Wednesday Update on Young Love 15 January 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 15 January 2020

Shiv teaching Amol cycling in the park . Amol is nervous and after cycling a bit makes excuse enough for today they will learn rest tomorrow , if they will do more cycling in one day then he fears the pain will increase in his knees Shiv encourages him that he needs to put aside his fears and try He can do it He has done it previously too when he stood up on his feet then why he cannot do now . Amol gets confidence hearing this and tries. Shiv helps him

Subhadra is eating nuts and at same saying to herself she has made excuse in front of Anandi she will not eat today as she has fast but what she should of her hunger She as usual talks against Anandi because of her she has to remain hungry Anandi comes with milk for her . Seeing Anandi Subhadra hides her nuts and start doing drama of reading of geeta Anandi tells her maa has sent milk for her as its her fast . Subhadra points her to keep it on table Anandi does so and leaves . Subhadra picks up the glass with handkerchief and throws away the milk . Anandi sees her doing so . Seeing Anandi Subhadra is shocked Anandi asks her why she did this ? Subhadra says she was not feeling hungry that’s why Anandi asks you were hungry that’s why you did this or because she brought milk for her that’s because you think I am spreading Bapu’s disease germs to everyone . Subhadra says if you want to hear truth from me then yes because of this I did I cannot take risks with my health in this age . Anandi says ok if you want then I won’t cook for you if anyone asked why I am doing this then you will have to answer yourself .Saying this Anandi leaves . Subhadra again starts her anti Anandi jaap look at her attitude first she does mistakes then shows off attitude

Amol and Shiv return and seeing no one around they try to sneak to their room but Daddu sees them and asks them from where this big and small thief coming . Anandi too comes and asks them from which secret mission father son gang is coming Shiv makes excuse from morning walk Amol agrees . Anandi does not believe them Shiv asks Daddu about he was suppose to go for tests today This gives chance to Amol to run to his room . Daddu says he is waiting for Anoop Meenu comes and tells Daddu Anoop has gone for his work early morning She gives some money to Daddu that Anoop has given for his tests . Daddu feels bad but says to Meenu to give it back to Anoop He does not money he has money He will go alone Alok says why alone I and Ira will go with you .Shiv says he and Anandi will too then from there they will go to their work places .

Jagya is teaching Dadisaa maths . Gehna and Kusum are sitting with them Ganga brings tea Dadisaa finally learns the problem and is happy . LPS comes and says learning answers of questions in life is also as easy as written in books but only people like you and me make them complicated . All are angry seeing LPS there Jagya asks LPS how dare you enter in my house LPS my personality is like this all doors are automatically open for me I came to talk to my wife and it’s a private matter. Jagya says which wife the one you were denying as your wife till yesterday if you are talking about Kusum I don’t think she wants to talk anything with you Kusum says He is saying right I don’t want to talk anything with you LPS laughs and taunts Jagya Kusum Its amazing how my wife and MLA sahab’s answer is same . He asks Dadisaa what is this In your reign this is happening Is it wrong that I want to talk to my wife .

Dadisaa says yes it is but still I will allow you talk to her but in front of us She is like member of our family now and we cannot leave her for someone else LPs says you Dadisaa you are so much kind and talks so lovingly Next time you should stand in elections in place of your grandson we will support you . LPS says to Kusum I came to give you one chance Whatever blame you have put on me in front of media take them back and I will make your and your son’s life I will give you enough money you and your son can live comfortably all your lives You cannot win from me so take the blames back He gives her blank check Fill it with as much amount as she want Kusum takes the check and tears it and throws it on LP’S face LP is very angry Kusum angrily tells him You have sold me enough nights and I kept tolerating but now no more Forget it there can ever be any compromise between you and me She tells LP how much you have tortured me till now , now time has come to pay that back to you Keep this in your mind I won’t leave you until I won’t get justice LP angrily tries to slap Kusum but Dadisaa shouts at him and he stops Dadisaa asks him have you lost it because you cannot see the fire in her if you tried to torture her then you won’t be able bear the her wrath LP laughs and makes fun of kusum so a new avatar of Kusum devi I am so scared . He tells Ganga you don’t know about Kusum’s one avatar she is expert in trapping men and she has managed to cast that spell on your husband too that’s why he is nodding yes mam to her in everything . Better stop this before she snatches your husband from you and you are left empty handed Jagya wants to give a piece of his mind to LP but Ganga stops him He asked me let me answer him.

Ganga says if you think my trust on my husband is so weak that a low man like you can make me insecure than you are mistaking but I must say you are too much over confident with your view a woman is only born to trap men You must have doubted your mother too you gave birth to you about your father LP is very angry and tries to slap Ganga but she angrily stops him don’t you dare otherwise these hands with bangles will leave such print on your face that all your wife Dadisaa asks LP he is still standing here after so much insult Will he only leave after getting prints on his face if he has any shame in him then get out of her house LP is very angry and says I came here to make a deal with you all to cool down the matter but you have made it worse now If I did not make you all beg forgiveness from me bending down on your knees then name a dog after me .

Daddu AnSh Alok Ira are waiting for Daddu’s turn to meet doctor . Anoop argues with receptionist about the time they are taking . The receptionist tries to explain it is because of an emergency case they have to wait for sometime . Anoop tries to use Shiv status do they know who is his son The family is upset with Anoop’s behavior Shiv tries to calm Anoop down Finally the receptionist tells them they can go . Alok tries to support Daddu giving his hand but Anoop grabs Daddu’s hand before Alok . Anoop brags its because of him his turn came if he would not have come he would be still be waiting here Anoop then a calls After attending the call he tells Daddu he has to go for some very important work Anoop leaves Shiv takes sad Daddu to doctor . Rest are upset with Anoop’s behavior, CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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