Wednesday Update On This Is Love Sept 12

Wednesday Update On This Is Love

Sept 12 Episode

Ishita talking to Raman about Ruhi. She says no one has slept well, everyone is worried, don’t talk about Suhail, Ruhi explained Suhail that she can’t do his concert, you don’t get angry. He agrees and says I don’t like Suhail, if Ruhi does not start topic, why will I talk, come. Ruhi makes breakfast. Raman says Ruhi you are cooking. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi made everything today. Ishita and Raman sit to have food. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Lord seeing Ruhi fine. Mr. Bhalla likes the parathas. Ishita says its great idli. Ruhi gets kheer. Raman says we did not know you cook so well. He tastes kheer and likes it. Mr. Bhalla says you have to gift something to Ruhi. Raman says sure, ask anything Ruhi.

Ruhi says I decided to agree to you and not meet anyone you dislike,

I have just one small wish. Raman smiles and asks her to say. She says I have to do Suhail’s concert, listen to me, it will be his big loss for him, allow me once. Raman says so you did this drama, did you teach this to him, there is no concert happening. She asks him to listen. Raman asks Adi and Romi to come. He shouts enough and goes. Ruhi cries. Ishita pacifies her. Ruhi asks her not to explain her, you console me after Papa leaves, can’t you explain him, you blindly follow him. Ishita asks her to shut up, I explain Raman too, he has more experienced, he has seen world, there is a reason when he stops you, its not a way to get angry, try to understand him. Ruhi says no and goes.
Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi is immature, she will understand, you give her some time, have breakfast. She asks Neelu to go and call Simmi. Simmi gets ready and says I did not get ready such way before, I should change. Neelu asks her to come for breakfast. Simmi says I think I should give good news to everyone. Ishita congratulates Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla compliments Simmi and asks are you partying with friends. Simmi says no, I have to meet clients, I m going on shopping to buy new clothes. Mihika says you should buy clothes, I will come. Ruhi says I will come to distract mind. Simmi asks her to come.

Ishita gives card to Ruhi and asks her to buy anything she wants. Ruhi goes with Simmi. Amma gets ready and likes the necklace. She says everyone will praise this set, Vishwa will like it. She goes to show Appa. He does not notice even when she tries to get his attention. He asks her not to disturb him. She tries everything to make him see necklace. Appa does not see necklace. She gets angry and goes. He gets the answer in crossword.

Raman is lost and signs on wrong side of the paper. He says sorry, I did not see. Lady says its fine, papers will reprint. Raman tells work problem to Romi and Adi. Romi sends Adi for work. He asks staff to come later. Romi says I know you are worried for Ruhi, relax Bhai, Ruhi feels she is adult and taking decisions, you remember I was worse, but I changed, she will also change, we are with her. Raman says I get anger and also worry for her, she has bear a lot in life, I could not save her from Niddhi, I want to protect her now, I don’t find Suhail right.

Romi says its natural, you are a father, you will feel so. Raman says why does Ruhi not understand this. Romi says she is not a kid, she will understand, nothing will happen like we are behaving, do one thing, call her and talk, trust me. Raman calls home. Ishita answers. Raman asks how is Ruhi. She says she is fine. He says I have to talk to her, I know its my mistake, Romi explained me same like you. Ishita says I m glad to know you want to control anger, Ruhi went out with Simmi.

He asks what, how did you let her go. Ishita says she went with Simmi, see Simmi has come. She asks Simmi where is Ruhi. Simmi says she is not with me, you called Ruhi for urgent work and she left. Ishita says why will I call her for urgent work, where did she go. Raman hears them and says why did you let her go, I know she went to meet Suhail, I will kill him. Ishita says we don’t know Ruhi went there or not, I m coming there, swear on me, you won’t do anything. Ishita rushes. Simmi hopes Ruhi did not go to meet Suhail.

Suhail sees reporters and asks who called you here. Ruhi says I called them Suhail, I have to make an announcement. Suhail asks what are you doing. Ruhi says I m saving your company. He says no need, your family will feel bad. She says I will do what I like, so announcement is… Raman and Ishita come there. Raman says I said right, she will be here, whats this announcement. Suhail says announcement is Ruhaan is busy and can’t do concert for my company, we don’t use anyone for our profit, I don’t want Ruhaan to be in trouble. Media asks why.

Ruhi takes Suhail aside and says you will have big loss, if you are getting scared of Papa and Ishimaa, I m here, media is also here. He says I don’t want you to go against family. Ishita says Raman, I m seeing Ruhi has got rebellious, if we don’t support her, she will go away from us, even I m angry, but we have to be careful, else our family will shatter again. Ruhi says Papa will never agree. Suhail says we will try. Raman tells media that concert will not get cancelled, Ruhaan’s date issues are resolved now, my company also has rule to fulfill commitment, I want you all to support concert, thanks, you all can leave. Ruhi and Suhail smile.

Ruhi thanks and hugs Raman. Suhail thanks Raman. Ruhi leaves with Ishita and Raman. At home, Ishita thanks Raman. She says even I felt bad and angry, I was afraid that Ruhi can get away from us, I m so happy that you took instant decision and supported Ruhi, thanks, everything will get resolved, Ruhi and you will have no fights. He says I did not do this for peace in house, I thought a lot. Suhail wants to prove he is great, he wants to become hero in Ruhi’s eyes, just I will be hero in my daughter’s eyes, I failed Suhail in his game, Ruhi has bear a lot, and we can’t lose her, I will keep an eye on her, I m sure she will realize whatever she is doing will affect badly. She says I trust Ruhi, she will not go anything wrong. He says fine, lets wait and watch.

Ruhi showing the pimple to Ishita and worrying. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to worry. Simmi asks her to apply papaya. Mihika says I will make face mask for you. Amma comes and says best solution of pimples is…. Simmi and everyone compliment the diamond set. Amma says its good someone noticed, Vishwa did not notice, I gave many hints. Simmi asks her to sit and have tea. Ishita asks Ruhi to apply the ointment, it works. Ruhi thanks her and goes. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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