Wednesday Update On Young Love Sept 12

Wednesday Update On Young Love

Sept 12 Episode

Location: Jaitsar Haveli
Everybody is at the dinner table waiting to begin food.Jagiya comes in and sees his favourite vegetable being made.He is drawn back to the incident in shiv’s office when he had evilly thought of going back to haveli as a revenge from anandi and is feeling guilty.When he starts eating,dadisa noticing his dry roti goes and pours ghee on his plate in the savouries with everybody looking on.Jagiya is moved by this gesture.nandu too jokes about finishing food fast so that jagiya can play with him.bhairo however is disturbed and finishes his food in haste and leaves leaving everyone at the table disturbed.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Next morning bhairo is discussing with dadisa and basant in attendance that they have to decide how long jagiya can stay in the haveli as he cant indefinitely since they have promised meenu a solution to jagiya being in the house and with shiov and anandi’s marriage impending it would be awkward to have him around.Dadisa hearing this is about to respond when shiv come in asking for permission to join them and after being welcomed by bhairo he asks for anandi.Dadisa gives her a call.Anandi is stopped on her way to go down by jagiya who says he has something important to talk about how she tackled him last night but is interrupted again by dadisa’s call and anandi leaves him and comes downstairs to meet shiv.Jagiya is puzzled.

In the drawing room,shiv tells them that he has come with a very important news that the PA to the CM just called to say that the CM is coming with a very important mission.Anandi recalls the CM making a commitment to come visit jaitsar but she wasnt expecting him so soon.Shiv too agrees that he wasnt but now he knows and he would know the cause of his visit only when he reaches.Dadisa comments maybe he’s coming for some scheme for jaitsar.Shiv motions anandi to come with him as his convoy would reach soon.She is in hesitation,but dadisa pulls her out saying that as the sarpanch she should be the first to welcome him and should leave asap with shiv.They both leave discussing that he must be here for the hospital visit.Jagiya from hididng hears them.

Location: On the road
The CM’s convoy on a tour of jaitsar village with shiv and anandi being the CM’s guide in his car telling him about the village.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Nandu is playing with jagiya and dadisa is watching them with affection when some black cat commandos march in and start inspecting around the place.Thinking them to be hooligans,dadisa i extremely scared and tells jagiya to take nandu aside and calls for bhairo and basant.The whole family is puzzled seeing them stripping the house.Dadisa pleads them to take whatever they want but not to harm her children.Sensing her misunderstanding,one of them,Commando Rana comes forward and apologizes for their intrusion and explains that the purpose of their inspection is to insure extra security of this place as the CM is about to pay a visit here.Dadisa and everybody are stunned to hear this and dadisa thinks that neither shiv nor anandi informed about any such visit.

Just then the phone rings.Before she can pick up,the commando scans the phone for threats and after giving his confirmation,dadisa picks it up to find out that its anandi telling her to prepare the haveli and the haveli for the CM’s visit.She apologizes for telling her so late.Ddaisa puts down the phone and takes the situation in her command and assigns everybody jobs.seeing this,the commandos marvel that she should be in the army due to her leadership skills.Just then shiv’s family gives them an unexpected visit with dadaji agagin flirting with dadisa giving her roses and embarassing her.They take their seats and get talking about Shiv not knowing their presence and they are abotut o talk something important when the Cm arrives with anandi and shiv.Dadaji welcomes them and after exchanging greetings they are treated to some snacks and tea by gehna and anandi.Anandi takes the blessings of shiv’s family.Shiv is pleasantly surprised to see them there.The CM then congratulates both the families for having such mature children who are dedicated towards improvement of their district and society.He goes on to say that even in educated families the concept of remarriage is looked down upon and appluads shiv’s family for taking such a bold step and anandi’s family too to have such a progressive mindset staying in a village.Anandi comments that she is fortunate to have a fmily like this and that she wishes everyone should have a family like hers so that any girl who has faced tragedy like hers is given a second chance in life.The Cm says that she has told the reason of his visit in a nutshell.He said that he wants anandi and shiv’s marriage to be on a large scale.Dadisa misinterprets his statement thinking about the marriage being large in terms of pomp and show but he corrects her saying that he didnt mean in term of grandeus but in their marriage being a milestone that sets inspiration for other such families with oppressed and underprevileged girls.He says that he wants a mass marriage to b organised along with shiv and anandi’s marriage so that they can set the trend for remarriages in the village.Everybody is having mixed reactions to this proposal but jagiya is visibly disturbed hearing this.

Location: Jaitsar Haveli
Dadaji thanks the CM for taking such a big step for the upliftment of so many unfortunate girls who have faced tragedy like anandi’s in their life by presenting him the flowers that he had got for dadisa.Dadisa tells gehna to get sweets and comments that she wanted anandi to be happy and get settles but she never knew that this marriage would go such a long way in the development of the society.The CM thanks them for accepting this proposal and takes leave.Dadisa catches a glimpse of a disturbed jagiya watching from the balcony.

In his room jagiya is in tears when dadisa come sin and pats his shoulders and talks to him saying that its a very big thing that the CM came to their house And that shiv and anandi’s marriage is goping to set a benchmark for the society to take an inspirationa nd lesson from.Seeing him with no response and upset and in tears she asks him if he is no happy with anandi progressing in her life.When jagiya replies in the negative she asks the reason behind it.He says that when anandi is going away from the house with somebody else how can he be happy.Dadisa is confused and ask him if he has lost his mind.He says that now he is conscious about the fact that anandi is the true love of his life and the thought of her leaving him tortures him badly.He begs dadisa to do a last favor on him and that is to get anandi back in her life as he cant bear the thought of living wothout her as she is his life and the reason he can ever be happy.Dadisa is shocked to hear this.She says that she is helpless and that shiv has more right on anandi than her.But jagiya says that if anybody in this house understands him thn thats her and that she has to do this favor on him one last time.This sets dadisa to be in sheer frustration but thinking something all the same while jagiay is in her lap crying.

Pacing in her room,rmembering jagiya’s words thinks that even in childhood she couldnt bear his tears and they still have the same effect on her but she is wondering how can he provid what he is asking for,as anandi is not an item to be bought,she’s a real live person on whom shiv now has far more right than dadisa herself.She thinks to herself that she had broken off shiv’s impending talks of marriage with urmi devi and almost forced anandi to get married to him.Liitle did she know that a wandering jagiya would return realising his wife’s true worth.That is the reason she got her divorced and wanted to settle anandi once again.But now that he has returned,a changed man,on the irght path,the jagiya that everybody wanted,and having done his penance,isnt jagiya entiltled to a happy settled life with anandi who he loves so much and would tk cr of all his life.Now that everything is falling into place why cant he get back everything that he lost in an act of carelessness.She thinks that right or wrong,right now its in her hand sto get the whole family together.She can deal with the conscience of her descision when she leaves the world but for now in the real life,jagiya has to get what he wants and cant see his life slipping away in front of her.

Dadisa stealthily approcahes anandi’s room,where she is workign on tha laptop oblivious of dadisa’s presence in the room.When she sees her,she happily takes her on th bed and gets chatting about how happy she is today that wth her,through her marriage,so many more girls are getting a chance to strt their life once again.The times are changing,society is improving and thanks dadisa for her contribution in that as after all,it is because of her that she herself is getting this chance.Dadisa comments that she herself had not thought she would live to see a day like this.She laments that now anandi is settled and happy in this new turn her life has taken,but she is worried for jagiya who after suffering so much awaits a future of depression and loneliness.Anandi motions her not to think like that and assures her that jagiya has started a new life accepting all of his mistakes and that she is pretty sure that his new life would soon work out for him.But dadisa says that such a change wont happen by itself and that only by his help would his new life be settled and asks whther she would be willing to help jagiya in this.Boggled,anandi asks how would she help.Dadisa replies saying that he is on the right path and tells her not to leave him alone on this path and be by his side as his life partnr.And drops that bomb that she wishes her to marry jagiya instead of shiv.Anandi is shocked to hear this.She assures her that anandi and jagiya are joined for life and that some official documents cant prove otherwise.That is why before she could marry shiv,devi maa send jagiya back home.She begs her to give jagiya a chance.Anandi is uncomfortable hearing this and tries to shrug dadisa off.Just then bhairo comes to her room and asks dadisa to stop whatevr she is trying to do.Dadisa shocked to see him,yet continues with convincing both of them together saying that this is the jagiya that everybody wanted,not the one they hated,he is on the right path and that he needs anandi by his side now more than ever.Bhairo urges her to stop and comments that how can dadisa even think and then put words to such an idea.Dadisa ignores him and asks anandi if she would give jagiya a second chance as she has already forgiven him.Anandi with a dejected look asks dadisa if for a minute she kept all familial ties aside,would she still think this is right.And if she does this,will all the pain and suffering that he has given go?She said that she had rsorted to her new life when jagiya left her and didnt even complain of her loneliness but dadisa made her realise that she needs a partner to move on in her life.Now when she has given her hand in shiv’s and is moving on,how would she pull back forgetting everything?She clarifies that she had forgiven jagiya to give a place in this house not in his life.She also questions if she ever thought how this step would devastate shiv by their betrayal and that its not a betrayal just to him,but also to her heart and soul.Bhairo warns dadisa that she has got anandi’s answer and that she should never evn think about such a thing again and not even dare to go to shiv to convince him to back out of this realtionship as that would hurt the entire family very deep and takes Anandi away.Dadisa gives a sigh of despair