Wednesday Update on This is Love 15 January 2020


Wednesday Update on This is Love 15 January 2020

Mihika saying I will talk to Ishita, don’t worry, Aaliya would be coming for breakfast, lets behave normal. Raman says I can’t take it anymore. He leaves for office. Karan does aid to Rohan’s hand and says since childhood, we had been there for each other, we need you, just come back. Rohan says I understand your point, trust me, I love Aaliya a lot and that guy…

Shweta calls Raman and says a lady has come to meet you. He says I have no time. The lady enters the cabin and says I need to talk to you, its something imp. Raman says no one should disturb me Shweta. Shweta asks lady to leave, she will fix meeting and inform. The lady says he has no time to talk to me. Guard says Raman is a nice man, maybe he has some issue, you can go to his home and talk to him.

Ishita meets Rohan at cafe and apologizes on Raman’s behalf.
He says its okay, Raman had raised hand in anger, how long can I wait, I thought Aaliya would come back to me, since Yug has come, I feel its impossible, she just talks about Adi, mom has fallen sick and its because of me, mom and Karan want me to marry someone. Ishita says sorry, I should have not called you there, I need to take Aaliya for check up, you also come there, don’t come in front of Raman.

Rohan says I will try. She gets Raman’s call. He says sorry, I need to go. She says even I have to go. She goes out. Raman reaches there and says I got to know you are here after calling the clinic, why were you not answering my calls, lets go and have coffee. She says no, I have no time. Rohan gets her bag. Raman says you don’t have time for me. She says someone had to say sorry to Rohan. Raman angrily goes. Ishita asks Rohan to leave it.

Raman comes home and sees the same lady. He says I have no time, please leave. The lady says listen to me, its imp. He says I don’t want to listen. Ishita comes and asks him to listen to her. They argue. The lady says you both started fighting. Raman and guard ask the lady to get out. The lady gets angry and shouts on him. She says you don’t know me, I thought to behave nicely, but that is of no use.

Raman says its not going to affect me, do whatever you want. He goes. Ishita says sorry, Raman is worried, we have a family problem. The lady scolds her. Ishita says tell me what’s the matter. The lady says I just want to talk to her, I will ruin his life, I will shatter his pride and make him beg. Ishita slaps her and asks are you done, who are you to threaten my husband, he was refusing you, you are after him, you should respect, no means no. The lady says don’t teach me, you will have to listen to me and obey me, see what I do with your husband, I won’t spare you two. She goes.

Ishita goes to Raman and says its very imp. He says I don’t have time, go and talk to Raman. She asks what’s your problem. He asks what’s your problem. She says you are in Yug’s favor. He says Yug has to stay with Aaliya. She says but Rohan is her husband, I m also doing this for Aaliya. Aaliya comes and asks why are you fighting. Raman says ask Ishita. Ishita says nothing. The lady comes home and asks where is Bhai. The man says he has gone out. She says call him, its urgent. He asks what happened. She says I want to teach a lesson to a businessman and his wife, I went to have a deal. He says there are no deals in our business, just snatch what you want.

She says I was being sincere, his wife slapped me. He gets angry. She says we should never be kind. A man Damodar comes and gives them a bag full of money. He says its 10 lakhs, I will arrange money later. She says then take protection after some days. She shoots him. The man says you caused a loss. She says he didn’t pay up, he didn’t get protection, don’t worry, we can’t run business like this, people should be scared of us, we will make someone else pay for this, its Raman’s turn next.

Aaliya says Papa, I can see how stressed you are, even Adi and I don’t fight so much. Ruhi says Aaliya is right. Aaliya says you should have a romantic getaway. Ruhi says your plan is superb. Ishita says we really don’t want to go anywhere. Raman jokes on her and goes. Ishita says I m going to Amma’s house. Aaliya asks why. Yug says she has some work with Bala. Ishita says I felt like having coffee prepared by Amma. Ishita says Amma would have slept by now, I will make special coffee for everyone. She goes.

Yug says you may punish me, don’t leave this house for Aaliya’s sake. Ishita goes to make coffee. Yug comes to Raman’s room. He sees Raman sitting near the cupboard and crying. He asks what happened, are you fine, there is blood on this shirt, whose shirt is this. Raman says its Adi’s shirt, this is his last memory, I remember Adi when I see you, I know you are Yug, I miss Adi, I can’t make you away as Aaliya needs you, Ishita gets hurt seeing you, I m increasing her pain by keeping you here, my need is rather my weakness. Yug says I m sorry, I didn’t want this to happen. He rushes out and cries. He says no, I can’t do this, I can’t break this family.

Rohan says I m discussing Aaliya’s reports with Dr. James. Karan comes and says doctor said we should lessen mom’s stress. He shuts Rohan’s laptop. They argue. Karan says mom is unwell, we have to plan a small get together. Rohan says I do care for mom, it doesn’t mean I marry someone else. Karan says you get yourself treated by doctor too. Rohan goes. Yug calls Karan and says I want to leave from here, I love Aaliya but this house is breaking, everyone knows I m not Adi, their sorrow comes back, Aaliya is in this condition because of me.

Karan says don’t you care, both of us had a deal, you can’t leave this. Yug says I m worried for Aaliya. Karan says she will go mad if you leave Aaliya, will this be fine, let her get fine first, then you go. Yug says yes. Karan says do as I say. Yug agrees. Karan says idiot, if he feels more guilty, Rohan won’t get free of Aaliya.

Ishita saying I have come back for Aaliya, don’t think I have forgiven you. Raman says I have already said sorry to you. Aaliya comes and says I have a surprise for you, I have booked a royal suite for you. Ishita says sorry, we can’t go. Raman says we can’t take a break, your treatment….

Ishita says when you fainted, doctor said you should take rest, there will be much work, we don’t want you to get exertion. Raman says postpone the booking, we can go out later all together. Aaliya says yes, it will be fun, I will tell Adi. She goes. Ishita says I can’t see that guy romancing Aaliya. Raman says call your fav Rohan, we will stay as one big happy family. He goes to check the door and sees Simmi.

Simmi hugs Raman and Ishita. Ishita says its so good to see you, I felt so bad that you left the house. Simmi says I know, everything is fine now. Aaliya, Adi and Ruhi come. Simmi says Adi is alive… Aaliya says you are shocked too, our Adi has come back. Ishita says he isn’t our Adi, don’t react. Simmi hugs Yug and Ruhi. Ruhi says I m fine, we missed you so much. Simmi says I missed you too. Ishita says we should settle Simmi in room. Raman asks Aaliya to go and sleep, she has a meeting tomorrow. Aaliya says yes, Adi I need your help. They go. Simmi asks what’s going on. Ishita says come, we will tell you.

Simmi asks how can you let Adi’s lookalike stay here. Ishita says just for Aaliya’s sake. Simmi asks how did you tolerate this. Ishita says its not easy, you are here to support me. Raman says he is not a bad person, he is really nice, he saved Aaliya, he is helping us, Ishita is trying to bring Rohan. Simmi says you can’t hide anything from Rohan, Rohan is Aaliya’s husband, Ishita is right. Ruhi asks them to sleep, its late. Ishita says Aaliya isn’t aware of the disorder, be careful when you talk to her. Raman taunts Ishita. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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