Wednesday Update on True Love 22nd July 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 22nd July 2020

Ambika brings coffee for Akash. He is surprised to see her there at this hour. He accepts the coffee. She asks him about the work he is doing. Akash explains that Meethi’s father has handed me all the responsibilities of their business. There is one big project and I cannot make a mistake. She asks him if he manages everything alone. Akash gives her the example of Veer saying he too used to handle everything on his own. Ambika asks him if Sankrant doesn’t help him in business. He is sleeping. Akash tells her that this business is of Meethi’s family not ours. And Sankrant is a self made man. He will do everything on his own. She offers to sit with him while he works. If we would have gotten married then I wouldn’t have let you work alone like this.

Akash stops what he was doing and gets up. I know that you are upset that I broke our relation even after doing the engagement. But trust me my intention was not to hurt you. Would Meethi have been able to live her life like she is right now? The circumstances were different back then when I had wanted to go away from Meethi. He keeps his hand over her shoulder. Leave all that just remember one thing that you are married to Sankrant. Meethi comes there and looks at his hand which is on Ambika’s shoulder. Akash continues talking to Ambika oblivious of Meethi’s presence in the room. I trust my brother fully that he will give you all the happiness. He wont let you be sad or upset. Meethi calls out for Akash. She asks him if his work is finished. Akash looks at his hand and takes it away. He tells her that a little more work is left. Ambika got me a coffee. Meethi smiles and thanks her. Ambika nods. Meethi wants to wait here only. Akash nods happily. She was getting bored in the room. Meethi tells Ambika to go and sleep as it is very late now. Ambika obliges.

Meethi asks Akash what he was trying to explain to Ambika by keeping a hand over her shoulder. He deduces his wife is getting jealous. She denies. She is a very good girl and my sister-in-law. I am only asking because I felt like she might not be feeling comfortable in this house. Is she all right? Akash replies she only wanted to know why I declined to marry her. Now she has understood that I was madly in love with you. She tells him to finish his work fast as she is very sleepy. He kisses her on the cheek. His work is done so they head for their bedroom. They both sweetly reprimand each other for not listening to the other person as they go out. Ambika comes out from behind the door where she was hiding. She goes back inside the room and switches on the lappy. You will live with Meethi happily and earn lakhs and I should stand by and watch? No one can have what cannot be mine.

She pours all the coffee over the keyboard. As she is coming out, she meets Maiyya who was standing outside the study room. She asks Ambika what she is doing here outside Akash’s study room at this hour. Ambika tells her she had made coffee for him while he was working. If you are not feeling sleepy then shall I make one for you too? Maiyya denies and tells her to go and sleep. She obliges. Maiyya is still worried that she will play some game for sure. Hope she doesn’t do anything wrong to Akash. It is ok if she targets Meethi but if she tries to do something wrong to my son then? I have been caught in the mud of my own actions!

Tappu is restless recalling Nani’s words about how Mukku will regret living with Vishnu. She decides to call Mukku but then wonders as to what Vishnu will think about it. Vishnu and Mukta play a game of who will blink their eyes first will kiss the other person. Tappu decides to call nonetheless. Mukku turns to attend the call and loses the game. Vishnu asks for his kiss first. Mukku picks up the call but Vishnu continues asking for his kiss. Mukku puts her hand over his mouth and talks to Tappu. Why dint you come over with Nani? Electricity cut happens. Vishnu tries to get romantic with Mukku. He tells Tappu how Mukku has lost and is not fulfilling her promise. Tappu realises she might have called on the wrong time. She tells Mukku she will call tomorrow. mukku agrees to call her tomorrow once Vishnu leaves for office. Tappu ends the call. Vishnu and Mukku get all romantic. Tappu is happy to see Mukku happy in her new home. She dismisses Nani’s point of view. Everything will be fine.

Rathore is waiting outside Chaubey’s house and sees him getting out of his jeep and going inside his home. He asks his guy if he understand what he has to do. The guy nods. I will get every minute detail regarding him, his background and everything. Rathore doesn’t want to wait too long. The guy agrees and gets down the car. Rathore wonders as to why the past has returned in his life now. Why now?

Meethi comes to Kasha kaka and tells him to make Akash’s favourite dish. We have to send his lunch to office. Kaka agrees. Meethi tries to move her wheelchair but it gets jammed. Sankrant comes and helps her. The brother-in-law and sister-in-law have some sweet talk. She thanks him for helping her unite with Akash. We are together today because of you only. If you wouldn’t have agreed to marry Ambika then problems would have increased. We might not have been together. He tells her he did it all for the love Akash has for her. I know Maiyya behaved very badly with you back in Aatishagrh. I was angry with Akash too back then. But now that I have seen as to what extent he can go for you, how much he can bear for your sake then I realised it all.

Mukku is in the kitchen. Vishnu comes there after taking a bath. He calls out for Mukta but then stops. She too hasn’t heard him. He hugs her from behind and gets all romantic with her. Someone is shown outside their door. The person takes the paper and inserts a pamphlet in the paper that says earn 40k…walk in interview and knocks on the door. mukku asks Vishnu to leave her as someone is on the door. He tries to stop her but she in turn warns him of the consequences. He calls her unromantic. She tells him she doesn’t have time to get romantic. There is no one outside. She thinks it to be the newspaper man. She takes the paper inside. The leaflet drops and she gets excited as she reads it. He points out that a few companies keep fraud interviews. It is nearby only. She wants to go once to check it out. He agrees but then reminds her they must finish what they had started earlier. He asks for his kiss but she remembers she has kept the gas on. The food must have got burnt. This happens and she wonders what to do now. He smiles and goes to get ready.

Wedding albums have come. Kasha kaka takes the delivery. Ambika gets happy and wants to see them. The covers of both the albums are different. She likes the other one which belongs to Meethi and Akash. She looks at their happy pictures angrily. The happiness, love and pictures of the elder sister-in-law is more…this only will happen when one gets married to a useless and worthless person. But what cannot be mine, cannot be someone else’s as well…even if it is about a picture! She closes the album angrily. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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