1 November Friday Update on Young Love


1 November Friday Update on Young Love

Ira trying to make Alok understand that Anoop didn’t do anything intentionally. Alok says, he knows his brother well and gets angry on him. Ira asks him to calm down. She tells him about their childhood days. Alok gets emotional. She asks him to forgive Anoop.

Nandu tells Dadisaa that he don’t know much about solar system. Dadisaa asks about the revolving and rotation of earth. He starts rotating and explains to her about day and night. He explains to her about sun moving around earth. Dadisaa gets impressed with him. She says, she will explain in the class and gets praised. Gehna comes and asks her to eat food. Dadisaa says, I have to study so much. They go to have food.

Saachi is working in the office. Her assistant comes and gives her photo copy of the quotation. Saachi asks her to give original copy. She goes to bring it. Saachi tells her that quotation is top secret and tells about the consequences. She says, she won’t repeat the mistake. Saachi tells Preeti to be careful.

She gets Vivek’s call and asks him to have dinner. Vivek says, he doesn’t like to have dinner alone and everyone is waiting for her. He asks her to come home early. Saachi says she will try.

Everyone is sitting quiet. Shiv comes and asks for Meenu and Anoop. Daddu says, Meenu went to call Anoop and Anandi is in kitchen. Subhadra asks Daddu to tell about the fight between Alok and Anoop. She tells everything. Alok says, he took the responsibility and didn’t check the consignment. Anandi tells him that Amol tried to resolve the problem. Shiv says, you didn’t tell me anything. Alok says, I went to his room. Meenu said that she will bring him. Shiv goes to talk to Anoop.

Meenu asks Anoop to come. Anoop says, I am not hungry and is angry. Shiv comes there. Anoop says, they sent you. What do you wants to say? Wants to blame me for Alok’s financial loss. Shiv apologizes to him on Alok’s behalf. He says, I am your son, worried about you. Anoop is touched by his words.

Nandu makes Happy Birthday card for Dadisaa. Mannu helps him. Dadisaa calls him. Nandu hides the card and asks Mannu to stop her. Mannu asks Dadisaa to clean his hands. Nandu tells her that Mannu is disturbing him.

Everyone waits for Anoop. Subhadra thinks, they are hungry because of Anoop and Alok. Anoop comes with Shiv and Meenu. Everyone smiles. Shiv gives him plate while Anandi serves him. They start eating the food. Alok tells that Jagya called them for Dadisaa’s birthday and asks Anoop to attend. Daddu says, I will go. Anandi says, we will leave early morning. Daddu asks who is coming with us. Subhadra says, I can’t come. Meenu asks Daddu, Shiv, Anandi and Amol to go to Jaitsar.

Daddu gets ready and asks about Shiv. Anandi says he is coming. Shiv says, we will reach on time. Amol says, lets go. Meenu asks Anandi to give good wishes to Dadisaa. Daddu asks his bahus to take care of Anoop and Alok.

Dadisaa waits for Ganga and goes in the hall. Everyone wish her Happy Birthday. Dadisaa is happy to see Gehna, Jagya, Ganga, Anandi and her family greeting her. She smiles happily.

Everyone wishing Dadisaa on her birthday. Daddu gives her bouquet and wishes her. Dadisaa thanks him. Anandi gives a gift to her. Dadisaa is pleased to see it. Anandi hugs her. Shiv also gifts her. Dadisaa bless him. Mannu gives the card on kids behalf. Dadisaa bless him as well. Dadisaa recalls Mannu asking her to clean his hands. Gehna shows Dadisaa’s favourite sweets and says they prepared in the evening. Gehna takes her blessings. Ganga then gifts her. Dadisaa blesses Jagya and Ganga. She says this is not my age to take gifts. She thanks them. Makhan comes and gives her chocolates. Jagya tells her that she has to distribute chocolates among her classmates. Dadisaa gets shy. CONTINUE READING ON NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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