Wednesday Update on This is Love 30th June 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 30th June 2020

Everyone coming home and meeting Yug. Aaliya hugs him. They all smile. Ishita asks who did this. Arijit says I did. Ishita asks you. He says call it coincidence or a miracle, my known person had seen Yug and informed me, I couldn’t believe this, I knew media will make this a big news, so I stopped them, minister’s PA helped me, Yug got bailed. Raman says you did a big favor on us, why didn’t you tell us. Arijit says I wanted to tell but didn’t get time. Aaliya says thanks for helping us. Karan comes. Aaliya sees him. She says Arijit helped us being an outsider, some people who are family didn’t help. Karan goes to hug Yug. Aaliya stops him and says sorry, I failed to inform you, that Yug is back, go and attend meetings. Arijit thinks I have to break them.

Ruhi says how did she react. Raman says we will talk later, thanks Arijit. Arijit leaves and says Karan and Yug are against, I will make this rift bigger and make them enemies.
Natasha asks Sunil to talk to mum right away. Sunil calls mum and says yes, I m fine, I will talk to you later. He gets a message and turns shocked. He drops his phone. Natasha asks what did you do, you broke your phone, careless. She goes. He says Natasha or anyone else shouldn’t know about it. Karan says I have called the lawyer home to discuss. Sudha says Arijit is a business partner, why does he need to do this.

Raman says yes, even I don’t like him, but we have to give him credit. Lawyer comes. He says I got to know Arijit got Yug bailed. Ishita says he is our business associate, tell us what to do now. Aaliya greets him and says you come with me to talk about Yug’s case. Ishita says Yug is resting, e will talk here. Aaliya says no, many people here think he isn’t innocent, I know he is innocent. Ishita says we all know he is innocent. Aaliya says we will handle it. Ruhi says Karan didn’t mean that. Aaliya says I don’t want anyone to interfere in my matter, Karan doesn’t know meaning of family. Ishita says fine, we will come to your room. Raman, Mr Roy and Ishita go with Aaliya.

Ruhi says Yug is my brother, why is Aaliya reacting like this, Karan isn’t wrong. Sudha says Aaliya may realize this later, she is angry, Yug isn’t free from murder charge, stay calm. Yug says I was coming out to talk. Aaliya says no, we will discuss here. Yug asks why, we will sit outside. Aaliya says we were a family before. Yug tells the day’s incident in detail to the lawyer. Arijit says I have sent Raman and Ishita’s son to jail for murder charges, they will be sad now, I will ruin them, are you happy. Neeti stays silent. He hears a woman shouting. He asks how can you give personal address to a patient. Arijit asks him to go out and shout. She asks who are you, what did my husband get, I m Dr. Mishra’s wife. He thinks its another chance for me. He asks nurse to get water for her. He says I can help you, I know who killed your husband. She asks what.

He tell her everything. She says that guy was saying he didn’t kill my husband. He says trust me, I have seen him finding your husband in this hospital, he will prove that he didn’t do this murder. She says I want to see his fraud case, give me his name and address. He says they are rich people. She says I don’t care, rich or poor, murderer is a murderer. He says yes, I will give you the details, promise me one thing, you go there when I say. She asks why, I won’t wait. He says if you want justice, then do as I say. She says fine. He says I m helping you as Dr. Mishra was a good person, he was treating my daughter, if they know I have told you, they will not spare me. She says fine, make me meet that murderer once.

Natasha asks what happened Sunil. He says I want a new sim card. She says fix the phone first. He says I want new contact number, I don’t want us to get involved in murder case. She asks what, relax, why are you taking tension, don’t get hyper. Mihika gets tea. She says Raman and Ishita will come, have something. Mrs. Bhalla refuses. Ruhi says I will go and see. Mihika says let it be, Aaliya is angry. Sudha says yes. Ruhi says I know Aaliya very well, I will talk to her, I m worried for Yug. Karan asks Ruhi to understand. Ruhi says its happening because of you, if Yug behaves like this, I will behave like Aaliya. He says I thought you will understand me. Ruhi says yes, you questioned Yug’s integrity, he can never imagine doing this. They argue. Mihika asks them to stop it. Karan goes. Ruhi says he is mature enough to understand. Sudha says I will talk to Karan. Raman asks lawyer to inform them. Aaliya says call on my number only. Ishita looks on. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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