Wednesday Update on Young Love 22 January 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 22 January 2020

Dadisaa getting a bucket of water to Gehna. Gehna puts the clothes on the rope for drying. Dadisaa asks did Niranjan know about our farm, land etc. Gehna says I don’t think so. She says she will ask Jagya to take Niranjan. Dadisaa says Jagya is busy and asks her to take Niranjan to show their farm. Gehna agrees. Dadisaa goes to Niranjan and tells him. Niranjan says what is the need for me to know it.

Dadisaa convinces him. He agrees. Dadisaa thinks this is a good plan to bring them together. She gets Anandi’s call. Anandi informs her that everything is fine. She says both of them are fine. Dadisaa asks are you carrying twins. Anandi says yes. Dadisaa and Jagya get happy. Dadisaa asks her to take care of her well and do exercises. Anandi says your every word is special to me.

Dadisaa then informs Jagya and asks him to take her to Devimaa mandir. Jagya asks her not to worry as Anandi’s family are there to take care of her. Dadisaa prays for Anandi. Jagya says he is happy for Anandi and she deserves this happiness. Shiv tells Anandi that he won’t do any mistake in taking care of her. He says he can even give a bath to her, but you refused. Anandi pushes him. Shiv leaves.

They reach the farm house. Daddu asks why did we come here? Shiv says it is my friend’s farm house. Alok says it is very peaceful here. Anoop says it is good to have tea and pakodas here. They go inside. Shiv asks Daddu to remove the cloth from the name plate and is surprised to see his name Prem Kishore on it. Daddu gets emotional and asks shiv. Shiv says it is your farmhouse and our family farmhouse which you inaugurated just now. Everyone get surprised. Subhadra says we didn’t know until it is built. Shiv tells him that he brought this land on Anandi’s name, but she wanted the farm house to be in Daddu’s name. Daddu gets emotional and happy. He hugs Shiv. He says he can’t express his happiness and blesses Shiv and Anandi. He then gives the credit to Khazan ji for Anandi’s good values. Anoop and Alok congrat Shiv.

Amol says we will come here every Saturday and Sunday. Shiv says ok. He shows the farm house to everyone. Everyone get happy seeing the pics on the wall. Dadisaa tells Ganga that they will cook together as Gehna will return late tonight. Dadisaa sees Niranjan and asks why didn’t you go. Niranjan says he is waiting for Gehna. Gehna comes. Niranjan stares her. Ganga signs Dadisaa to see them. Gehna too looks at him. Dadisaa smiles and asks her to take Niranjan. They leaves.

Niranjan is driving the jeep and compliments Gehna’s beauty. Gehna tells him that she does her make up with the make up box brought by him. While they are walking in the field, Gehna slips. Niranjan holds her. Gehna tells him that she likes to come here. She hears dog barking and gets close to Niranjan.

Panditji comes there. Shiv tells them that he called the pandit for the puja. He does the puja. Meenu does the kitchen ritual and boils the milk. All the men of the family play cricket. Daddu tells Khazan ji that it is his life’s beautiful and precious gift. They watch them playing cricket. Subhadra gets jealous and thinks this gift may brought everyone closer. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2



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