Wednesday Update on True Love 30th June 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 30th June 2020

Everyone doing Diwali puja. Nani asks about Aakash from Mukku. She acts all shy. He must be on his way. She gives aarti to everyone one by one. Mukku asks for firecrackers from her bade papa and is told that they are outside in the outhouse. She shares how bade papa is always afraid whenever I ask for firecrackers from him. Everyone smile. He recalls how he sees the small Mukta in her every time she talks of crackers….as the little Mukta was very scared of them. She says I have grown up now. I am not scared of noises anymore. She calls out for Meethi to come along. Nani makes a straight face at this. Meethi and Mukta head for the outhouse. Jogi sends Vishnu with the girls. Damini tells him to take incense sticks from the temple as she is scared whenever the girls light crackers from the diyas. Meethi got hurt once when she was a kid. Vishnu goes to get them.

Mukta gets the crackers out and gives to Meethi. She is very much excited to burst them. Meethi throws them aside…a little away from diyas but the winds are blowing the curtains away. Mukta is taken aback. Meethi says I want to talk to you. I don’t want the noise of crackers in the home but peace. Mukku replies it is Diwali tonight. Quietness doesn’t suit this night. We must light crackers. Let us go. Meethi says time is passing. You will be married to Aakash in a few days. You are doing it all wrong. You both will get into a relation where you both don’t love each other. Mukku turns to look at her. Just like you two right?

Meethi says it is a very dangerous game which you are playing. Stop acting childish. This isn’t some cracker but something which will ruin everything. The screen keeps shifting to the moving curtains and the diyas kept nearby. Lives will be destroyed. Your life will be destroyed too. Try to understand. A cracker lights up and the curtain is getting blown by the wind. Mukta states she is very very happy with Aakash right now unlike you and Vishnu as Vishnu cannot keep you happy. He is getting jealous seeing me and Aakash together. The curtain catches fire and the girls are oblivious to it. Vishnu too is shown heading towards some place (outhouse maybe).

Jogi is checking the gifts when Kanha comes to him. He feeds sweets to him as this is the first Diwali of his son. Jogi asks if the little Kanha has slept. Kanha says he did. He was smiling as if he knew it is his first Diwali today. They both smile. Jogi applauds the festival which lights up every place. Nani wonders about the girls and their crackers. What are they doing till now? He tells her to wait and then see the festivity. She asks about her gift. Jogi gives her her gift. Kanha feeds her sweets as well.

Mukta suggests burning firecrackers outside. I don’t like the noise of arguing with someone. The noise of my happiness will bother someone for sure. Mukta notices the flames and is shocked to see the house on fire. Meethi was about to say something but stops looking at her expressions. She too follows her gaze. Mukku drops the crackers and calls out for help. They both try to run out of the room but a wooden plank falls on their way out blocking the exit. They both hold onto each other in shock. Vishnu stops in his tracks shocked as he notices the flames.

The girls cannot see any point of going out as the whole outhouse is caught in fire. Vishnu reaches outside and is immediately worried for Mukta. The flames are actually huge. He calls out for Mukta. The girls are very scared and crying out for help inside. The rest of the crackers catch fire too. Everyone hears Vishnu screaming out for Mukta. They are immediately worried and rush out to see. Meethi pushes Mukta away as a wooden plank was about to fall over them. She falls on the floor and is in a semi conscious state. Her saree is spread out and the fire is catching up too. Vishnu jumps inside. By now everyone else has reached outside. Mukta is coughing because of the heat. Everyone outside is in a panic state. Kanha heads off to get water.

Vishnu calls out for Mukta and she hears it this time. They both look at each other and he runs off to save her. She is almost on the verge of losing consciousness. But he goes and hugs her. Jogi calls up fire brigade for help (thank you!!). he too goes to get water. Damini keeps shouting for Meethi.

Vishnu is hugging Mukta tight and trying to save her from the flames. She loses consciousness and he picks her up in his arms. Kanha and Jogi try their best to put out the flames. Nani and Damini keep calling out for their respective dearies. Vishnu comes out holding Mukta in his arms. They all are shocked to see the condition she is in. Aakash reaches there just then and looks at the outhouse. He next looks at everyone trying to wake up Mukta. Damini asks about Meethi from Vishnu. He has no answer whereas Aakash is shocked. He realises that Meethi is inside the outhouse.

Damini shouts for Meethi. Vishnu realises his mistake. Aakash runs towards the main entrance calling out for Meethi. Everyone looks on in shock. He finally jumps inside with Kanha and Jogi in the background trying to stop him. jogi keeps calling for both of them and Damini is crying by now. Aakash is trying to find Meethi and keeps calling out for her. She stirs. Piya plays. Her saree finally catches fire. She raises her hand for him to see. He is still trying to find her. He finally spots her lying on the floor unconscious.

Everyone outside is worried sick over both of them. Aakash notices her saree which is caught up in flames and is shocked. He hurries up to her and tries to blow out the flames using his own hands. He has a hard time but is finally successful. He picks her up in his arms and is trying his best to keep her away from the flames. Piya is playing throughout. He finally comes out and the family members are shocked to see Meethi’s state. Both the heroes with their right heroines (in their arms) head towards the Thakur Home. A conch shell and chant plays in the background. They are both very much concerned about the girls.

Everyone is waiting anxiously for the doc to finish checking both the girls. They all keep asking questions if the girls are fine. He assures them that they blacked out because of the smoke. I have given them injection. They will be conscious in some time. Damini asks if they haven’t got burned. He denies. But they will take time in gaining conscious. But there is nothing to worry. Jogi thanks him and escorts him out. Everyone leaves from there.

Vishnu is standing outside all alone. Rathore comes there chanting a Sanskrit mantra. He explains the meaning. After these 7 pheras (wedding) you are my friend and I am yours. I hope I live up to it and from today onwards, you and I will be together always. This is the 5th vow while taking the 7 pheras. I have never forgotten it. I am fulfilling it till date. And you? If a wife is caught up in flames yelling out for help then what is her husband, who is her friend too, supposed to do? Vishnu stands speechless.

Rathore repeats – what should he have done? He makes Vishnu look him into his eyes. Be a man. Look at me and talk. The time to look away from me is over. I haven’t come here to make you look low. I have come here to make you understand this small thing that you saved the one you love. You dint care about your life. Plus you dint even think of the one who you do not love. truth can never come out so vividly in front of you. This isn’t the time to back off and run from this truth. Move ahead and accept it. Take it out which is in your heart. This is the time…right now! if you still keep quiet then I will regret it that you are Mukta’s choice. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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