Wednesday Update on Young Love 21th October 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 21th October 2020

Anandi coming to meet Anant at his house. Anant asks her to sit. Anandi says I brought your favorite vegetable dish and also I want to apologize to you. She says when we were talking about Nimboli, I thought time is not right. Anant thinks your thinking is so wide. you are still waiting for your daughter and thinks he can’t increase her pain and tell about his conversation with Kamli. He says everything will be fine. Anandi says she will leave now and goes. Anant looks on.

Mangla asks Kamli why she is looking worried? She asks if Doctor said something about Pushkar. Kamli says Pushkar is right, I am worried about Dr. Anant’s words. Mangla asks wht did he tell you. Kamli tells everything, a muted fb is shown. Mangla says Dr. Anant is trying to make me feel low. She asks if you are doubting me Kamli, and says I have stood with you and Nimboli all the time. She says why Nimboli was insisting to come with me when she loves them so much. She says I will call Nimboli and you can ask her. Kamli says I don’t doubt on you and says she is in dilemma. She says haveli people and Shivam have behaved nicely with Nimboli, and says if they have behaved badly with her then Nimboli would not insisted to go back. Mangla asks do you think am I lying? Kamli says I am just saying, time has come and says Nimboli should know that Anandi is her real mum. Mangla says I will tell her when right times comes. Harki hears them and thinks to use the news according to her advantage. Kundan talks to Madhav and asks him to book a ticket and breakfast on his behalf. He cuts the call and sees Harki going somewhere. He follows her and thinks where she is going so late in night.

Harki thinks someone is following her, and thinks it might be her doubt. Kundan continues to follow her and sees her walking inside the jungle. He thinks what happened to her? Harki comes to the hut and gets inside. Kundan wonders where did she go? He sees the hut and wonders if she went inside. He gets shocked to see Harki hugging someone, and thinks he will not spare this baba. He picks a wood to kill him. Akhiraj asks him to come in his senses and says I am your Bapusaa. Kundan gets teary eyes and says this can’t be possible. Akhiraj says it is not easy to kill me, death also thinks 1000’s times before coming infront of me. Kundan gets emotional and hugs him happily. He says Harki that his Bapusaa is alive. Akhiraj says yes I am alive. Kundan apologizes and touches his feet. Akhiraj says you are my tiger, I can’t see tears in your eyes. He hugs him. Harki wipes her tears.

Kundan asks how did it happen? Akhiraj asks him to ask Harki after going home. Kundan says it is Kamli’s home now and says I can’t even take breath there. Akhiraj says I will teach you to take revenge when the time is right. Akhiraj says not now. Kundan says we will take revenge now. Akhiraj shows him jewellery which he got. He asks him to behave nicely with everyone and apologized to everyone. He says you can keep eye on the three dacoits. He says you both are eyes and ears for me and asks them to give every news to him of the house. He asks them to leave. Harki tells Kundan that she will come and asks him to go. Kundan leaves. Harki says she has a news for him. She says Mangla haven’t told Nimboli that Anandi is her real mum. Akhiraj says Mangla is becoming player. Harki smiles. Akhiraj says it is a good news and asks her to do as he says. He tells her something. Harki nods her head and smiles. She leaves. Akhiraj says it will be fun now and laughs.

Nimboli teaches Pushkar and asks him questions about Raja and his sons. Pushkar says I don’t remember. Nimboli scolds him and says you will be punished. Just then Kundan comes and asks Nimboli to tell about his punishment also. Everyone is surprised and shocked at his change of behavior. Kundan folds his hands and says I am feeling bad about my behavior. Harki asks them not to be surprised and says they have a change of heart after hearing Anant maharaj. Harki also apologizes and says we will not hurt anyone from now. She apologizes to Mangla, Nimboli and Kamli and cries. She says we will live happily with everyone here and apologizes again. Kamli thinks if they are changed for real. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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