Wednesday Update on True Love 26th August 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 26th August 2020

Akash and everyone is looking for Meethi. Meethi thinks about the directions. I came from the north side. I should go towards that side only. She starts walking in that direction while Akash continues calling out for her. her dupatta gets stuck in a branch and she pulls it free but it gets torn. Meethi looks at it and the conch shell plays.

Ambika shares her worries about Meethi with Rathore. The forest is so dense I am worried for her. he asks her not to. I will take care of everything. Go and rest. She obliges. He also is worried for Meethi though. I assured her yet the truth is that there is no news of Meethi yet. Life is weird. Things change in a split second. Meethi was here with us and everyone was happy. next moment she disappeared and everyone’s smile disappeared too. Now that has been replaced with worry and fear. When has life / fate given me anything anyways that I will trust it that one day I will get a chance to speak the truth! If I have to do something then I should do it now itself. He looks at the tree where he thinks Ambika is standing and goes to talk to her. he tells her that she knows all the lies about her life. Agreed your mom after giving you birth but you know the wrong name. Her name was Malvika.

She died because of a fire accident which she herself had caused. You think of your father to be Dharamvir Chaubey. I know he has brought you up but he isn’t your dad but uncle, Malvika’s brother. How do I know all this and why am I telling you? I am that unfateful husband whose wife left him like that, who dint knew that he has a daughter…it is me! you are my daughter Ambika. The girl turns out to be Mukku. He is shocked and so is she. I am your daughter but I am not Ambika. Why are you quiet? Please continue. He tells her he said the truth but it was for Ambika. She asks him if he thinks she cannot take it. I thought your life consists of only me…your little princess but you have another world too, another daughter. She can be your daughter but she can never be my sister. He understands what she must be feeling but please try to understand me. he holds her hand which she takes back. He says I know you have heard nothing about my past but your mom and family knew it well. They knew I was married to Malvika before Tappu. It was never discussed as it was past.

That story had ended. I dint knew it will come like this. I knew it all wrong. I dint knew Malvika gave birth to a daughter before her death – Ambika. If she is my daughter then I was unable to stop myself from telling her the truth. Till when could I? Meethi was here with us till a while back but now she is lost. Everyone was happy life changes in a split second. I thought Ambika is here in front of me right now what if I don’t get a chance again. I will keep regretting that I did not tell her that I am her father. I haven’t done anything for her. I haven’t seen her childhood nor. She cuts him in between. You haven’t seen my childhood too. Bade papa was my papa in childhood and badi ma was my ma. They gave me a family and a sister too. You might have forgotten it in the excitement of finding your new daughter but I haven’t forgotten yet that my sister Meethi isn’t back home safely. He tries to talk to her but she leaves from there.

Meethi is walking towards north but she turns to look behind all of a sudden when her foot slips and she falls in a pit. Damini was sleeping but she wakes up screaming for Meethi. jogi was passing by and goes to pacify her. She tells him that Meethi fell somewhere. I have just seen her calling out for me. he assures her that Meethi has gone on a picnic. All’s well calm down. She still finds it weird. I saw a similar dream when Iccha was 5-6 years old and she was calling out for Tappu. He calls Rathore immediately asking for Meethi. He is shocked by what he hears and tells Damini that only a mother’s heart can know when her daughter is in danger. She says I told you it wasn’t a bad dream. Meethi was indeed calling out for me. she is in danger.

One of the forest officials tell Akash that his wife will be found in the morning only. Akash gets angry. If your wife was missing then would you say the same thing? he apologizes to Akash. I wont go anywhere without finding my wife. Sankrant has found Meethi’s torn dupatta and calls out for Akash. They deduce that Meethi must have passed from here. The forest guys think she might have fallen in a pit which is nearby. Akash charges at him asking him to stop his nonsense. Vishnu calms him down. He is only giving information. Akash is regretting leaving Meethi alone. I knew this place is unknown to her. she must be scared in this forest. Vishnu tells him to control himself. You dint do it intentionally. Sankrant agree with Vishnu. you must be strong and think of Meethi bhabhi.
They again resume the search and start calling out for Meethi. she hears their shouts and gathers the strength to get up. She tries to call out to them but her voice is still missing. They all are nearby only but not able to see each other. She is in pain because of the fall. Akash can feel Meethi’s presence. He again calls out for her but is not able to see her. meethi can see them but cannot shout or scream. Sankrant suggests them to look at the other side. by the time she gets up they start heading towards the other side. she gets worried thinking they are going far. What to do now? she throws a stone towards them which hits Akash’s foot. He turns to look in her direction again.

Mukku has a feeling that this all isn’t unintentional or unplanned. I think something somewhere is going very wrong. Meethi getting lost in the forest is just a step towards something wrong. Ambika comes there. What are you thinking? You must be worried about Meethi…I too am but I am sure she will be found. Mukku turns and a chant plays. I have full faith that Akash wont return without Meethi. ambika shares her doubt what if they cannot find her. Mukku stays put. I am sure she will be found and will return stronger than before. You don’t have to worry about her. I am there to worry and pray for her. She goes from there. Ambika cannot help wondering at her anger.

The forest officials suggest that the stone might have landed here because of the air or something. Akash again calls out for Meethi and she stumbles while trying to look at him. she cries thinking of her Anni. I don’t know why I am missing you so much show me some way. Damini is praying diligently. She covers the diya when she thinks it might blow off. Meethi finds a whistle in her jacket. How could I not notice it earlier! She blows the whistle and everyone turns in surprise. Akash is sure Meethi is somewhere here only. They start looking again and Akash finally finds Meethi. Jai Ambe Gauri plays. Everyone looks on happily as Akash goes down in the pit and hugs Meethi.

Mukku’s words echo in Rathore’s head while she cannot help but recall her dad’s words. They both are in separate cars. Vishnu enjoyed this picnic. It would have been great if that incident wouldn’t have happened with Meethi. he notices her lost in thoughts and asks her about it.

Akash, Meethi, Sankrant and Ambika are in another car on their way home. Akash wants to know what happened to Meethi’s voice. He cannot understand how she got confused when there were signboards everywhere. Meethi too is clueless about it. I was following the direction board only. He tells her that wherever there were two ways it was clearly written to go right. She thinks that she only saw it hinting at the left. A flashback is shown where she had chosen to follow left as per the directions mentioned by the signboard. Who would have changed the board then? Mukku, Rathore uncle, Vishnu, Sankrant – she declines all these possibilities. She zeroes down on Ambika. She looks sideways at Ambika who notices her glance.

Vishnu and Mukku reach home. He has enjoyed the picnic as we got to spend time with each other. We knew Akash from before but now we have got to know Sankrant and Ambika too. They are nice people too. Mukku is again lost in thoughts. He is concerned for her. you are so quiet since we have returned from the picnic. Don’t tell me that you are upset because of how your dad helped Ambika in the antakshri or treated her like his daughter. I know you dint like it. She tells him the complete truth. Ambika is my dad’s daughter only. He is taken aback. She is unable to understand anything but this is the truth. He himself told me this. She is his daughter from his first wife. But I don’t want to talk about this right now. She gets a call from Meethi and goes in another room to talk to her.

Meethi wants to talk to her about Ambika. You were right about her. I too feel the same now. Mukku says it might be that I am wrong. I mean I don’t know her that much. I told you what I felt that time. I don’t have any substantial proof by which we can call her wrong. I want to say something to you hope you wont feel bad. I haven’t done anything since I have returned home. Meethi nods but is a little surprised by her words. They end the call. Mukku cannot help thinking how it was her who doubted Ambika in the first place and now that I have come to know that she is m sister why have I changed so much.

 Meethi too is confused by Mukku’s reaction. Can it be that Ambika has won her heart too? What’s in this Ambika that people start trusting her so soon! she turns and looks at the temple. A chant plays. Maiyya comes there. Did you have to spend the whole night in a forest? Meethi nods. Looked like I wont return ever. Maiyya asks her if she will blame her for it now. Meethi denies. You were right. Maiyya is surprised to know that she trusts her. Everything that has happened with me in Shimla and until now is all Ambika’s doing. She only is trying to kill me. she wants to separate me and Akash. I have understood what she wants. She wants to separate a mother from her sons and a wife from her husband so that the base of these two relations shake and she wins.

Maiyya walks towards the temple. She thanks God for showing the right path to Meethi. You were with me when everyone was against me. Give her strength that she can take us out from all this. Let us go and tell the truth to my sons. Meethi stops her which confuses her. Both her sons trust Ambika rather than trusting them. We both will have to fight together this time without telling them anything. Maiyya is happy that Meethi is with her. We must think of a way so that Ambika herself confesses everything. Maiyya is sure Shiv ji will help them on Maha Shivratri in showing Ambika’s reality. Meethi asks her how. Maiyya tells her to wait and watch.

It is Maha Shivratri next day. Ambika and Sankrant have come to meet Chaubey. They recall how they used to celebrate it together every year. Sankrant tells him about their picnic. He is angry on hearing Rathore’s name which surprises the couple. Ambika asks her if he has some issue with him. I found him to be a very good man. He took care of me like his own daughter. He seems like the best man in that family. Sankrant asks him if he dint like their mingling with him. chaubey tells them how Rathore killed Nirbhay. He somehow came out. Though he has done another serious crime! You must stay away from such people. Ambika tells him that the case was fake. We heard it in the cd how MIL trapped him in a false case. Chaubey agrees but asks her not to trust anyone blindly. She agrees. Where there is trust there is betrayal too.

Meethi’s family has come to offer their prayers to Shiv ji on Maha Shivratri. Gomti is still waiting for someone to come in her life. Pavitra offers her prayers next. It is Meethi and Akash’s turn now. Meethi asks Shiv ji to give her strength to bring out the truth. I have to save my family from this Ambika. Akash wants that his Maiyya should think well of everyone. I don’t want another problem in my house. Ambika says I have prayed to you since I was a child. Bless me that I am able to destroy this whole family. sankrant wishes his wife’s happiness. Fulfil her wish to become a mom soon. maiyya is sad that her sons have gone far from her even when she isn’t at fault. Do something that Ambika’s real face comes out and we can all be together again.

Maiyya asks a guy to get nine glasses ready for them. now just wait and watch how her truth comes out after drinking this. Meethi looks confused. Maiyya explains that as per the ritual everyone drinks thandai. I have asked him to add extra Prasad (bhang) in a glass. This will get in her head and make her speak out the truth. Meethi is worried if she gets unwell. Maiyya calls her naive. It doesn’t hurt anyone. she calls out to Sankrant and gives Thandai to Sankrant. He makes him drink a glass and gives one for Ambika too. I have made it especially for her all your wishes will come true. Ambika loves thandai. Meethi and Maiyya watch Ambika gulp it down from a distance and are happy. he leaves as he and Akash have to go to office.

Ambika gets a call from Maiyya and picks it up. Maiyya lies to her. I wanted to give shagun to you but no problem I will give it to Meethi. ambika quickly changes her tone. I will come in a minute. Ambika is feeling dizzy. Maiyya is happy that the thandai has shown its effect. She will speak the truth now. They finally trace each other. Ambika asks for her shagun. It must be bangles. Maiyya suggests sitting down in the temple and talk. All the ladies sit down to talk. Maiyya lures her for a gold necklace if she answers her correctly. Ambika gets excited. I can even kill someone for it. Maiyya asks her about the Shimla incidents while Meethi puts on the recorder. Ambika narrates her childhood incident and dances on a song. Meethi makes her sit. Leave it if you don’t remember. You recall the fan incident? You were behind it right? Ambika agrees. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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