Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 9th September 2020


Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 9th September 2020

Nandini wakes up haunted by the thoughts of the accident.
Rajdeep wakes up at home and calls Nandini for his tea. He realizes Nandini wasn’t there and calls on her number. He tells her that the drama has been enough, he spent a lot in hospital as well. Nandini says she is at Mauli’s house and not in hospital anymore. Rajdeep warns Nandini to return home by 10am and prepare the breakfast for him, else he would cause much harm to her and her supporters. Nandini was tensed if she has put Mauli and her family in danger. Mauli comes to the room and notices Nandini was afraid. She asks if Rajdeep called to warn her. She suggests about filing a complaint in police. Nandini denies any call from Rajdeep. Mauli tells Nandini that she and Kunal are with her, she must wait for a few days and let Rajdeep realize the severity of the situation.

Nandini was sitting in the lounge. It was about to struck 10, Nandini thinks about Rajdeep’s offer. Mauli and mamma were busy serving breakfast. Kunal asks Nandini to join them, she wasn’t hungry but Mauli insists on her as she has a lot of weakness.
Rajdeep waited for Nandini, then heads to prepare the tea for himself but ruins everything in the kitchen. He leaves the kitchen out of frustration.

Nandini was lost in thoughts about Rajdeep when her phone bell rings. There was also a door bell. Pramila gives Nandini’s phone, it was Rajdeep’s call. Nandini looked dreaded as Pramila opens the door. It was a security guard asking about Kunal. Nandini was relieved. The security guard says someone has broken the glass of his car, they go towards the window to look downstairs. The guard says he had gone to washroom for a few minutes, Dida scolded him.

Kunal calms everyone down and goes downstairs to look who did this. Dida curses the day and there have been bad omens. Mauli asks Dida if her daily soap sequence started over again, breaking of glass is considered a good omen. Nandini takes a leave from table as she isn’t hungry. Mamma allows her to go and advises her to take the milk Pramilla would bring for her. Mauli suggests about coming along but Nandini tells her to finish her breakfast.

Nandini walked in her room confused.
Kunal comes to the room and tells Mauli the glass was broken. He was so serious that Mauli got tensed. He then jokes that it was done by children playing cricket. He forbids Mauli to share with Dida that the loss isn’t covered by insurance. Kunal says he would get a free car and a chauffeur as well and enjoy in Mauli’s car. Mauli tells Kunal how irritated she was by the instructs he give to her while she drives. Kunal drags her into the bed and says she drives him crazy and make him fall in love with her. Mauli asks him to let her go, she has two deliveries; she was also concerned about Nandini and wanted to take an off. Kunal assures Mamma can take care of Nandini at home.

Nandini comes to kitchen where Mamma was working with Pramilla and hurried her to finish washing vegetables. Nandini offers some help and heads to prepare the salad. As she begins to cut the vegetables Mamma and Pramilla stop to see her mastered skills. Kunal and Mauli walk out of the kitchen, Kunal says Mamma is already bonded with Nandini. Mauli comes appreciating the two master chefs in the kitchen. Mamma calls Nandini’s salad as art work. Mauli tells them that Nandini is a master in the kitchen and counts her dishes.

Kunal offers to give a list of his favorites to Nandini but Mauli forbids as he gets fat really soon. Mamma says Nandini can sometimes cook for them. As Mauli turns to leave for hospital Nandini points that Mauli doesn’t wear bangles. Mauli says she has to take them off during surgery. Nandini says at least she can wear them at home. She requests her to wear hers, an empty hand doesn’t suit a bride. Kunal was moved as Mauli agrees and hugs Nandini thankfully. Everyone in the family smile.

In the room, Nandini checks her cell phone. She had received a photo from Rajdeep with Kunal’s car. She was afraid at once. She gets a call from Rajdeep, he asks how her new home is. He warns that they will often get such blasts of revenge. Nandini requests him not to revenge these innocent men. Rajdeep warns Nandini that she will take her destruction along wherever she goes. Nandini cuts the call as Rajdeep wished to enjoy her cries. She turns the phone powered off. Nandini was fearful that Rajdeep can do something else as well to hurt Kunal and Mauli, she can’t be a trouble in their lives. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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