Wednesday Update on Young Love 9th September 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 9th September 2020

Anandi gets tensed as Nimboli is missing. Just then Nimboli comes and tells that she went to see other participants. Shivam asks how am I looking? Nimboli says you are looking same, just as the other four boys. Shivam says then what I shall become. Nimboli shows the photo and asks him to wear her ghagra choli. Anandi likes the idea and says it will be different. Nimboli says you want to win naa and asks him to forward his hand. Nimboli comes out in Shivam’s clothes. Shivam comes out in Nimboli’s clothes. Anandi says you are looking handsome. Kundan and his goons come and see Anandi standing with Nimboli and Shivam. Announcement is made for the competition. Nimboli gives him pot and says you are looking girl. Anandi calls someone and asks to bring papers there so that she can sign. Kundan and his goon follow them.

All the participants are called on stage one by one. Kundan eyes Shivam thinking him to be Nimboli. Shivam tells Anandi that he is forgetting the lines. Nimboli says I will tell all lines from back, and you just move your mouth. Next comes Shivam’s turn. Nimboli goes back stage……..Kundan couldn’t see his face and says she is the one hearing Nimboli’s voice.

Shivam does a skit on Balika vadhu, and says she doesn’t want to be a balika vadhu, don’t want any shringar, want to study and be something. She asks the viewers to give right of education to a girl child to prosper the nation. Everyone claps for Shivam. The Principal thanks everyone present in the function and announces Shivam as the winner without taking his name and takes his school name. Anandi asks Nimboli to come. Shivam gets happy. The goon tells Kundan that they will kidnap Nimboli, just as she comes out.

Shivam is being appreciated by everyone. Anandi asks Shivam to thank Nimboli as the idea was his. Shivam thanks her and says he will go home and change the dress.

Kundan and his goons look for ghagra clad Nimboli. Anandi, Nimboli and Shivam come out. Shivam informs her that he forgot his bag in the green room and goes to get it. Anandi gets tensed when he don’t come back. Kundan sees Shivam and tells the goons. Kundan and the goons follow and kidnap him thinking him to be Nimboli. The real guard sees Kundan and his goons in fake guards attire and tries to stop him, but they push him and goes in car. Anandi hears the watchman’s voice and comes out. Watchman informs her that the goons have run away with her daughter. Anandi says Nimboli is with me. Watchman says with your other daughter. Anandi gets shocked.

Kundan telling Gajraj that he will be at peace after killing Nimboli. He uncovers his face and sees Shivam. He says their target was Nimboli. Sarita comes in another car and thinks how to save Shivam. Kundan asks who are you? Shivam says I am Shivam and says mumma save me. Kundan asks who is your mum? Kundan says Anandi is my mum. Kundan says so you are Anandi’s son. Shivam says yes. Kundan says I have to take revenge from Anandi also, and asks Gajraj to kill him. Shivam cries and asks what did I do. Sarita thinks I can’t fight the goons alone. Shivam pleads to free him. Kundan asks to kill him. Sarita thinks to pull the hand brake of the car. Gajraj is about to stab Shivam, but just then they see car coming towards them. They run to stop the car. Sarita comes to Shivam and opens his hands. Kundan sees them running and follows with the goons. Anandi and Nimboli are in the car. Anandi calls Jagya, but his phone doesn’t connect.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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