Wednesday Update on True Love 16th December 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 16th December 2020

Meethi is unable to sleep as she cannot get Maiyya’s words out of her head. She looks at the Ganpati idol kept on the bedside table. I don’t want any problems between Maiyya and Akash because of Rani. But what should I do? I cannot do anything against Maiyya’s wish. Her phone vibrates. She is surprised to see call from her home. Who is calling me at this hour? She comes downstairs to see who was calling her but doesn’t find anyone around the phone. She comes in the courtyard. The whole place lights up. Maiyya comes there happily. she takes Meethi to their home temple and does her tilak. Meethi is confused. Maiyya shows her her sargi. Meethi is surprised to see all the stuff.

Maiyya calls her her beloved DIL. You know how I react when I am angry. I have hurt you and Akash. Please forgive me. meethi apologizes to her instead for hurting her on her and Akash’s behalf. she touches Maiyya’s feet who blesses her happily. maiyya has made halwa for her especially. My blessings are always with you. You can ask for anything. I will even give you my life. Just don’t ask my husband’s lineage’s name for that girl. I know you love her a lot. Play with her, take her out on shopping but don’t give her my name. Meethi leaves. Maiyya calls her innocent. How did you think that I will give my name to a prostitute’s daughter? I wont be able to do it. she has a plan up her sleeves.

Next morning, Meethi and Akash (along with Rani) are going out for shopping. Maiyya tells them to come back on time. Ambika greets Maiyya and everyone just then. Malvika is all smiles. Meethi sends Rani to her room. We will go for shopping in a while. Rani leaves reluctantly. Akash asks his brother for an explanation. You still trust her? Don’t you understand that she is playing with your emotions? He turns to Ambika. Why are you trying to fool my innocent brother? You have played enough games with my family already. I wont let you play any games from now on. She wonders what she has done now. I was waiting for my sargi but Maiyya hasn’t sent it. I wasn’t going to come here but your brother insisted. He only brought me here. Sankrant tells Akash to speak to him.

I have brought Ambika here. Do you mind it? Ambika only wants Maiyya’s blessings on Karvachauth. Can we not come to seek Maiyya’s blessings? Akash is still not ready to fall for Ambika’s words. He tries to explain it to Sankrant. She wants to enter in our home again to hurt us again. why don’t you understand this? Sankrant is in no mood to get into the same discussion. Do me a favour. Being your younger brother I request you not to ruin this day. I have brought AMbika here today as Maiyya has given permission for it. Akash and Meethi look at her in shock. Maiyya says couldn’t help it. meethi reminds her of what all Ambika has done with them in the past. Maiyya gives AKash’s example. When I can agree with him then how can I upset Sankrant. He is my son as well.

I am stuck from both the sides. I don’t like this Ambika at all but I cannot hurt Sankrant as well. I am a mother after all so my heart will melt for my kids. You (meethi) wont understand as you are not a mother. Meethi is hurt while Akash shakes his head at Maiyya. Ambika smiles and so does Malvika. Akash begins to go inside when Meethi holds his hand. He stops for her sake. ambika wants to know if she should wait or go. sankrant says you have come with me. you wont go anywhere. He holds her hand. They both step inside and touch Maiyya’s feet. Ambika folds her hands in front of Meethi. we are trying to start afresh and seek your blessings. She touches Meethi’s feet as well who blesses her to stay happy always. Take care of other people’s happiness as well. Ambika affirms. I want to be just like you. Maiyya wishes both the married ladies well. Give me my heir. Give me my grandson. Ambika thinks she has come here for that only. You will get the good news in a while.

Chameli thinks of Rani. She remembers all the good times that they had shared in the past. She hears a lady constable making an announcement about Karvachauth’s puja. We will distribute special puja thaali’s in the evening. Chameli too has kept a fast. She lies to another lady that she kept it for her daughter. The lady asks about Rani’s father. Is he dead? Chameli still thinks good of him. he is very much alive. The ladies tell her to join them in the puja. We will open our fast by looking at our respective husband’s photos.

In her room, Rani is upset with her Gori Didi. She was going to take me to a shopping mall but dint. Something or the other keeps on happening in the house. She talks to her doll (calling her Chameli). That Gori Didi can do anything to make me smile. I know no one in this house loves me except her. they all think I am a kid and don’t understand anything but I do understand everything. But Chameli, you are my mother. Anyone can love anybody a lot but they don’t become their mother. Why did you leave me when you knew I had no one else in my life! She hugs her doll sadly.

All the ladies stand in a queue to take Karvachauth’s thaali. Chameli is holding a photo in her hand. She looks at it as she picks up her thaali. She keeps the photo upside down.

Meethi talks to Akash. He is sad that his brother cannot see that Ambika is trying to fool him yet again. she reasons that they cannot interfere in anyone’s personal matter. Sankrant can take his own decisions. Whatever has happened has happened. we should atleast enjoy today. we both haven’t eaten anything since morning. I wont like it if you will stay upset. He agrees to be happy for her sake. They notice Rani standing angrily at the bottom of the staircase. He decides to make her smile first. We will do puja afterwards. Meethi nods. Rani smiles finally as Meethi agrees to take her on shopping tomorrow!

Malvika compliments Ambika for her acting. Ambika looks at Rani. This is the same girl? malvika nods. She had come here for a few days but looks like she will stay here for forever now. Your brother-in-law is going to adopt her. he will give her his name. She will be called Rani Chatterjee. Ambika says there will be a twist in story now that she is here. We will make our first move tonight itself. Sankrant calls out for Ambika. Both the ladies get alert instantly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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