully. She says your upbringing is bad and is responsible. Harki says you didn’t do this right, and thinks to kick her out of house once Akhiraj comes back. Nimboli gets worried and scared of Kundan. Disa tells I will not let Kundan come near you. Kamli tells he was punished for the mistake and asks her not to worry.

Pushkar asks Kamli, why Nimboli is sad and asks what happened? Kamli makes her drink water. Pushkar asks her to smile. Disa asks her to have rest for sometime. Nimboli sleeps and gets scared remember Kundan trying to molest her. Disa wakes her up and asks her not to worry. Nimboli asks why did he do this with me? Disa asks Urmila to sleep as well as it is late night. Harki rues that she will not spare Disa for beating Kundan. Akhiraj comes home and is shocked to see Kundan in pain.

Akhiraj coming home and seeing Kundan in pain. Kundan tells him that Disa has beaten him very much. Akhiraj goes angrily and calls Disa. He asks how dare you to raise hand on my son? Did you forget that he is my son. Disa asks him to stop it and shows the hand. She says I have heard enough. She asks him to start worrying about his son as a thunderstorm is going to come. She asks him to take care of his son else she will get him arrested. She asks him to give good teaching to her son else his life will be ruined. She says if you want to kill us, just like you killed Gopal and my husband. Just think your political career will be ruined if you do such a thing.

She goes. Akhiraj fumes. Urmila comes and asks Kundan, how is he now? Kundan says he is in pain. Urmila reminds him that he had beaten her. Kundan tells you might be happy seeing me beaten. Urmila tells she is feeling happy to see him beaten by Disa and asks don’t you feel shame to try to rape Nimboli. Kundan tells what I could do? He says I can beat you even now. He says you cares for yours sautan. Urmila says Nimboli is her friend and calls him enemy. Kundan pushes her on ground and is about to kick on her, but Chagani saves her. Harki comes and scolds him, reminding him that she is pregnant. They take her from there.

Pooja calls Mannu and tells him that she has decided on the baby names. She gives options asking him to decide. Mannu tells he is getting late for class and disconnects the call. Nimboli gets scared seeing Kundan and hugs Disa. Nimboli asks why did Inspector not arrested him. She tells about Jagya’s words asking the public to take Police help. Disa tells I don’t have answers for your question. Nimboli says MLA is also a liar just like others. Urmila tells Disa has beaten him badly. She asks did you punish him for behaving badly with Urmila. Disa looks on. Urmila hugs Nimboli.

Harki informs Akhiraj that Kundan has refused to eat anything. Kamli makes Nimboli sit and goes to bring food. Akhiraj stops Kamli and tells that her brother is hungry because of Nimboli. Kamli gives a good reply to Akhiraj that he brought troubles home. Akhiraj scolds her and then Nimboli blaming her. Nimboli asks why you are scolding me rather than sending Kundan to jail, and tells MLA that his promises are fake.

Akhiraj tries to slap her, and is stopped by Disa. She tells Nimboli is her daughter and warns to expose him. She tells I am not that helpless Mangla anymore and have strength now. She asks Kamli to bring food for Nimboli. Akhiraj goes angrily to his room and breaks the things. Harki instigates him against Nimboli and Disa asking him to throw them out. Akhiraj tells he wants this, but is handcuffed as the elections are ahead. He says I will cut and throw them. He says once he wins in the elections, then he will kick them out of the house.

Harki says now she don’t need Nimboli anymore as she has Urmila to get house work done. Akhiraj asks Harki to hide Kundan’s doings. Harki promises to fulfill his wish of becoming a politician.